Please note that my web-pages are being tampered with at the Bosque Farms Library and the information is gone, but I filed reports with the Los Lunas Police Department on the criminal behavior taking place in the Village of Los Lunas. This happened before Chief Roy Melnick left the department. I don't think Roy is audacious enough to have tampered with the reports. As best as I can remember Officer James Rich did more than one of the reports. If this website does not read correctly remember I'm dealing with some real monsters that use fear tactics for intimidation.

If there is one thing that I have learned is that many law enforcement officers are so proud to have served in the military yet they are the first ones to sell out our country by selling out the basic principles on which our country was founded, the U.S. Constitution -the Bill of Rights. Just below is what the State of New Mexico and the Church does to senior citizens who are free thinkers and don't comply with their ideology. It is so ironic isn't it? Also, click on the link at the bottom of the page, My Story, and see how dirty these people really are. My name is Joseph Martin and here is some of what I have experienced in the Village of Los Lunas.

This is very denigrating, but if I don't promulgate what is taking place in the State of New Mexico they will keep doing this to others. Someone has to try to stop the insanity. I'm an American citizen. (I was born in this country.) Others, like illegal immigrants, are allowed to get assistance from the State of New Mexico like fuel for heat, and food boxes from the CAP Office, but I am not. I would sometimes go to trash cans for food because I'm a large person with a ravenous appetite and I often ride a bike a great distance because of my precarious situation while I'm being inundated with adversity diurnally which adds to my wanting to eat constantly, but I'm not heavy built, and food stamps are just not enough. I wasn't looking for a handout, but the State of New Mexico will not allow me to work anywhere, if I was capable, or get medical assistance at Health Care for the Homeless without harassment for my noncompliance to the Republican and Christian insanity. I'm also harassed at Smith's Grocery and Dollar Tree to make it difficult for me to purchase food. (I believe that Brian is coordinating the insanity at Smith's Grocery and Darrell Tolbert controls the insanity at Dollar Tree.)

They want me to return to my ex-wife who is a lubricious woman and a Christian. (I'm afraid of contracting a disease.) Her father is an avid member of the Catholic Church and queer as a three dollar bill. I'm cognizant of the fact that people are not built perfect. I just don't want part of that kind of lifestyle. I will not live with a pig like this! I think more of myself than this. Also, the reason I was told that the State of New Mexico keeps breaking my bike is to get me to drink the irrigation ditch water because it's a very long distance to clean water. I did not have to be told this it's obvious what they are trying to do. (Please note that it is six miles to the nearest clean water.) They are out to cause me injury.

I would often go to Walmart to do my shopping and almost every time I would leave there my bike was broken. I tried to park my bike in the entrance way so I would have a witness, a Walmart employee, to what was happening there. This particular time I parked my bike in front of a heavy set, elderly, blonde haired woman with a cane. As I went to leave the store I notice that my bike was broken. Then I looked at the greeting lady and she had a very guilty look on her face so I got the message and just left.

Another time I parked my bike at the Garden Center and there was a Mexican man working there who spoke little English. He said it was o.k. to do so, and when I returned and tried to leave the store my bike broke apart. I returned to ask the man who worked there what had happened and he took off like a thief. It was obvious that he knew what was going on and did not want to be involved.

And still another time I parked my bike in front of a camera that was aimed in the parking lot and again my bike was broken. This time I called the police. A woman police officer with long brown hair came. As a matter-of-fact it was the same woman that took one of the reports to my being hit by vehicles in crosswalks. She and a Walmart employee went into a room located in the front of the store and when she returned she said that no one was near my bike. I asked to see that for myself and she said that I could not. I know that she was lying. There was nothing wrong with the bike when I parked it there because I checked it over before I parked it.

I went to the Wal-Mart Customers Service Desk to complain that my bike was breaking apart after I leave Walmart. Also, I believe that someone tried to murder me by rigging my front wheel to break off as I would descend the precipitous hill in traffic that is on my way home from there. Corky was on duty this day. I explained to her what was going on and she told me to leave my bike with her at Customers Service. So I did. I went to do my shopping and when I returned I then proceeded to load my groceries in to my bike basket. I no sooner left, and I didn't even make it out of the parking lot, and my back wheel started to break apart. I went back to tell Corky what had happened and I explained that it was impossible to take my groceries home with the bike being in this condition and I wanted a refund. She went through the list on the receipt and said that I did not pay for some of the items that I was returning. I retorted that I would check with the cashier and find out why. Corky advised me not to do that, and that I was paid for the items anyway, but I did because I did not believe that it was right for Walmart to pay me for items that I did not pay for. I explained to the cashier what had happened and she stated that I paid for all the items and Corky was lying. I went back to Corky and told her what the cashier said and she said that I could explain it to the manager. A woman came to meet me and began to escort me from the building and she said that if I didn't like it don't come back! Shortly after I was told by the Los Lunas Police that I could no longer shop at that Walmart anymore.

At River Park I was punched and hit with my bike by a man wreaking the smell of alcohol while he was putting on an archery event there. I incurred two injuries. One was a golf ball size lump on my shin and the other was blood under my thumb nail. My handle bars were stripped, my back wheel was bent, and my spokes were broken. I filed charges against Anthony Tellez who Officer Rich said was the person who assaulted me.

Prior to my court date I filed a complaint at the Village of Los Lunas Police Department and I did so with Chief Roy Melnick about a man shooting at me and just missed my head by inches. I vociferated to him that he just missed my head and he returned five more shots in rapid succession. I was able to get the plate number of the flat bed truck that the shooter was driving and hiding in the woods with a young man it was: 343-PTT, New Mexico. The bullet from the handgun just missed my head.

Nothing ever came of it. I went back and this time I talked to the previous judge. He immediately went into a panic and vociferated "I won't hear it!" He appeared to be very angry. I thought at the time that the judge might have been privy until I again filed another complaint with Officer James Rich. At first the officer did not want to file a report, but then he went on to say that I had the right to do so, and I had so many days to do it in. So I did. More than a month went by and I stopped Officer Rich on the street and said what's up? Why haven't I received a court date? He said that he'd check into it. I ran into Officer Rich some time later and he said that I now have a court date. In the meantime I learned that the first judge may have been fired by the Mayor, Robert Vialpando, and a new judge would be taking his place. From what I understand is the judge didn't go willingly. After seeing what took place in the courtroom I now understand why the judge did not want to hear my case and for good reason -the court system was being manipulated by the Mayor or someone else. I was told that the Mayor fired him. (I got news for you stupid -the Mayor- you cannot abdicate a judge and appoint a crooked judge because he will not rig the outcome of a trial for you. Judges are elected not appointed. This is the reason for that because of people like you. You have no authority to do that! People go to prison for what you did.)

I also went to the Court's receptionist to get the Court to subpoena some witnesses in support of my claims and the receptionist informed me that Officer Rich was handling this case and I would not be allowed to do that. This was the turning point where even a moron could see through Officer Rich's duplicity. And when I went to court the judge said that I should have brought my witnesses. Talk about a corrupt court system! This man was a real dirt-bag!

At the trial Officer James Rich played the prosecutor. Officer Rich lied and said that Anthony Tellez was not drinking at the time, and he also stated he doesn't remember any injuries that I incurred. There are several other people that could testify that Officer Rich was lying. Moreover, the defendant in the courtroom was not the same person who attacked me; however, he pretended to be. At first I thought he was the man, but the man in the courtroom sounded like a homosexual whereas the man that struck me didn't. (I have a problem with my eyesight.) The defendant was not found guilty and I never received an honest trial. These monsters get away with more criminal activity.

James Rich and a woman officer with long brown hair would always appear to be the officers doing the investigations of the hit and runs and my being struck down in crosswalks along with the destruction of my bike which I believe could have caused my demise with the front wheel falling off in traffic. Officer Rich refused to have my broken parts examined by professionals to support my claims and for good reason. Officer Rich carries an AR-15 in his car that he says is for bad people while he endeavors to elicit an effusion such as he did in the courtroom with the crooked judge to be able to gun someone down as an end result. Officer Rich said on the way into the courtroom that he is angry about people chastising and cussing him out so I've come to the cognizance that he has done this before. Andrew Gutierrez, who is a park ranger, is also a big part of the action taken place. Somehow God appears to be a major contributor to this contorted machination implemented by this cabal. I am certain that Daniel, who use to work for Wise Recycling, knows who is responsible for the destruction of my bike and my possible attempted murder because of some of the things that he said to me like "Get a new bike Martin." Moreover, I'm certain that I was deliberately struck by vehicles to elicit a horrific consternation so I would acquiesce to the Christians' contorted machination. I believe it was Walmart employees who were doing a lot of the damage to my bike and may have tried to murder me.

After all James Rich has done Iím not mad with him. I just think that a police officer is in the public trust and a police officer should have a certain amount of honor and integrity and deceit should not play a roll. If a person can be inspired to lie and deceive someone could anyone really trust that person and is this the type of a person you want to entrust the public with. I would think not. People trust the police in time of need, and rely on the officers integrity. Something to think about.

I was struck by a car just in front of the post office in the crosswalk and it now appears that the woman passenger told the driver to go. I yelled at the driver not to hit me and I thought that she was warning the driver not to hit me, but looking back it was obvious that she was telling him to go and he floored it. I had the crosswalk light in my favor. I now believe that I have another herniated disk in the middle of my back as a result of being hit by vehicles to get me to acquiesce to this insanity for God. The list goes on and on. I believe that it is only a matter of time before they bring about my demise.

Just prior to my attempted murder at a meeting I had with Daniel in 2012 he said the State of New Mexico would give me another motor home to replace the one that the Albuquerque Police Department stole from me if I would agree to leave the state. I said no that the State of New Mexico had done a lot of damage to me and I incurred so many detriments in the more than twenty years of having to ameliorate this contorted adversity that I could not efface them all in ten lifetimes for the way I was treated here. I'm staying until justice is done and the people who are responsible are punished.

Then shortly after, I mean within a few days after, Daniel introduced me to one of his friends. (I only remember this man by the car that he drove. It was an old beat up Volvo.) Anyway, this man said to me that if I went to Isleta Casino and played a certain slot machine I would win 30,000 dollars and I would only have to spend one dollar. I didn't trust him, and I didn't want to be involved in anything crooked so I didn't go. But think about this: "What does this say about Isleta Casino?" All the pieces are beginning to fit together.

At another meeting Daniel and I had another conversation this time about the Open Space Police. Daniel asked me a question and It was: "Do you know what kind of police they are?" Playing dumb I said park police. He returned "No. What kind of police are they?" I avoided the question because I was already told by a concerned citizen what they were about and were doing two weeks after I came here to Los Lunas. As a matter-of-fact I've been told by myriad people since then. These people cannot keep a secret. Moreover, Andrew did a great job on telling on himself.

In my passing with the Chief of Police, Roy Melnick, of the Village of Los Lunas he stated: "You need to park your bike somewhere else. Ha Ha Ha Ha" Another time he stated: "You need to move closer to the Village. Ha Ha Ha Ha" To the left is a picture of the Chief standing in apposition with the American flag. What an oxymoron!

Sometime after I came in contact with Ranger Gutierrez and I could tell by his unctuous efforts and attempted duplicity that he was trying to implement a subterfuge as he went on to say: "Anthony Tellez is going to be putting on another event at River Park and you need to stay clear of the park." I told Andrew that if this was true I was going to take care of my business in Belen that weekend and there was no cause for alarm; however, I prevaricated to Andrew with an ulterior motive in mind. That Saturday I went passed River Park on the levy road to see if there were any drunks with archery equipment and no one was there. This substantiates my conjecture that Andrew was trying to cause me serious harm and he was possibly part of the first endeavor. There was no need for an event if the victim wasn't going to show up for the punishment. I also remember during one of the events a woman with two small children came running from the trail with a terrible consternation upon her face like she was running for her life. Maybe she run into a drunkard shooting arrows as I did when they were shooting into the levy embankment as I was passing by on the levy road.

During the summer of 2012 I wrote Governor Susanne Martinez explaining what was going on in the Village of Los Lunas and that people were shooting at me and one time the shooter just missed my head by inches among other things that were taken place. I also explained that Ranger Andrew Gutierrez was part of this machination of trying to harass and terrorize me and that he was trying to get me to do something improper such as retaliate. Shortly after Andrew met me in the park and he was acting weird. Andrew got out of his truck and pulled out a .380 automatic handgun and it looked like he was putting a magazine into it then put a round in the chamber as he laid it on the seat as if he wanted me to go for it. (Andrew is not allowed to carry a gun on the job and he did anyway. At times he can become a little eccentric and this was a premeditated act.) I knew that is was time to end this conversation so I left. However, I went to the highway patrol station because I did not trust the Los Lunas Police Department anymore and reported the incident. A few days later I met with a man that I believe goes by the name of Pat, or Mike, or something like that, but at this time there were only two park rangers. Pat castigated me for reporting the incident. How could Andrew have known that I wrote the Governor so soon? He acted like he knew what was in the letter. They must have headed off the letter at the post office. It appears that I'm being stalked everywhere I go.

At River Park I came in propinquity of Ranger Pat. This happened some time ago, but I remember the conversation well and you will see why. I asked him was the Government using Christian women as prostitutes and how much did the Government pay them because I had weird encounters with strange Christian women here in the village in places such as Smith's Grocery by some of their employees. One man who works at Smith's that goes by the name of Milton used his own under aged children in unscrupulous acts. He said that they don't pay them anything. They were doing this on their own accord.

From what I have empirically extrapolated is that the communists had manipulated the Republican Party to implement torture and suffering for people who do not obey God's Law and return to their former families so their tax's won't be so high while the communists endeavor to destroy capitalism and Christianity and make our country part of the world communist government. Knowing that Republicans would do anything to keep their taxes low except standing up like a man and telling the truth that the 16th amendment was never ratified because they are cowards so they manipulated Christian women into doing denigrating acts. Knowing that Christians are self-righteous and they claim to be so moral so they follow anyone who is doing God's work blindly without thinking for themselves which is typical of Christians and their beliefs. If you were a communist and you wanted to destroy a religion could you think of a better way to eradicate that religion (Christianity) then by denigrating morons -probably not. For proof that Republicans are cowards and lie about federal income tax listen to KKOB, the Scott Stiegler Show, would be the best example I can give. This man is truly an unscrupulous, lying, two faced, coward that covers up the communists breaking the law. There is even a US Supreme Court ruling that said federal income tax is unconstitutional and unlawful. Not to mention the United States Government was ordered to stop collecting it. This is a blatant criminal act. Moreover, talk about breaking the law! These criminals in Washington are putting people in prison for crimes that they are committing against the people. How could anyone be more of a criminal than this?

This next paragraph is a little off track, but it's very germane. The strange thing about the Mayor is the fact that the communists who are trying to eradicate Christianity pose as Republicans and Democrats like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. But they all have one strategy and that is to change Marry Christmas to Happy Holidays. It sounds foolish doesn't it, but it means a great deal to the communists. Next, look at what the Village of Los Lunas puts out on the front lawn. A great big Happy Holidays sign. Also, they promote human rights violations in the name of God, and for good reason, to make Christian leadership look destructive and obdurate. I don't believe in Christianity or any other deities, but I do believe in our constitution very strongly which protects the right to practice religion as long as they don't violate other peoples' constitutional rights. Christians were never this way. They were always kind and friendly until the destabilization and demoralization process came about. So who is fooling who?

(To the left is a picture are some of the shell casings that were found in a cluster very close to my tent.) I believe that the assistant game warden is the likely one who would do this because of some of the conversations I had with him some time back, and the guns that he carried in his truck. He had an assault rifle in his state vehicle along with other paraphernalia, and he would act very weird. After I came in contact with this man is when the assault rifle gunfire started. I was told that he was fired from his job.

One thing that always stuck in my mind is that George Bush Jr. was so arrogant and dumb that he stated on television "If you think that your government is being run by criminals wait until you see what your police departments are going to be doing." Now I know what he meant by that. This is not verbatim; however, it's difficult to speak like George Bush unless a person has a fifth grade education and has done a lot of cocaine. This is the closest I can get I'm sorry.

I went to Albuquerque to get a food box at the Store House. There was a genial black man working the parking lot there. He offered me a very large metal framed backpack. I said that I don't need it I have a bike with a crate on the back and this is how I'm going to take my groceries home to Los Lunas maybe someone else wants it. Another person said that they needed it and he retorted that they couldn't have it. He also went on to say for me to bring my bike and chain it to the metal railing next to the church so he could keep an eye on it. Then he asked me if the seat could be removed and I said no not without tools. I thanked him and I went into the Store House. I got the groceries, and went outside and put them in the bike basket. Then I drove off. On my way home my brake cable broke and my spokes broke.

The next time I went to Albuquerque I went back to the Store House looking for this person to castigate him for what he had done to my bike. I found him, and I explained that I did not like what he did and I was going to sue him and the Store House for what was going on there. (Another time I was there and someone stole my front wheel right under the security's nose and they acted like they knew nothing about it.) I will never forget his reply as long as I live. He became livid and started yelling that I can't sue him, and that I was going to hell! This man said that I'm going to hell because I was going to seek justice for what he did to my bike.

The Albuquerque Police Department has a long history of lying to the public so I don't trust them. They have done some pretty horrific things to me so I know firsthand just what they are capable of doing. It is clear that the man in this next link had some serious problems with the Albuquerque Police Department like so many others there in Albuquerque. I believe that they had done something to this man to make him do what he did while the cover-up of murder and torture continues in the State of New Mexico under Susanne Martinez. If you believe that this man is just and evil person that hates cops you're a fool. He was afraid of something by making his home appear to be rigged with explosives and I believe he reached his satiation point and went off. This is what the State of New Mexico appears to be up to lately torturing people until they go off and then they are put down like the Los Lunas Police Department is trying to do to me. The Albuquerque Police Department has myriad lawsuits for gunning people down and then lying about it. Something is wrong with this I just feel it.

While viewing these websites below keep in mind that not all police officers are corrupt or violent. Only a handful of police officers operate this way which makes it look bad for the officers who try to perform using reason and logic along with honor and integrity. They are people just like everyone else who make mistakes. There is only one difference. When a police officer makes a mistake it's very costly and may cost someone their life. This is all the more reason why society needs to raise the standards and do a better background investigation on all applicants. You're life or the life of a loved one may depend on it. It has gotten to the point that many police departments believe that they are fighting a war on crime. They carry assault rifles and automatic handguns and some of them are shooting at shadows and your life means nothing to them as it was explained to me by an Albuquerque police officer, but the American people are just now starting to come around an finally are realizing that the Government no longer serves the people and the communist in Washington are ecstatic over what they had accomplished. Americans killing Americans. The destabilizing and demoralizing of America. Below are just a few examples.

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A white Land Rover SUV (tag no. JRK-907 New Mexico) was parked to the side of the road on 10-5-12, at 6:30 p.m.. There were 3 Mexican men standing in the road talking with shotguns. One of the men shot just over my head from about 15 feet away as I started to approach them to go on by so I could return home. I explained as nicely as I could that they shouldn't be shooting shotguns in the road while it is being traveled. Shortly after the same man called me a white bastard then threatened to murder me and no one would ever know that he had done it as he vacillated from Spanish to English. I reported this incident to the Valencia County Sheriff's Department the next day.

I bought Albertson's brand ice cream on several occasions that made me very sick on two separate occasions. I became very sick with bad stomach cramps, diarrhea, and it made me vomit. I believe that these containers were tampered with.

On 1-22-13 I almost drove into a truck as my brake cable broke again just as I reached an intersection as a full size pickup truck was passing by.

I was also struck by a car even after I yelled for the driver to stop three times. The driver just hit me and stopped. I caught my balance and then he kept pushing me with the car until I fell over. There is a report filed at the Los Lunas Police Department, but nothing was done about it.

On 3/22/13 I was premonished that if I didn't take down this web-page something bad was going to happen to me and this happened twice. One of the people who was involved I know slightly.

Then on 3/22/13 I found an apple cell phone lying on the side of the road so I tried to pick it up before it got run over, but I was too late; however, it only had superficial damage. It appeared to work fine, but there was no service. I could see that this phone was worth a little bit of money. What first came to my mind was to turn it over to the police so it could be given back to its rightful owner, but I remember what Andrew Gutierrez stated to me during the summer of 2012.

I informed Andrew that I found a cell phone in one of the parks and I turned it over to a police officer and the police officer said that he would try to find the rightful owner. I believed him and to the best of my knowledge that is what happened. Andrew didn't believe me so he said that he would checkout my story. Then some time after he said if I find another cell phone I should try to sell it. Remembering what Andrew had said I come to the cognizance that the police department wasn't the best place to take it. At another meeting that I had with Andrew we discussed how police officers are often overlooked for incongruent behavior and he agreed with my hypothesis.

I was informed at Daniel Fernandez Park that I shouldn't bring lost items to the Open Space Office because they don't have a lost and found and Andrew was just keeping the items. I don't know if this is true but one time I asked Andrew if I could use a wrench from his Village Open Space truck an he stated that the tools were at his home, and he didn't have it in the vehicle. I thought that this was strange.

Then on 3/23/13, the next day, I met a very genial man by the name of Darrell Tolbert at Mc Donald's and from out of the blue he stated that he buys cell phones and sells them on Craig's List and he also went on to say that he had been separated from his family for fifteen years and he came to reunite with his family and that he is glad that he did. Cell phones have a registration number like a car. You just can't find a cell phone and go out and sell it without possible complications. Any moron could see that this was a setup. Moreover, his scenario is identical to mine and he went on and on how happy he was finding his sister. Like I should do the same thing. The cell phone subterfuge was an entrapment endeavor; however, they appear to be coming more humanized in their endeavors for God. I became disgusted and gave the cell phone away to a young lady who was sitting next to me and I explained how I had found it. You can't even trust law enforcement in this village anymore.

Another time I came in propinquity of Ranger Andrew Gutierrez in my passing through Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park. I explained to him that I found 3 empty fifths of liquor and over 500 beer cans, and beer cans were scattered all over the parking lot. He said that he had written myriad citations for drunkenness and that six of these were written and given to Albuquerque Police Officers just in one visit, and no telling how many others. He said that he was frustrated because the village management won't allow anything to be done about it. As hard as I worked to get him to tell me who was allowing this injustice to go on I couldn't. I spoke with some other police officers and I learned that it was the Mayor's Office and Chief Roy Melnick who were allowing the Albuquerque Police and others to get drunk at Daniel Fernandez Park. They said that they were also frustrated and had given up. I went on to say that ultimately someone was going to get hurt if these drunkards were allowed to drive home drunk from the baseball games. They said that there was nothing that they can do about it. I know for certain that the Chief knew about it because I left several messages for him explaining the danger of what was going on. As far as the Mayor knowing I left a message with the receptionist just to see what would happen and to see if what I was told was true. As far as Ranger Andrew Gutierrez this was an honorable endeavor on his part despite what he has done to me.

I collect aluminum cans to purchase my medicine. I'm not allowed to work anywhere because every time I do find a job I'm harassed and forced off the job. You know that it is one thing to deny a person medical attention when that person has a terrible disease, but it is unconscionable to stop a person from working to be able to pay to get treatment for that disease. Susanne has no conscience. Most evil people don't. She can do destructive things to people and not lose a moment sleep. For example: She can look the other way like this was an everyday occurrence while someone begged her for help because that person was being shot at and called a white bastard by a group of Mexican men and, one of the men said that he was going to murder me because he believed that I was a white bastard because I stated to him that he shouldn't be shooting guns in the road. He went on to say no one would know that he had done it because of our rural locality. It is obvious that this man was poorly educated and he did not know that Spanish people are white. I know that the New Mexico school system is very poor, or just maybe he can't be taught. There are a lot of people like this in this state. How can Susanne be so obdurate? I don't think that she was born evil. I believe that it's salient her psychosis is driven by her presidential aspirations. This is what makes Susanne different from everybody else her arrogant self-righteousness.

On 3/31/13 I was deliberately harassed and pushed at my campsite to elicit an effusion by another man with a 4 passenger gray four wheeler. He was with his family. I believe that this man was also an off duty police officer and he had been drinking but he was not drunk. It was easy to see that he was working for law enforcement because this scenario is repeated over and over. It is clear that the orchestrator has little purview and his ability to be innovative is limited. Being inundated with adversity diurnally is easier to ameliorate than the mundane endeavors concocted by a moron.

On 4/2/13 my brake cable broke again without incident, and my spokes in my rear wheel.

On 4/3/13 my bike frame broke in half leaving Mc Donald's.

On 4/4/13 my spokes were broken and there was gunfire near my tent. My tent was also broken.

On 4/15/13 I noticed that my spokes were broke again coming home from the Bosque Farms library. They are using Freon.

On 4/24/13 I believe that my spokes were broke in my back wheel at the train station. Also, at 7:12 p.m., that same evening, gunshots were fired in rapid succession outside my campsite from two locations.

On 4/27/13 I woke to gunfire at 7:00 am.

On 5/4/13 I noticed that my rear wheel was broken again and again on 5/5/13.

On 5/8/13 my back wheel was broken.

On 5/10/13 my back wheel was broken again.

On 6/2/13 the sound of fireworks and gunfire erupted outside my tent. I got up to go see who was doing this and the sound stopped. Also, my bike frame was broke.

On 6/10/13 my back wheel was broken again and a hole was stabbed in my rear tire.

On 6/11/13 my rear wheel was broken.

On 6/12/13 my shifter was broken and my brake cable was rigged to break with Freon. I got badly hurt trying to apply it.

On 6/13/13 my rear tire was flattened.

On 6/14/13 my rear tire was flattened and the wheel was broke.

On 6/15/16 my rear tire was split open.

On 6/17/13, at 4:21 p.m., gunfire which sounded like a .22 rifle broke out.

On 6/19/13 my rear wheel was broke and rapid gunshots rang out at 4:59 p.m. that sounded like a .22 semi-automatic rifle.

On 6/21/13, at 3:00 p.m., it appeared that Andrew waited for me at River Park. He said that he was there to ask someone what they were doing there. To be succinct Andrew pulled out his cell phone and started to record me. He said that he was my friend, and I was lying, and why did I build a website about him and that he wanted it down. I retorted that he is a habitual liar and he was no friend of mine after what he and his confederates had done to me. He then tried to trick me into saying that I was lying in the web-page and that if I did not take it down I was going to jail, and he began to twist the events all around thinking that he could confuse me. I informed Andrew that I stand behind what I said and it is not coming down. Period! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Chief or the Mayor was behind this. It was an arrogant and adynamic thing to do. But I guess that knowing these people I wouldn't expect anything less.

On 6/23/13 my back wheel was broken again.

On 6/26/13 the spokes were broke in my back wheel and my cluster gear was broke.

On 6/27/13 my back wheel and chain were broke leaving Smith's Grocery. I parked the bike inside.

On 6/28/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Dollar Store.

On 6/29/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and the Dollar Store.

On 6/30/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and the Dollar Store.

On 7/1/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Dollar Store.

On 7/2/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 7/3/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Dollar Store.

On 7/5/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and Dollar Tree.

On 7/6/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Dollar Store.

On 7/8/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 7/9/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 7/13/13 my back wheel was broken.

On 7/15/13 my back wheel was broken.

On 7/21/13 my back wheel was broken.

On 7/23/13 my back wheel broke leaving Dollar Tree.

On 7/25/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 7/26/13 my back wheel broke leaving Dollar Tree.

On 8/1/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Village Municipal Building. I was parked just outside the Police Department.

On 8/2/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Village Municipal Building. I was parked just outside the Police Department.

On 8/5/13 my back wheel broke leaving the Village Municipal Building. I was parked just outside the Police Department.

On 8/7/13 my back wheel broke leaving Dollar Tree.

On 8/11/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 8/12/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and Dollar Tree.

On 8/14/13 my back wheel broke.

On 8/16/13 gunfire broke out near my tent that sounded like a .22 semi-automatic rifle.

On 8/17/13 gunfire broke out near my tent, two shots from a large caliber rifle.

On 8/18/13, at 8:49 p.m., it sounded like fireworks used to sound like gunfire.

On 8/20/13 my wheel was broken. I went to the dollar store, Smith's, and Bargain Square.

On 8/21/13 my wheel was broken. I went to the dollar Store and Smith's Grocery.

On 8/22/13, at 7:45 p.m., there was the sound of gunfire. A .22 caliber rifle was used near my tent and my back wheel was broken.

On 8/24/13, at about 5:35 p.m., a .22 caliber and large caliber rifle gunfire broke out at my tent.

On 8/27/13 my rear wheel was broke leaving Dollar Tree. I parked my bike outside.

On 9/1/13, at 11:00 a.m., my bike was broken at Dollar Tree. What makes this so unique is that the perpetrator was a bumbler. He broke the bike squatted down trying to run past the cashiers so I could not see him. Acting like a fool he made himself look so obvious. So while checking out I took my time to see if the cashiers had anything to say to me and they didn't. They had to see what was going on it was so blatantly obvious. This supports my conjecture that Dollar Tree, Smith's Grocery, and Walmart are tied in a conspiracy to do me injury. I explained to Carlos, the store manager, about what was taking place in the store under his management like I have several times in the past and he acted like he didn't know what was going on. I intend to sue Carlos and Dollar Tree for their unscrupulous behavior and damage to my property.

On Saturday, 9/7/13, at 10:00 a.m., I went to get water and lying in the middle of the trail I noticed one of the family members of the birds that I feed was shot to death and thrown in the middle of the trail. I thought that one of the birds was missing when they woke me to feed them. Like the good Christians that they are I believe they did it to punish me for not complying with their demands. I remember hearing the sound of the gunshot and the four wheeler leaving. I thought that they were just trying to terrorize me again. I had no idea that they shot one of my pets. This family of birds followed me three miles when I relocated and they relocated with me about three years ago. These birds do not fly from people they fly to people. They think people are friendly. I believe that these are Susanne's employees doing this. This is just one more reason why I think Susanne, KKOB, and followers are insane. These little animals did nothing except to mean something to me.

On 9/27/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and the Dollar Store.

On 9/29/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and the Dollar Store.

On 9/30/13 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery and intimidating gunshots from two locations that evening. One was a rifle.

They break my bike so much I have a hard time keeping track of it. I hope the days are correct. Not to mention trashing my computer to make it difficult for me being accurate in recording the events. It's hard to believe that in their twisted minds the Christian community and the Governor's Office believe that being ostracized and destroying someone's property diurnally will make that person relent to their contorted ideology when in-fact it only makes a person more obdurate and strengthens one's resolve. How dumb can dumb be? They amaze me more every day with their stupidity. They just keep doing the same things every day for more than 30 years learning nothing from it; however, this is one contributing factor and/or attribute which makes Christians, Christian. They are not amenable to reason or logic. They certainly deserve an accolade.

On 4/30/13 I call Governor, Susanne Martinez's office and I talked to Mindy. I tried to explain that I was at my end and I could not ameliorate this aberration any longer with all the threats and attempts on my life I was going to retaliate if they keep on for my own self-preservation. Upon my return home my tent was tore and smashed to the ground. They keep trying to push my buttons to make me fight. Also, they keep blocking my web-page and corrupting my computer so I can't obtain any assistance or send emails for help. ( I spent all day Saturday -5/4/13- trying to send an email for help.) These people are very dangerous and very mentally sick.

Below are some letters I sent to Senator Martin Heinrich's office.

Dear Mr. Heinrich

Yesterday I was traveling through a Blake's Hamburger parking lot and a car was backing up to be able to leave. I had to put my brakes on hard and the brake cable broke. I lost control of the bike just as I hit the speed bump. I went over the handle bars. I got scraped up good but, there are no broken bones although I feel like I have. I still hurt badly. I was livid! I then went to the Village of Los Lunas to file a complaint and I took the complaint form home with me and I intend to fill it out tomorrow when I call for my state funded health insurance. Then I went to the State Police Department to file a report and I spoke with Officer Otis Ropnawor (What a name. I can't read his writing. This is the best I can do.) Anyway, Officer Ropnawor came to the cognizance that my bike is breaking apart because it is a few years old. I retorted what about the replacement parts they are new? He said that I put a lot of miles on the bike and this is why the new parts are breaking. Well I didn't buy it. So I told him that the conversation was over and I got up to leave. He said that he is not going to file a complaint because he believes in his hypothesis even after I explained my bike was being broken diurnally. I retorted again that I take offense to that conclusion because I am not stupid and I don't like being treated this way. A fun day in the Village of Los Lunas!

Dear Mr. Heinrich

I know that time is valuable. I will try to be succinct as possible. Your office informed me that Susanne Martinez's office has jurisdiction over the crimes committed against me by the Los Lunas Police Department. I believe you. I know this to be true myself; however, I informed her office on myriad occasions and I spoke with Mindy who just gave me the run around. I've even sent a shell casing used to shoot at me but nothing was done about it. I've given her office tag numbers and names only to be ignored. Some time ago I even written the state prosecutor's office in the thirteenth district and he did not even have the decency to send a reply even if it was a lie. There is a reason for this. Susanne has aspirations of becoming president like Bill Richardson and she is driven by this desire. Lots of new politicians seem to use this approach and after time goes by they come to the cognizance that they can't please everyone and a good politician realizes that they have to do what is right. Many politicians fail to realize that what people are really looking for is honesty and integrity and she is taking the wrong approach. Susanne is going to fail despite all her efforts to please her supporters. Bill Richardson is the best example I can give. Her puppeteer is KKOB which is connected to an extreme right wing fanatical group who is implementing this adversity and I came to the cognizance that any further effort would be profligate so I wrote your office. I don't want you to think that I do not appreciate your efforts; however, I know that she is not going to bite the hand that feeds her. Susanne can be very lubricious and she would sabotage any efforts to bring her confederates to justice. Susanne is also a socialist and her true colors are starting to show, and her backers are losing their trust in her anyway. I became frustrated and contacted your office. I believe that you are diligent and honorable and this is why I turned to you. This rat hole goes very deep. Moreover, Susanne would be committing political suicide if she helped me because her supporters are very manipulative. KKOB is one of the coordinators to this machination to get fathers to return to their families for God. The underlying reason to inflict pain and suffering is taxes and not for the benefit of society. I know these people well and there is nothing honorable about them.

Now that you have established that my dilemma falls under Susanne's jurisdiction everything has gone back to normal and they have become more austere and audacious in their implementation of Gods law. They have started back with the guns, police harassment, and I was put out of Mc Donald's so I could not send any emails. I'm sure that they will block my websites too. This makes it obvious that Susanne's office is in support of this insanity because they have no fear of being brought to justice while they commit these acts because they know that she will not defend the Constitution. I have no choice but to play the martyr roll regardless of the outcome because, like I said before, I'm and avid believer in the Constitution and human rights even if it ends in my demise. I believe this strongly. I would give up my life for our constitutional rights. I don't want to, but someone has to make a stand. I just hate that they chose me and my conscience will not let me compromise my principles.

There are several flaws in this subterfuge and one is: I don't know these people I left Massachusetts more than thirty years ago and it was a dirty break-up. One of the children may not be mine as a result of my ex-wife's lubricious infidelity and so on. I may be a registered democrat but I still believe in the Constitution very strongly and I believe that the State of Massachusetts is rapidly becoming communist. Many communist countries do not believe in human rights. That state goes against all my beliefs so I could not live there anyway. I'm a very pertinacious person when it comes to our freedoms and the Bill of Rights. This is not an option. I abhor this woman greatly for what she did to me. They can't force people to live in propinquity of each other if the animosity is there without insalubrious complications. I would not be able to sublimate my primordial proclivity and remain punctilious being inundated with that sort of adversity diurnally. I will make every effort to work with the Governor's Office if I'm given the opportunity. I just don't trust them or believe that justice will be done at this level. Thank you for listening.

I call Senator Heinrich's office some time back and I explained what was taking place and a spokesperson for the Senator said that he knows that it is frustrating but they can't do anything about it. It has to play out. I explained that this has been going on for more than thirty years. I'm sixty years old now. Don't I get some of my life for me? I also asked is everyone in Washington insane, because it sure does seem like it?

It's for certain now they are breaking my bike apart at my campsite. I woke up this morning to fix the brake cable and I noticed that my back tire was flat and I checked it just before I put it away; moreover, I arranged the bike in such a way that I could tell if anyone had tampered with it.

Some time back when this first started happening to me I took my bike to a professional welder and I explained to him what was happening and he stated that someone was doing this with Freon. A student at UNM Zimmerman Library said that he saw someone with Freon attempting to do damage to my bike. I guess I'm going to have to stop riding it before I really get hurt or killed (Not anyone can buy Freon. You need a license to purchase it because of environmental reasons. So how are they getting if it is illegal?)

KKOB says that Susanne Martinez is a fiscal conservative. Right? Well, Susanne was buying clothes for illegal alien school children when we can't even afford food or gas for our vehicles. Not to mention the other benefits that are provided for illegals. If that isn't enough listen to this: I was at the train station and in comes what appeared to be a mentally ill person with someone behind him and the mentally ill person asked me for a dollar for a coke. This man looked very sick so I asked the man behind him how did he get here? He said that he drove him. I retorted: "He must come from a rich family?" He said "no. The State of New Mexico provides him with a car and pays me to drive him anywhere he wants to go for five hours a day five days a week and the state even buys him lunch." I retorted: "The State of New Mexico pays you to drive this man to pan handle people and you take him anywhere he wants to go?" He stated: "Yes. I'm his driver." Susanne has a whole fleet of these cars and drivers in Los Lunas and who knows where else.

Let's not forget the train that cost the State of New Mexico tax payers about $75.00 per ticket and the passenger can pay as little as $2.00 last I heard. This train was provided by George Bush another fiscal conservative and Christian according to KKOB. When it costs the State of New Mexico more to subsidize a train than a person makes taking the train to work something is wrong. Also, the peculation of our Social Security funds again by George Bush Jr.. It is clear that these people have their heads up their ass and shouldn't be in charge of a pay toilet. This woman acts like another Heather Wilson. Well, if you remember Heather Wilson helped Susanne choose her cabinet because she didn't know how to do it for herself. I had to laugh when I learned this. It just keeps going on and on. Susanne is just another didactic moron with authority that just got lucky. Even if Susanne was an honorable person she doesn't have the background to run an efficient state government. If the State of New Mexico wants a successful government the people need to vote in a successful business person, and above all a loyal American, and not a bureaucrat. When are they ever going to learn?

Why do socialists and communists run as republicans or conservatives? It is because they know what the American people really want. They want a fiscally responsible government. Susanne is trying to pull off the same thing Ronald Reagan did. Switching from democrat to republican so no one will be the wiser. Tell me that this is not a bunch of bullshit! She is more of a socialist than the socialists.

Another thing that is so ironic is that Bill Richardson removed the food tax and he was a democrat. What is Susan Martinez doing for the taxpayer that she says she is working so hard for? Well, her administration happened to find a surplus of money on the books, that she clearly tried to take credit for, and rather than returning the money to the tax payer she has planned on how she is going to spend it like she just had won the lottery. What does this say about Susanne?

At the Dollar Store on 8/10/13, at 2:00 p.m., a tall man with shoulder length blonde hair took a swing at me and vociferated "Aren't you afraid to die?" I retorted "no." Then he said "Aren't you afraid someone will shoot you." Again I said "no." Then he said that he was going to let his pit bull out on me. I said that if he did that I would kill it. If I had time to think about it I would have said that there are worse things that could happen to someone and one is living under Susanne's rule. Cambrian and Teri were both working that day. I suspect them both in the destruction of my bike because they are always working when it happens. As far as me being murdered I don't know what to say except that I hope Susanne is brought to justice for conspiracy and murder because these are her employees who are doing this and she knows it because I told her, and now I'm sure other people will too. No damage was done to the bike.

Mary Tudor

Ilse Koch

To the left is a picture of the homeless person who says she works for the State of New Mexico giving me the finger for taking her picture. On 7/31/13 I spoke with a woman who sits in Smith's parking lot pretending to be a homeless person. I know this to be a fallacy. I asked her how much she was paid to sit in the parking lot doing this. She would not tell me, but she said that she was being paid by the State of New Mexico, and that this was her livelihood. Then along came one of her confederates and I explained to him that people have been shot for doing what he was doing -destroying peoples' property, and that it was wrong. He retorted that he liked his job and no one has been shot in some time, and where else can he find a job doing nothing. It looks like Susanne is clearly a liar and a reprobate. This same woman was lurking around a vacant building looking like she was trying to get in that was being sold. I called the Los Lunas Police and told them what was happening and they stated that she belongs there. Some time after I saw the owner and told him what happened and he was furious at what they said and allowed to happen. I have now learned that she was, and may be, a crack cocaine addict. I guess she will fit in with the Los Lunas Police very well.

Imagine a state government that is so dirty that they pay people to sit in Mc Donald's all day to block the Wi-Fi to keep me from building this web-page so no one would know what they are doing. We are supposed to have freedom of speech aren't we? Welcome to the land of enchantment. They are also doing this at the train station. What is happening to the Constitution and America? And it is both the Republicans and the Democrats alike.

On September 15, 2013 there were 3 men just in back of me that I believe were hunting ducks out of season. Just after daybreak I woke to a barrage of gun fire. What so interesting about this is that the BBs were hitting my tent. I yelled to the shooters that they are hitting me with their shot and I'd like to talk to them. I got no response. I yelled "wait there. I'll be right there!" I walked and looked for tire tracks then I followed them to a white pickup truck tag number MMR-041. I yelled again and said, "I'd like to talk to you. You hit me with some of your shot!" Again I got no response. Knowing that it was virtually impossible to find them if they did not want to be found because of the thick brush I copied their tag number and vociferated "I got your tag number and it is almost as good as a fingerprint and I'm reporting you." Again I got no response and I walked away. About five minutes later (he probably started to think about the consequences) he yelled back and I walked to the sound of his voice. I began to explain to him that he hit my tent with his shot and I know that this was a subterfuge because I can't do anything without the State of New Mexico knowing about it. I know this because I sometimes watch them standing guard around my tent and these morons wouldn't be able to do this without the State of New Mexico knowing about it. They watch me all night long and stalk me everywhere I go. And this is no crap. These people are sick. Please note that there was no other shooting going on on this whole river just only in the back of my tent.

I then called and reported the incident to the Game and Fish Department, the poaching division, and I asked the Game and Fish operator, Operator 37, when duck season began and she said that she didn't know. She went on to say that she will pass this information on to an officer and that an officer will call me. I waited and waited for a return call and I never got one. How could she not know? But it might be true. She works for Susanne Martinez and anything like this is possible. These people were appointed to an agency not knowing their job functions.

As I headed towards Main Street when I reach a planted shooter his gun goes off. Then there is silence again until I reach the next shooter and the scenario repeats itself until I reach Main Street. They are doing this to intimidate me and it's not working. I am staying here in this dirty state until the people that have violated my constitutional rights and tried to murder me are brought to justice. Then, and only then, will I extricate myself from this state and its Christian assholes who are so dumb that they do not even know where their filthy religion came from; but they believe that there is an invisible nudist that lives in the sky called Yahweh that won't let you see his face, but he will show you his private parts that are on fire. Proof for the morons. This is in the dirty Christian Bible. What kind of bullshit is this? Leave it to a Christian. They are the only group of people that I know of that are this stupid. If they want to go to Jesus so bad they need to drink the Kool-Aid and leave sane people alone. More on ; where Christianity came from without the lies.

I was very impressed with Yahweh the Volcano God and I looked up more versus that were in the Bible, and I left out many others they were so replete. How could Christians overlook all this nonsense in their own Bible that they believe in so much? You would think that they would take the time to check out all this garbage so they wouldn't make a fool of themselves. Christians at this point got to feel incredibly stupid being manipulated by a caveman.

The After Life

What Will Heaven Be Like?

Biblical Evidence Proving That God is Evil (Part 1)

Biblical Evidence Proving That God is Evil (Part 2)

Biblical Evidence Proving That God is Evil (Part 3)

Biblical Evidence Proving That God is Evil (Part 4)

What the Followers of an Evil God Would be Like

Science Refutes God: Lawrence Krauss 12/05/2012

God's Law

And if you need even more proof listen to this: Christian priests and preachers are liars and it has been proven in a court of law. Vincent Hallinan in one case, according to the New York Times, "sued the Roman Catholic Church for fraud, demanding that it prove the existence of heaven and hell, "and it was proven to be bullshit by many sources. This is nothing more than a fraudulent scam that exploits people and manipulates them into committing unconscionable acts for God who in reality is a volcano. Talk about stupid people doing crazy things. People just don't get more adynamic than this. If you need more proof see a shrink. You need one.

Why I Make Videos Against God

On 10/11/13, at about 3:00 p.m., I was on my way home and a Conservancy police officer named John was waiting at the gate. When I started to proceed past him I informed him that I knew who Yahweh really was according to the Hebrew Bible. (We would talk about this when were in passing from time to time.) He became livid! He started yelling that he has seen people like me before, and I was an apostate, and I was evil because I did not believe in God, and I could no longer stay here for this reason. (An apostate is a person who forsakes his religion, cause, party, etc.) He also went on to say that I could go to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission that I had a place to go so he didn't want to hear any excuses. I been to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission this is not anything new to me. They wanted me to live there, work there, and sequester myself, and only expose myself to the Bible and other brainwashed people. I would not be able to leave the Rescue Mission until I was ready -brainwashed. I would have to go to Bible study everyday while I was being inundated with Christianity which is a fallacy. The Salvation Army uses the same brainwashing techniques. (From what I can remember about the Salvation Army is that they would take in prisoners from the jails and make them get government food stamps and the prisoners were forced to turn them over to the Salvation Army while they worked for them on pennies on the dollar when compared to minimum wage. Then they were forced to sequester themselves while they were inundated with Christianity. I was told that this is a type of reform, but from what I can see it only makes the Salvation Army richer, and it appears to me to be a brainwashing technique and a exploitation of the system under false pretenses that there is a god. When in-fact that: the god in the Hebrew Bible was a volcano god. This is replete throughout the Bible so they can't lie about this.) When I refused they started: destroying my property, threatening me, even pull knives out on me for intimidation. I caught one of God's good Christians destroying my bike at the Albuquerque Rescue Mission so I pepper sprayed him and I was told I could not go there anymore. These people are very mentally sick. Kind of like the Conservancy police officer. This man has a very strong belief in Christianity and is not amenable to reason like most Christians. I also explained that Danny said that I could stay there and he said that Danny was not in charge and I was leaving. But thinking back I remember what Andrew said that I was going to jail if I did not take down this website. These people covertly work for the Government and somehow they are allowed to mix church and state and Christians are in control of our country while the Constitution is being trampled. I'm not allowed to work anywhere or live anywhere by the Christians while they keep trying to hand me God. I am even being blocked on the Wi-Fi by the Village of Los Lunas so no one will know what is taking place here. I believe in evolution because there is tangible evidence of its existence where the Christian Bible is nothing more than a fairytale. I believe that when an organization tramples over our Constitution and becomes a danger to themselves and others it's time for the Government to step in and restore order and support the Bill of Rights like a responsible government should by bringing these criminals to justice for what they have done to our country for a volcano god.

On 10/22/13 the frame to my seat was broken, my back wheel spokes were broken, and my front tire was stolen, and replaced with a junk tire. I was also harassed by what I believe were Government employees posing as retaliatory, queer, Christians for God in Burger King.

On 10/23/13 someone shot a shotgun just outside my tent early in the morning.

On 10/28/13 my back wheel was broken leaving my tent.

On 10/31/13 I was told by one of God's little helpers who works at Smith's Grocery, and others prior, like the Bosque Farms Police Officer who said that I better be careful that I could be run over by a car and I was also told by these same people in the closing of the conversations to stay safe. This sounds innocent enough, but this is the exact same rhetoric that I was inundated with diurnally to elicit paranoia while I was struck down by 4 cars in crosswalks during a transitory period as the Living Cross ambulance would drive up and down the street with its siren blearing. This is a type of intimidation that they use which is very difficult to prove in a court of law, and it makes a person appear mentally ill if they try to retaliate for the adversity that they are trying to ameliorate diurnally. Also, James Rich and the Los Lunas Police would cover up the crimes and make them appear as an accident.

On 11/07/13 my back wheel was broken leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 11/15/13 my back wheel was broken leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 11/16/13 someone shot a gun in propinquity of my tent to elicit an effusion.

On 11/18/13 my back wheel was broken leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 11/20/13 my bike frame was broken and just prior, I believe it was 11/18/13, the owner of La Zur bike shop in the Color Works strip mall had access to the bike and no one else; moreover, I witnessed him in contact with my bike at Burger King and the rest of the frame broke while in route to the library. It is clear that he wanted to do me serious harm. He is also responsible for the adversity taking place at Burger King in Los Lunas implemented by some of the employees there. The man pretended to be my friend while he commits unscrupulous acts with no compunction. The man is also a two faced coward and he could have killed me or caused me serious harm with me riding that bike in traffic the way the frame was broken.

On 11/29/13 I tried to write Amnesty International USA and Human Rights First, but I could not get into my email. I also tried to call them and my phone would not work. I was able to call Tracfone and I reported it. That evening, at 10:04 p.m., someone came to my campsite and discharged a rifle twice then drove off on a four wheeler. I reported these types of actions to Susan Martinez's office for years and nothing was done about it because I believe she is supportive of the perpetrators, the extreme right wing groups like the Christian Collision and the KKOB crowd of dizzy fanatics for God. People just don't come more mentally trashed than this.

I was able to send a few emails to some human rights organizations before my computer was trashed, and on 12/01/13 I received some phone calls but I could not understand them so I saved them for a later date. On 12/02/13, at about 9:00 a.m., I went back to retrieve my messages and they were removed.

On 12/02/13 my back wheel was broken leaving the Bosque Farms library.

On 12/06/13, at 2:43 p.m.,3 gunshots were fired on the trail next to my tent.

On 12/15/13, at about 2:30 a.m., five gunshots rang out in propinquity of my campsite that sounded like an assault weapon.

On 12/16/13 my back wheel was broken leaving the Bosque Farms Library.

On 12/29/13 my front brake cable was broken at Bargain Square in Los Lunas.

On 12/29/13 my front brake cable was broken at Bargain Square in Los Lunas.

On 1/7/14 my back wheel was broken at UNM.

On 1/11/14 my back wheel was broken either at Smith's Grocery or Dollar Tree.

On 1/18/14 three shots rang out at 1:30 a.m. then the driver sped off.

On 1/22/14 my back wheel was broken at Smith's Grocery to cause me injury.

On 1/31/14 my back wheel was broken at Smith's Grocery.

On 2/7/14, at 12:30 p.m., gunfire rang out in propinquity of my campsite.

On 2/9/14 my back wheel was broken at Smith's Grocery.

On 2/14/14 a man and his son with a dark blue Dodge pickup truck with a silver bottom (New Mexico tag number 993-SGF, at 3:30 p.m.) was shooting a shotgun on the road then went along the edge of my campsite shooting the gun. Subsequently, he went back to his truck to what appeared to be reloading and set up a skeet shooter like he was about to aim it at my campsite. I explain to him that it is illegal to shoot the gun in the road and it was dangerous. Then he said he didn't know and he was leaving. Early the next morning, what appeared to be duck hunters, shot towards my tent, and the shot even hit my tent, I believe in retaliation. I opened the door to my tent, then I got out, and all the pandemonium stopped like they had a spotter watching me. What I'm getting at is: They do have people watching me all night long along with doing strange thing. They often listen to the radio, bang things in the back of their pickup truck, and open and slam doors. They even cut wood from time to time. They make a racket. So nothing goes on their without the Government knowing. They try to be clandestine, but they are inept. It kind of reminds me of Gomer Pyle.

On 2/18/14 I noticed my back wheel on my second bike was broken going to Smith's Grocery. I checked my bike over before going to the store. The last place I went was C & O Recycling and I believe that the spokes were broken there. The reason why I went to C & O Recycling is to recycle my first bike because it was so broken up it could not be fixed. (I needed to use my old bike because I didn't have all the parts to repair the bike I habitually use.) The cluster gear was broken and as a result this ruined the chain because I did not notice it right away. I affixed a lock to my tent door, advised by an attorney, because this makes it breaking and entering to go in and damage my property, but they do it anyway with no regard for the law.

On 2/25/14 about seven gunshots from a large caliber handgun came from the direction of the road. I believe it was about 9:30 a.m..

On 3/9/14 I was threatened to be burned out, and on several other occasions.

On 3/11/14, at 2:18 p.m., there was gunfire coming from the river.

On 3/13/14 on my way back home I was harassed by the Bosque Farms Police.

On 3/15/14 my back wheel was broken at Bargain Square. This happened on myriad occasions; however, I tried to leave Bargain Square out of the conflict because of the people that they try to help. The more I ignore the adversity that goes on there the more austere they become. I'd like to believe that the administration there is honorable, but the more I become familiar with this organization the more I see that they may not be. But you know as I look more into charitable organizations the less credible they appear to be.

On 3/21/14, at 10:30 p.m., a man with dogs pretending to be a poacher let his dogs out from what sounded to be a pickup truck and began searching the area near my campsite within a transitory period he began shooting. There were several shots fired near my campsite.

On 3/21/14 my back wheel was broken at Smith's Grocery.

On 3/23/14, at 10:05 p.m., one gunshot rang out from the road direction.

On 3/27/13 my back wheel was broken leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 3/29/14, at 4:40 p.m., there were gunshots in propinquity of my campsite. It sounded like a .22 caliber rifle.

Someone started a fire in the portable toilet at River Park.

On 3/30/14 it sounded like two pickup trucks on the river and they set off multiple explosions almost simultaneously. It sounded like heavy fireworks.

On 4/3/14 I noticed that someone had stabbed holes in my clothes.

On 4/6/14, at 9:30 a.m., I was on my way to Belen to do some food shopping and I noticed two young men fishing so I stopped to chat with them for a while. Within a few minutes I noticed a state van on the ditch road area just next to the bridge. The van pulled up and dropped off an Adelante employee and I then learned that I was talking to two more, but they had no mentally ill people pan-handling for cokes. This was on a Sunday. Not only does the State of New Mexico chauffeur mentally ill people to pan handle for cokes at the state's expense, but they finance fishing trips for Bargain Square employees too. Susanne is a very generous lady.

If that is not enough I was in the market for an affordable cell phone so I went to Bargain Square and inquired about one. I explained to the woman, who I believe was of upper management, I'd like to purchase a cell phone, but I'm afraid to buy a stolen one. I know that there is a big market for them. How do I know if the cell phone I'm interested in buying is not stolen. She retorted "Oh that is not a problem we remove the SIM cards." What do you think about that? These are Susanne's trusted friends. I ended up buying one from a person who I thought I could trust and appeared to be honorable, but needed money. The phone I purchased had no service, but I only needed it for the internet and I can use it on the Wi-Fi. When I first met this lady she walked up to me in the store and vociferated (and I didn't even know this lady) you've got money give it! What a hell of a thing to say to a potential customer. I'm tired of this good Christian bullshit. These people have no conscience. I'm so sick of the hypocrisy.

Something that you may want to consider is the fact that Bargain Square just had a fire in one of their stores -the Belen store. You could see just by the audacious way this woman talked to me suggests that they needed money. Also, she stated that people aren't donating like they use to. (I wonder why?) Not to mention that they had insurance. They use state vans for their own pleasure. They even remove the SIM cards from cell phones in order to sell them to prevent complications. Would they start the fire for the insurance money? It makes you wonder does it not? But if you could see what was going on in the store in Los Lunas you would be skeptical too. I don't trust them. It's a good thing I don't work for law enforcement or there would be an investigation for sure.

On 4+//0-12+//0-14 I noticed that my bike frame was broken.

On 4+//0-14+//0-14 I noticed that my back wheel was broken.

On 4/18/14 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 4/21/14, at 6:35 p.m., a .22 caliber rifle was shot about fifty times in propinquity of my campsite when this is illegal to shoot a rifle on the river. No bullets came near me.

On 4/24/14 a small man passed by me on the bridge in the morning going to Dollar Tree and stated his friends were going to kill me. This is not verbatim.

They have gone back to trying to hit me with cars as I travel from place to place. This has happened three more times within a transitory period. One incident was with a black man who cut me off and yelled you're stupid! You're stupid! Then he got out of his car and pulled a package out of his trunk and walked across the street to the post office from the parking lot across the street rather than park his car in the empty post office parking lot. But if he did that he would not be able to almost hit me with his car. I copied his tag number (I wrote it on my hand and I could not read it when I got to my destination.)

On 4/29/14, at 7:35 p.m., there was a gunshot nearby on the river.

On 5/4/14 my chain broke on my way to Walmart in Belen, and my back wheel broke on my way back home from Walmart. The chain is only two months old.

On 5/15/14 my bike broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 5/23/14 my bike broke leaving Dollar Tree.

On 5/26/14, at 5:16 p.m., someone was shooting a .22 rifle near my tent.

; Some time back Andrew tried to solicit anal sex for a homosexual transvestite policeman (who I believe wants to be a woman) who habituates River Park with a Mercedes Benz, wears very short shorts, and carries a multicolored umbrella. He/she has a gait that would make the most lubricious prostitute blush with envy. Andrew stated that if I agreed to have sex with the transvestite I could become one of the boys. How sick! It's no wonder why Andrew's wife drinks so much.

Gay pranks Breastfeeding Dad Prank

Gay pranks

Gay army prank

Don't Look At My Boyfriend Prank!

Andrew came to River Park one evening as I was going to buy groceries, and he asked me if I saw his friend the transvestite. (I'm sorry I don't know the transvestite's name so I have to refer to him as the transvestite.) Andrew appeared to have a concerned and caring tone as he looked at me with big lovey dovey eyes. It's obvious Andrew had the hots for this guy/girl. Andrew even had a new hair cut with a flipped up whoop dee doo in the front. He was dressed to kill. Anyway, Andrew went on to say that his new friend was a banker and this is how he acquired all this money. (As if I cared.) Before I knew the transvestite was a transvestite he explained that he worked for the Catholic Church as a bookkeeper and that is how he acquired his wealth. But you know they were both lying and this man/woman really works for the Government as a retaliatory queer to get the public to accept their demented lifestyle. It is part of the destabilization and demoralization to trash the Christians. It is a good thing that these people are stupid or they would be a real threat to society. What I'm trying to say is that: Homosexuals try to become annoying and they believe that this is how that they will get people to view them as normal or sane. I have nothing against homosexuals except that I don't want to be part of anything like this. If they are happy then prove it. Leave other people alone with your twisted lifestyle. The queers are getting just as bad as the Christians. I don't know who is worse the queers or the Christians. Try to explain this to your wife Andrew. They make a great pair.

Just what this man does is he dresses up in very very short woman's shorts and carries a multicolored umbrella (not displayed in the photo to the left) trying to elicit a negative reaction while he carries weapons to harm someone if they show any signs of aggression or disapproval. My point is: he dresses very conspicuously and he is not defending himself he's trying to create a situation to be able to harm someone. I forget the legal term for it, but this is grossly illegal. To me it looks like entrapment to cause bodily harm. I often witness him pulling into the park with an open beer can in hand. Drinking and driving is also illegal, but he does it anyway because I believe that Andrew and the Los Lunas Police Department are clearly going to look the other way. Don't you try it, or you will go to jail. This is justice New Mexico style.

Andrew's Song

All the Reasons I Ain't Queer

I believe on 5/17/14, at about 6:00 p.m., there was gunfire coming from the river side.

On 5/18/14 I noticed that the Christians broke into my tent again and stole some of my food, and soap to wash clothes. Some time back they even stole my glasses and replaced them with a prescription pair that made it even more difficult to see. I couldn't help but laugh when they stole the laundry soap. I thought to myself how cheap can a person be? The church argues that they are needed to teach people morality. Well, they are not doing a very good job. Christians are the lowest form of life I ever came in contact with. They keep proving it more every day.

On 5/29/14, at about 3:30 p.m., I heard gunshots close by that sounded like the same type of gunshots that I've heard for some time. It is illegal to shoot a handgun or rifle on the river. There were at least eight people involved. Five of the people were walking back to their cars that were parked across the irrigation ditch and there were three vehicles leaving on the road, and I got a picture of them leaving. One of the vehicles had a US Government tag I489068. One young man had a great big shiny religious medal. After I took their pictures, at about 6:00 p.m., someone shot a large caliber rifle -I believe in protest for my taking pictures of his confederates.

At about 11:30 a.m., there was a white late model SUV with US Government tags heading towards River Park and I was headed home. He looked like he was coming from the scene of the gunfire involving the other government vehicle a few days ago. He quickly turned around and went the other way, going towards Belen, as though he didn't want me to get a look at him. Our tax dollars at work.

Just to prove to you how demented Christians really are listen to this: When my mother's mother died with cancer (She died hard. She had one lung removed.) At home my mother could not cope with the tragedy and she had a nervous breakdown. She ended up on disability. The Christian community told my mother, who was very sick at the time, if she did not help them attack me they were going to take her disability away. She started crying and told me the truth when I told her I never want to see her again in this lifetime. How could an organization of people be more obdurate than this than to do this to a sick old woman? She was a Christian too. I'm willing to bet that she has no use for them anymore. I've not talked to her since then -for about thirty years.

; On 6/02/14, at 4:45 p.m., about six gunshots rang out from a high power rifle very close by. When I confronted the man in question and asked him what he thought he was doing he said he was shooting at a coyote because the coyote was attacking his dog. It is very rare that a person can get to see a coyote at a distance during the day let alone get into a dog fight with a pit bull on a leash. The man clearly prevaricated and he is not very intelligent. It's salient that he has a subliminal mnemonic ability an abated purview with no compunction to do something so moronic. I have a picture of his pickup truck in storage on the net. He was there like his confederates to cause a disturbance as to elicit a consternation via his actions. If you look closely at the picture to the left it appears that he tried to hide his gun in his backpack. (You can see the butt of the gun in the back of his head.) Or just maybe in his little mind he views himself as a great hunter, and outdoors-man. I guess that he must feel very important now that he did what he did. Stupid sees; stupid does.

On 6/4/14 my back wheel was broken at Dollar Tree and I saw the young man that did it running from the store to a bike he parked outside and he drove off.

On 6/7/14 my back wheel broke.

On 6/9/14, at 2:09 a.m., four gunshots were fired in rapid succession very close to my tent.

On Monday 6/9/14 I believe, judging from the footprints, two men and one recalcitrant boy who wears woman's sneakers broke into my tents and stole my lock to the tent door, the flashing light to my bike, and some of my food. I believe that it was the same group of people with government plates like the one I took a picture of and the white SUV that took off the other way when they saw me coming. I also believe that they were Christians that often pose as real law enforcement that did this. I do not think that anything else was taken; however, some time back Christians posing as Bernalillo County Sheriffs drugged my food, stole my solar panel and other property, and broke my bike who were associated with the trashed out storage yard on Rio Bravo on the south side of Albuquerque that was not far from the Giant station. I think it best not to eat anything that was open. I was also premonished, Saturday, at the train station that I might end up dead by a young man that was waiting for someone there to pick him up so he said. He asked me a question: Aren't you afraid that they will kill you? I know that they are eventually going to murder me. I know they are. It is only a matter of time. I have so much disrespect for Christians that I'm better off dead than to be like them. Christians are evil and pray to a dirty god that had a son from a whore who is a queer bastard that likes children. I will never be one of them. EVER! No matter what these filthy people do.

I walked to where the government vehicles were parked when all this insanity began and the footprints were all clearly the same. I believe the same people who drove the government vehicles are the same people that shot the guns; the same people who forced entry into my tent; the same people that stole my property.

I believe on 6/9/14 my back wheel was broken at UNM Valencia County Campus.

On 6/18/14, at 8:36 p.m., myriad gunshots rang out close by from a large caliber weapon on the river side.

On 6/19/14, at 2:39 p.m., the sounds of a large caliber handgun came from the road side.

On 6/21/14, at 5:07 p.m., multiple gunshots came from the river side.

On 6/21/14, at 2:39 a.m., the sound of a large caliber gunfire erupted from the road side.

On 6/23/14 and arrogant, vulgar, blonde haired, skinny little boy with a junk truck that sounds like it is about to quit (Tag number 23394US American flag plate New Mexico. See picture to the left) who said that he was not stupid, but he parked his piece of junk in plain view for his victim to see it while he was obviously waiting for me where I cross over the irrigation ditch as he kept good track of my progress as I was approaching them. He is obviously Christian. One can tell by his dirty mouth and abated purview. You don't tell someone that you're going to burn them out (and much more like threatening to do that person harm) especially after that someone just took pictures of your vehicle and tag number. I would think that it is safe to say that he is an idiot wouldn't you? What else can a person think when there is a person that does the things that he does? He is an Idiot! It was like he was trying to prove to his friends that he was a man by harassing a sixty-one year old man. The Government keeps using the same strategy and location to implement there subterfuges, but they use different people.

On 6/23/14 I was met on my way home by an adynamic young man with a little man's complex who said that he was going to burn me out. Well, on 6/27/14 it appears that he is stupid enough to light a fire on the river. It was a small fire that started spreading so it looks like he put it out. I guess I'm supposed to be frightened or something. It's hard to say what is going on in the little mind of this recalcitrant boy. I also believe that he is responsible for the fire that was started down the road and I also found some beer cans there too. At least the footprints are the same. Moreover, I run into a person that worked for the Conservancy and he said that he knew the boy by his truck and he had to run him off some time back. It appears that this boy is a problem child and no one loves him. I wonder why? I also believe he is the one associated with the government trucks that trashed my tent because his footprints were there too. I'm going to file another complaint with the Sheriff's department. Maybe I can find him a home where people will listen to him in the county jail. He is going to end up there anyway by the way he is acting. Now I have to deal with a problem child. What next?

On 6/24/14 my bike was broken again at Smith's Grocery. I continuously premonish the management there that Smith's is going to be sued for this behavior and they obviously don't care and regard everything as nominal while the adversity continues. I've told Brian and others that Smith's is going to be sued on myriad occasions and they just don't give a damn. They just keep doing the same garbage over and over again.


Office of the President
Robert G. Frank
MSC05 3300
Scholes Hall Suite 144
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
505-277-2626 Phone
505-277-5965 Fax

Joseph R. Martin Jr.
General Delivery
New Mexico

Dear Mr. Frank:

I know that you work hard and you're a busy man so I will try to be succinct as possible. I'm in the most precarious situation. I'm being thwarted by the US Government as they endeavor to attrite me so I would acquiesce to the Christian's contorted machination and return to my quondam family in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts I have not seen in more than thirty years. My ex-wife was a lubricious vamp with no compunction and may have become pregnant by one of her boyfriends. Moreover, I don't even know these people anymore. I've been gone for more than thirty years and the children in question are well over the age of thirty. I habituate the Valencia County campus library to help ameliorate the adversity I'm under diurnally. I believe strongly in human rights and this is the primary reason I will not relent to their contorted subterfuge. Also, I am not remotely superstitious so Jesus and the volcano god Yahweh means nothing to me. I find it to be childish and foolish nonsense.

The reason I've written you is to point out that the network security has been compromised and is being use to thwart my efforts to expose the insanity destroying our country today. They are blocking martin-105 again so it can't be updated and I can't make any entries. They change and rewrite over my work so I have to keep doing it over and over again. They even go into my web-pages and make unwanted changes. Some time ago I noticed a difference in the behavior of the computer the next day when I returned to continue my work. I believe that the computers are being corrupted during the evening hours; however, it's clear that the security is breached. I informed library staff on myriad occasions and it is obvious that they have no control over the situation. They try to be helpful, but are powerless. Somewhere along the line someone is doing something criminal and this vitiates the integrity and trust of the school. These are some of the fundamental principles most universities are known for -integrity and trust. I also believe that a university should operate within the boundaries of the law that was provided by our founding fathers to all Americans written into the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution which supersedes state law. The socialist in our country want control and they are allowing the Christian community to fall flat on their faces. Moreover, they are set on creating an on the job training program as opposed to higher education along with taking over the monetary system. They have great plans to make the people of our country more dependent on them. I believe people should remain free because through my past experiences I've learned that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our government has proven this time and time again. I'm considering sending you a hard copy also because I'm skeptical of the network's security. If you get one this is the reason for that. Thank you for listening.

                                                            Joseph Martin

Let me give you another example: The Government created a fictitious Tripod login. After I login it displays that some of the information could be lost while the data is being saved. What is so ironic is that the information that gets lost is cut out nice and neat in complete paragraphs with incriminating information and they even go into my flash drives and do the same thing when given an opportunity to do so. My Webng web server login and web-pages are also being blocked, but only at UNM. They work everywhere else. This is criminal, but these reprobates for Jesus believe that they are above the law and they do whatever they want just like the nefarious criminals that they are. I wonder if the FCC knows what is going on. This is a subterfuge I believe Hitler would have used for his crusade for Jesus if he had thought of it. Today's Christians are even more nefarious than Hitler was because they torture fathers until they kill their own family members while they look on vicariously enjoying every minute of it. If Americans give into this type of leadership the people who died during WW II would have died for nothing, because this is the type of tyranny they fought against.

On 6/28/14 my bike was broken at Smith's Grocery again right under Brian's nose. It was broke so bad I couldn't even ride it home.

On 7/1/14, at 10:29 p.m., there were several gunshots nearby.

On 7/01/14 while I was passing through River Park I thought I would check on another one of Susanne's new social programs. It is an ATV training program provided by the State of New Mexico, the Fish and Game Department. Shortly after I arrived the Game Warden pulled up so I showed him some pictures of the fires and shell casings that were used to intimidate me. He said that the whole river is full of these casing and that he is busy with the ATV program and can't talk to me at the moment like what was happening to me was only nominal. I lived on the river for more than twenty years and I've never seen any high powered shell casings, except where I live, or when I was shot at.

Another time I called the Fish and Game Department to report some possible poaching going on and I didn't hear from him in two days and the Fish and Game operator didn't know when duck season was. I've never seen a state government so incompetent as this one. Moreover, it's illegal to shoot a high powered rifle or handgun on the river. He acted like he didn't know this and he is the Game Warden. This is scary. What does he get paid for? I went on to try to explain that it was Christians doing this for God to get me to return to my quondam family because Jesus said so and he didn't want to hear anymore. This is just more Christian justice. And they refer to themselves as the moral majority. What an oxymoron. There is no justice for nonbelievers. I wouldn't use the Christian Bible for toilet paper I have so little respect for these self-righteous criminals. Yeah, the Christian god is a kind, loving, and just god. BULLSHIT! Christians are cheap dirty people with no compunction or conscience and their Bible is not worth its weight in shit. I have one year and nine days left to go of this insanity.

Also, there were some sticks laying on the ground tied together and scattered around. To me it looked like he was trying to set the woods on fire and panicked so he put it out, but the Game Warden said that he was trying to build a campsite. How did he know he never seen it? I know that this boy is stupid, but who would build a campsite a few feet from the road and start a fire that was trying to be clandestine not to mention it was right in my path to UNM. As of 7/9/14 it turned out to appear that way, but whoever continued this endeavor made sure that there were no footprints this time. So I've come to the cognizance that the Game Warden is privy and a very bad liar kind of like Mindy, the spokesperson for Susanna Martinez. It's no wonder their machination doesn't work because they keep using idiots. In the picture to the left you can see the handy work of this genius; however, I'm certain it wasn't stupid. It was someone else pretending to be him. If this person put a fabric over the makeshift framework a small wind would blow it over. The frame is only big enough for a small dog. Stupid would have to sleep outside.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that the people behind this insanity are the same people who are running this state. Scary isn't it? This all started with Ronald Reagan as a way to destabilize and demoralize our country so the communists could rebuild it conformed to their ideology and control. It is really only about control and the money just like the church. They want to tell you how they want you to live your life. We have come a long way from the principles of a Constitutional Republic we once had all so they can enslave the American people. Both the church and the new government are committed to ruling our lives. The only way to end this insanity is stop financing them and vote them out. It is up to the American people to unite and remove the chains of control and dependency. They can't control us if we don't let them. We need to start creating more free thinkers (men) and less sheep.

On 7/3/14 there was 22 caliber gunfire coming from the road side, and on 7/4/14, at about 11:30 a.m., there was a large caliber gunshot that came from the woods as I reached the shooter that I believe was placed there for intimidation or to try to elicit a consternation as I was approaching Main Street in Los Lunas. It's hard to believe that Susanne Martinez, who was once a prosecutor, would allow this type of criminal behavior to continue under her administration like she is above the law. This is New Mexico justice for you. I sometimes think of how she would feel if someone was doing this to her. People like her don't think of that because they have no compunction and they don't care about the suffering they cause other people only their own self-interest. My conscience would never allow me to treat her in such a way. I believe she may have severe mental problems.

On 7/11/14 someone broke into my tent and took some of my food. I believe it was the Game Warden's confederates. Also, I've been to the New Mexico CAP office three time since I've been in Los Lunas and each time I was turned down. I've even been to the community center in back of the police department and I was forced out by the cook and others. I was informed by some of the patrons it was because I was white. These Spanish people are so stupid that they don't even know that Spanish people are white. Their ancestors are from Spain which is part of Europe. So they harassed me and called me names to force me out. I was even castigated by the cook for being in the kitchen because one of the staff members sent me there and the cook went off. I was set up. I was told that the Christians are not allowed to use food to torture someone.

Back during the time my frame of my bike was being broken and I was being struck down by cars I was informed by Pat, and Open Space Police Officer, that I need to ride my bike in the road. I don't have anything else on Pat because he would let Andrew do the dirty work. However, when I did ride my bike in the road people would drive by with vicious dogs with there head sticking out and almost bit me. I carry a gun now.

On 7/15/14, at 11:38 p.m., .22 caliber gunfire came from the road side. There was multiple gunshots in rapid succession. Then on that same day my bike was broken at Smith's Grocery with Brian right in front in plain view of my bike.

What Smith's Grocery would try to do is find an employee that can really piss me off. Once they have done this and I would not go and get checked out by that person anymore they would try to get me to overcome my anger by trying to be friendly. Kind of like trying to train a dog. This is a great idea for someone's pet, but unlike animals most sane people use logic to solve their problems; however, Christians as a rule do not adhere to logical solutions. They do what they are told by their cult leaders. They do not think for themselves. Empirical extrapolation is out of the question. From what I can see the preponderance of Christians' mnemonic and reasoning abilities are very limited, and Christianity is faith based with magical solutions. It is just not based on reality or truth. This is the reason why their subterfuge is such a failure. It appears that many Christians have a purview tantamount to that of a five-year-old. I guess the best depiction I can give is a throwback, because they still worship the volcano god Yahweh like primordial man did. Yes, a throwback fits them quite well.

On 7/17/14, at 11:17 p.m., more gunshots came from the river. I believe a high powered rifle was used. It may have been an assault rifle. Again, multiple gunshots were fired in rapid succession.

On 7/17/14 my brake cable broke as in efforts to cause me serious injury.

On 7/19/14, at 2:00 p.m. the sound of .22 caliber gunfire came from both sides, the river and road side, while the Game Warden sits on his ass and does nothing about it because this is what the Government and the Christians want. He is a reprobate with no compunction.

On 8/3/14 my tent cover was tore in the middle of the night by a nut doing God's work.

On 8/5/14 my chain broke again on the way to Walmart and my back wheel broke leaving Walmart. My derailer fell apart and the reflector came unscrewed and fell off the back of the bike. It doesn't take a mental giant to see that criminals for Jesus are doing this. They are the only group of people mentally capable of doing something this dirty.

The frame of my bike was broke again. I believe it was broken at Walmart in Belen on that same day.

This is probably not very important; however, I've been trying to chronicle the events as they occur even though many of the interpolations are missing or destroyed. I noticed on 8/12/14 that it appears Stupid and his friend that lives down the road lit another fire as more intimidation for Jesus.

I'm habitually stalked by a pretend to be homeless man that tries to elicit paranoia via pointing out, or remonstrating scenarios similar to mine and acting weird. He also said that he has been to my campsite and he described the location quite well. I repeatedly told him to go away, but I'm being stalked by Christian law enforcement and this man is always in my path with his unwanted rhetorical nonsense. On 8/17/14 I again told him to leave me alone, but this time I took his picture. This man can easily be spotted by the bike that he rides. It is a red mountain bike with metal baskets painted red and a trailer hitch attached to it. In short he tries to make it appear that he is associated with the Los Lunas Police Department to be able to take advantage of his victim.

For some time I would often go to Dollar Tree and Smith's Grocery during the same trip because I'm very poor and I have to make the most of what little I get and I had to travel a long way home. I would often go to Dollar Tree to buy my frozen food because it's cheaper there. So when I would go to Smith's Grocery to get the rest of my supplies I would park my bike in the front of the store where there would be witnesses if something bad would happen to my property. Some time back I was told by the store manager to park my bike inside when I complained about my property being damaged. I would be in the store for only a transitory period so the perpetrators had only a very short time to accomplish their objective. Then shortly after someone would rip the bags open in the crate I have attached to the back of my bike that I use to carry my groceries home. From my stand point either Brian or Milton would be working the front standing right next to it when this occurred the preponderance of the time on myriad occasions -almost every day. If they didn't do it they certainly know who did. On a number of occasions I would often try to trick them by parking my bike outside and nothing would happen to it, but this would only work for a few times until they discovered what I was doing so I would go back to parking it inside knowing they were going to destroy it again.

Milton would even use his underage children to flaunt their bodies like prostitutes while they ran a cash register. I could not believe my eyes. I almost called the Child Protection Agency. The owner of La Zur bike shop did something very similar using his underage son. I'm beginning to believe that Christians are all sexually demented and apparently have sexual desires for children like their Christian counterparts in the Bible. People don't come more trashed than this except maybe the Catholic Church. How's that for good Christian morality?

On 8/27/14 my bike was broken again at Smith's Grocery with Milton right up front just in front of it

To be fair about it I may have wrongfully blamed Smith's Grocery this time, but only this one time. I now believe that someone found a way into my tent. I'm certain I know who they are.

On 8/29/14 the computers at UNM, the Valencia County campus library, were deliberately corrupted so I could not work on my website, and Webng was being blocked because I believe that the Government cannot manipulate Webng like they are Tripod. I explained to the head librarian that this was going to court and she acted like she didn't care. There are a lot of strange things going on here at this library and people aren't often what they appear to be. I was told that when this is over there would be accountability. These people should be brought to justice if not for what they did to me then for the sake of humanity. They are very sick people to do the things that they are doing here. People don't come more sinister than this. That same evening, at 5:00 p.m., .22 caliber gunfire broke out nearby on the river.

On 8/31/14 my bike was broken again, and I believe that it was broken in the tent because the bike was never out of my sight that day.

On 9/1/14 I replaced my rear tire because there was a cut in the side wall.

On 9/1/14, at about 6:30 p.m., someone deliberately shot about five times toward my tent striking it three times from the road across the irrigation ditch with me in it. I castigated him for doing so, but the coward was in hiding and would not show himself like a man. What a gutless coward.

The man wearing the asshole hat in this web-page just above per monished me that this would happen with his twisted, unwanted, rhetorical, nonsense at the train station on 8/17/14 I believe to elicit paranoia while he thought it was funny. No wonder why he got so upset when I took his picture. There is clearly a connection here. He is truly an asshole.

On 9/9/14, at about 6:30 p.m., they are starting back with the gunfire again, and they are stalking me heavily. The Bosque Farms library is being flooded with the mentally demented for Jesus just like UNM library.

It's clear to see that the Christians are losing the war for control. All they have to offer is twisted rhetorical nonsense, fear tactics, and murder. Christianity hasn't changed one bit.

On 9/12/14 I went to Dollar Tree to buy some groceries and while I was checking out I noticed the tall man with shoulder length blonde hair that threatened to kill me. He was just up in front and leaving. I tried to take his picture, but my phone was trashed out at the Bosque Farm's Library, something was downloaded into it while I was working on the computer there. As I was leaving I noticed a Sheriff's car parked in front of the store and I approached it then I knocked on the driver's window and the driver lowered it and it was the same sheriff's deputy that had been stalking me for months. Another incident was with a black man with a dark blue minivan who was associated with Ronda who pretended to work for the Village of Los Luna's library while I was being inundated with adversity there too. This man started an argument with me and tried to start a fight while the deputy was his back up if I showed any signs of aggression for the way I was being treated. The deputy also hangs around the train station in the restaurant while I'm there and I often see his car in my travels; however, he isn't always in the same vehicle. When I come in propinquity of him he says strange things and acts weird while he tries to appear threatening. These reprobates are well known by the people in the area and not hard to find when it is time to file charges.

If we had an honest government this man would be wearing a prison uniform and not the uniform of a sheriff's deputy. And above all he should never be allowed to be near a gun for any reason if this is the way he is going to use it.

On 9/13/14, at about 6:30 a.m., it sounded like WW II for a transitory period coming from the river side. No shot came near me.

At 7:50 p.m. that same evening it sounded like someone was target shooting in the road with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle with CB caps. (A CB cap is a low powered .22 caliber bullet used for hunting small game like rabbits that virtually makes very little sound when compared to a conventional bullet, but it's very effective for hunting.) About 50 rounds were fired.

And again that same evening at 10:15 p.m. several rounds from a large caliber semi-automatic weapon were fired in rapid succession. Susanna Martinez and the Game Warden are privy and appear to be doing nothing to stop it. So I guess I will have to wait until I get hit and file charges against the people involved. I've had some bullets come very close to me. One almost hit me in the head from a large caliber handgun.

On 9/17/14, at 12:08 p.m., six gun shots came from the road side. It sounded like a large caliber handgun.

On 9/18/14 I was going through River Park sometime in the afternoon and Andrew was sitting in his truck on the road leading to the stairs that climb to the levy road and as I was passing he was acting like a five-year-old trying to piss someone off. So I avoided eye contact with him and just went on passed. As soon as I went by he left. Then on the following day he did the same thing only this time Andrew was just a little late, and I climbed the stairs and started down the road just as he got there. When they are not using people like the sheriff's deputy what they do is turn my cell phone on even though I do not have a number or service so they can stalk me using the GPS and I let them, but when I'm tired of playing their silly little game I just take the battery out. If you knew Andrew this is about the best he can do. Andrew is a little slow. He thinks that he is doing something really vulpine or clever. So don't tell him that I know or you will make him feel real stupid then he will be waiting for you in his truck making childish, retaliatory, faces of resentment. It doesn't take a mental giant to see that Andrew is a few cards short of a full deck. The things I have to put up with. Boy! If you think that this is something they pay him for this. Your tax dollars well spent.

Their machination is not working and they are running out of time and they know it. This is the reason for them being so audacious. I am staying until these monsters are brought to justice for what they have done to me. Period!

If I remember correctly the Government just can't go into a business without the owner's permission, someone had to let them in, and this is what makes the establishment privy and accountable for their actions if a crime is being committed. They need to read the Bill of Rights before taking part in something like this or pay the consequences for their actions because the Constitution supersedes all law.

On 9/20/14, at 7:25 p.m., more sounds of gunshots coming from the road. It sounded like a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle.

I went to the Bosque Farms Library to work on my web-site on 9/20/14. It was a Saturday afternoon, 1:00 p.m.. I was on computer 6. I posted information into tripod, saved the information, and I got a blank page. Every time I would paste the information and save it I would get the same thing an empty web-page. I moved to the next computer while leaving that computer open to distract whoever was doing it on the network and it worked fine. So it was not Tripod. It was on the network. I told the librarian what was happening and she said you don't have to use the computer you know. This same woman would walk through the aisles of books acting weird and talking in a cartoon character like gruff voice to herself. You would have to see it to believe it. I believe she was trying to act like a nut case for God, or for who knows what reason, but Christians are doing some real weird stuff lately. Also, Christians are trying to prevent people from learning what is taking place here in New Mexico. The Village of Bosque Farms is clearly involved in these human rights crimes for God. You would think that the village government would know better than to be involved in something like this. The village's tax dollars at work. The same thing happened at UMN. This shows that they are comparing notes.

On 9/21/14, at 7:07 a.m., it sounded like high powered rifle shots came from the river side.

On 9/26/14, at 8:17 p.m., two gunshots came from the road side.

On 9/27/14, at 6:39 a.m., three gunshots came from the river side accompanied with loud laughing.

From about 4:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m., on 9/28/14, gunshots were fired nearby.

Some time back I ran into a village employee (I have to try to be careful not to expose them for fear of retaliation so I can't give names or location.) To continue: I pointed at Pat's Village of Los Lunas Open Space truck and stated that I believe that Pat should be in prison for all the things that he has done here in the village. This person's reply was: "You're not kidding!" and so on. My point is that Andrew and Pat are looked down upon even by other village employees. And another time I was talking to a police officer and I explained to him about some of the incongruity that was going on here in the village and his reply was: "Those two yoyos aren't even certified. They can't carry guns." Apparently this officer knew them and had no respect for either one. They think that they are above the law. He was not a village officer, and if he was I would never let these two criminals know. I believe that it won't be difficult to find witnesses to testify when it comes time for a human rights judgment in federal court. You can only push a person so far until that person just doesn't give a shit anymore. Then the assaults, harassment, and threats no longer have an effect. I also believe that the village Wi-Fi shouldn't be messed with because people in this country have the freedom of speech. I like that officer's description. Yoyos.

On 10/4/14, at 3:05 p.m., it sounded like .22 caliber gunfire coming from the road side.

On 10/5/14 I went to Walmart in Belen to do some shopping and I was harassed by a crazy Christian woman in the checkout line. Then I went to my bike that I parked under a security camera and the spokes were broken and my seat was cut. This is just more of God's mindless little helpers doing God's work.

On 10/9/14, between 5::00 and 6:30 p.m., there was gunfire on three sides of me: the river side, the road side, and the north side, but there was no other gunfire on the river or anywhere else just around me. They were at a safe distance away, but only borderline at times. No shot came near me.

On 10/10/14 my back wheel broke leaving Dollar Tree and Smith's Grocery. I'm not sure which store it happened at because I wasn't paying attention, but I believe it happened at Smith's Grocery.

I didn't want to interpolate this addendum because it's a little off the wall, but it shows what kind of mentality these people have. John, God's little helper, Patty, and Teri all make childish faces and laugh trying to elicit an act of desperation on my part. This is something a small child would do. I would like to tell them that simple things amuse simple minds, but I just don't have the heart. It's fun to watch though. It reminds me of Andrew's childish behavior while I often wonder how the hell these people can survive being such idiots. It's fun to see how these people think and what their ability to reason is limited to. You would have to see it to believe it. Just think I only have to try to communicate with these people in passing, but they have to live the rest of their lives with their disabilities. I can't help but feel sorry for them or at least feel sorry for their spouses for having to say that they know these people. Think about it it's very amusing. I could go on but I don't want to waste my space in this web-page on something so foolish and childish. It's different. But now I can understand better of how the concept of religion plays such a serious role in their lives. It makes sense.

A priest once told me at the duck pond, at UNM, when I was on my break from working on my website that: "You need religion! How else can you teach simple people morals and ethics?" Maybe he is right.

You know I was just thinking. I can give you a better example of what I'm talking about, but it is about Andrew. I'm sorry. He's the best example of an idiot I can give. Well, anyway, Andrew saw some kids sitting on the edge of one of the picnic table's playing cards and he yelled over to them: "Hey, You kids, don't sit on the table." Feeling bad for the young man I retorted, "Yeah, you might be sitting in bird shit!" The table Andrew was talking about was right under some trees. Everyone laughed and then Andrew began to explain to me that his father had said this to him once and he hadn't forgotten it. I said: "It was a lesson well learned." What Andrew doesn't realize is that there are exceptions to the rules so when a person is in authority that person must apply common sense and logic first. I guess that is the part of the lesson his father forgot to tell him. An authority figure, or law enforcement officer in this case, should be a problem solver and not a problem creator. I felt a little bad for Andrew afterwards because this was his first big chance to be an authoritative figure and he was so proud of his position of authority. He wanted to do well, but he has a little trouble with the reasoning part. But he tried. No rules should be written in stone. Try to explain that to a Christian. I've given up. I guess God must be an idiot too. Oh, by the way, morals like logic are derived via empirical extrapolation. The more experience a person acquires in a healthy environment the greater that person's reasoning ability becomes as a rule. There are exceptions. A healthy mnemonic ability and purview is required and a healthy environment for a more people friendly morality. Remember, children are just like little computers. What you put in you get back.

There are other elements that come into play such as genetics that can be considered. For example: If a person is a homosexual his/her sense of morality will not be the same. Again, as a rule. Another example is a person can't help what race they are. People are just not made perfect. I'm sorry. We have to learn to live together or we are going to make this country a living hell if it isn't already. This is why I will not have anything to do with Christianity and I deem the Constitution so essential, because people are so different and the Constitution is for everyone. This is probably why so many Christians commit suicide because they think God is so perfect and the Bible is the word of God, and we know by reading the Bible that God is not amenable to reason or logic. (Suicide is a real problem in the Christian community or for people who have to deal with their insanity.) People are just not made perfect. So God screws up again. Its obvious God is a moron and he can take his word written in stone and put it where the sun don't shine as far as I am concerned. That is how I feel about him and his word.

I know that this is going to upset many Christians, but there are only three races: white, black, and Asian and everyone comes from these three races. During the time of early man there were only two races of people: Asian and black. Their bodies acclimated to their environment or they would not have survived as a species. Back people are our early ancestors. And we know this by a gene that we inherited and the vestiges that were left behind by primordial man that disseminated into Europe from Africa like the Asian man did from Russia to the North West Territories, North America, and South America. This is where the American Indian came from. This is why we all look different because our bodies metabolically transubstantiated to acclimate to their environment or man would not have been able to survive. We evolved plain and simple. You will never be able to get a Christian to understand evolution because they are not capable of understanding it so like a small child they adhere to something on their own level -Christianity. Magical stories are far less complicated to understand and it does not acquire a lot of effort. To sum things up: Simple things amuse small minds.

On 10/20/14, at about 3:30 p.m., I was walking down the street returning home from UNM library when I noticed a bull dog running down the road towards me. I didn't think much about it and I thought I could easily scare it away, but when it finally reached me the dog started to jump up towards my neck and at this point I realized I was in serious trouble. I put my arm up and I let her latch on to it rather than my neck and she locked on and tore my arm wide open. When she slid off my arm to the ground I started to kick it and she tore my pants, but I incurred no injury. I kicked it a few more times and she ran off. I often pass by this house to go to UNM library and this dog would be chained on the side of the house barking and lunging at people going by. The gate was closed when I first started going by then the residence started leaving it open. (I have a witness to this.) The gate was wide open the day I was attacked. I believe that the owner of the dog was home, because his truck was parked in the yard. (As of 1/31/15 looking back there may had been no one home because it appears that this vehicle is not used, but because all that was happening to me and said to me I still believe someone let that dog loose on me. I just can't prove it.) One of the neighbors said that when the dog catcher pulled up the dog was biting at the tires of the truck. The short chain that the dog was dragging and attached to was very heavy for a small dog and cannot be easily broken. I don't believe that this was an accident and I will explain why.

Sorry, I know I screwed up this last interpolation, but I was hurting real bad when I typed it into my phone. I've got eight more months to go of this. Just think how mentally ill these people are who are doing this.

There are a few things that makes me suspicious, and one reason why is every time I would try to email an attorney at UNM my emails were blocked or the computer would trash out in the same fashion as Zimmerman Library before someone tried to burn it down when I was writing about the Bush Crime Family and sending emails to Florida state employees about Jeb's connection to the flight school while he was governor there. I also believe that the Sheriff's Department may be privy because after the attack not one sheriff showed up even though they were called just like some other calls I made no one came. I was premonished by a Los Lunas police officer some time back at Los Lunas Library that this was going to happen I believe to elicit fear.

Also, some time back a man with shoulder length blonde hair took a swing at me as I was going into Dollar Tree and he asked me if I was afraid to die. He also said that he was going to let his pit bull out on me, and I was also premonished about the mountain lion incident. I was also attacked on River Park road by a German shepherd while the owner stood there and watched and did nothing for some time. I was attacked on myriad incidents too numerous to mention. Before these lunatics do something weird like this they would premonish me in a similar fashion. I believe to elicit fear. I was told that there is no leash law in the county by another nut for Jesus, but there is. Then as I would leave the university, almost every time, I would run into an angry dog loose on the road.

Also, I was attacked three times by dogs on my way home from Walmart on 314 Highway leaving Belen all from the same property. I've even yelled at the owner telling them I was going to sue them if this continued and nothing was done about it. The last time I was attacked I reported it and four dog catchers came and these people were given a citation. They would also leave the gate open to make this happen. They deliberately let me be attacked by their animals and did nothing to stop it while they watched the attack from the house. How is that for a piece of garbage? These attacks were deliberate and staged like I believe that the bull dog attack was. According to the neighbor that lived next door, he said, the person that lived in this house is the ex-wife of an ex-sheriff that is a school teacher. I believe that this happened in September 2014. This is the type of person that the State of New Mexico lets teach your children. She is at least incompetent, or maybe, just maybe, she is a criminal for Jesus that just doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. Not to mention all that has happen to me in this website and much more. This was no accident. I am certain of it. Just ask Governor Susanna Martinez. She knows what is going on and she apparently approves of it because nothing is being done about it. I was told by the dog catcher that a dog gets one free bite and the people can claim their dog. But I remember that a law was passed in New Mexico that stated if a pit bull bites someone the dog is put down and the owner goes to jail. Moreover, if Susanna wants me to leave this state she is going to have to kill me. I'm not leaving until justice is done and the people who are responsible are held accountable for their actions and are brought to justice for what they have done. I'm staying!

On 10/22/14 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

On 10/23/14, at about 9:00 a.m., gunshots rang out and shot struck the trees all around me. I don't know how they could've missed me, but they did. Judging from the sound of the impact the shot was moving very fast and it was a large caliber shot. I believe that if it did hit me I would've incurred serious damage. I yelled at them: "If you shoot at me one more time I'm calling the Sheriff's Department." Then they stopped. The shot came from two different directions, and there were multiple gunshots. I believe that this is in retaliation for reporting the dog attacks.

On 10/24/14 my back wheel broke and my seat was cut at UNM library.

On 10/24/14, at 7:22 p.m., a gunshot rang out next to my campsite and a person who sounded like a man in his thirties started yelling in my direction fuck you and much more, but I was already on the phone with the dispatcher and I didn't hear everything. The two dispatchers pretended not to hear me, but then I spoke a little louder and I could hear my voice with a delay on the other end. She was lying. There was a lot of yelling and dramatics playing out and at this time still going on. It's 7:49 p.m. at the moment. I took my battery out of the phone to disconnect my phone from them because she had it locked. I called back and I said do you hear me now! She did not say anything, but I heard her make worried sounds like she was lost for words. Shortly after the garbage left and you could hear a pin drop. Our tax dollars at work. I intend to sue Valencia County when this is over.

On 10/26/14 I got a new bike given to me because the old bike is so damaged it doesn't work well anymore, and on 10/28/14 the new bike's frame broke, the back wheel was broke, and the reflector on the front wheel was broke off leaving Dollar Tree. Ronnie was running the cash register that day and he was about 10 feet from it when it happened. He could not help but witness the damage being done because the bike was in his line of vision. As I was leaving Ronnie had a retaliatory smile for Jesus on his face and he was acting weird. He hasn't been back to work since then so Carlos could not question him. It's now 10/31/14. Ronnie is closely associated with Darrell Tolbert, another government criminal for Jesus doing God's good work.

On 10/29/14 I was being stalked by some calvary Church members while one of them took my picture on the Albuquerque bus, and more than likely for unscrupulous reasons. I believe that this cult is very dangerous. Many of their members are fanatics for God, and I believe are capable of doing anything to anybody. I also believe that Calvary Church used a motorcycle gang to try to intimidate me into going to their filthy church and praying to their dirty volcano god. Calvary Church also had a sign in the front stating that they were looking for drug addicts to join their cult. Again, I would never belong to an organization of people like this. If we had an honest government these people would be behind bars and no longer a threat to society. This is where some of them came from anyway -prison. They have made me hate my ex-wife so much for what was done to me; all I want from life is to beat her head in with a hammer to be free of Christianity and the pig. They are making me just like them -full of hate. They are evil people. This is not how you win the minds and hearts of the people. This is how you destroy a religion. It's easy to see that the Communists are much smarter than Christians because they have the Christians doing all the work for them by destroying their own religion.

On 11/5/14 my back wheel broke leaving Dollar Tree, and then again at the library in Bosque Farms. Teri witnessed the wheel being broken. She had to. She was standing just in front of the bike as it happened.

On 10/12/14 my back wheel was broken at Dollar Tree. Teri worked that morning and never left the register during that time. Carlos knows this is going on and he allows it to continue. I've told him over and over again. I guess when the time comes we are going to have to see what the judge thinks.

Up to 11/20/14 I wear my cell phone in a homemade pouch around my neck, and I leave it running until I leave the stores in question to have a recording for evidence and no one will do anything. They are on their best behavior. This tells you three things: They know what they are doing is wrong, and they are afraid of being prosecuted. Last, they were certainly willing to commit perjury if they were taken to court as I explained would happen if given the opportunity, and they had no fear while there was no tangible evidence connecting them to a conspiracy and attempted murder.

If religion is viewed as being needed to teach people morals and ethics then why are Christians doing this? If they follow an all mighty, all perfect, all knowing god certainly they should know better than to do the things that they are doing. This is why I would not wipe my butt with the pages of the Bible. It's nothing but garbage for morons.

On 11/26/14 I had something brought to my attention at Dollar Tree that I had forgotten because I don't know these people anymore, and I've been away from my family for about forty-seven years and that is this: Many Christians today believe to be a good parent you must discipline your children by hitting them, and this is why that there is so much crime today because parents never spanked their children like they did during my day. The new generation was never taught this. Now that I think back this is how I was brought up. I remember my father saying to my mother: "If I hit him anymore I'm going to kill the kid!" Then my mother came into the room screaming; "look at what you did!" and I would be standing there bleeding and I would be all bruised up the next day. I was about seven-years-old at the time. I remember Wayne Griffin's mother asking me what happened, and I said that my father spanked me. I remember the police coming and my father was taken away. When he returned I was told to stay away from the Griffins. My father would also blame me for having to marry my mother. My mother became a Jehovah's Witness and was passing out Watch Towers. I was forced to go with her and I hated it. Our family began to come apart. I remember that the preacher did something to her, and I believe he tried to sexually assault her. That was the end of religion in our family, and I was so glad. My mother eventually became a drug addict and drunk. She left my father and started running with a man by the name of Jack Thomas that was also a drunkard who she met in a barroom. I became a man at fifteen-years-old and left home for good. I had two sisters and they were never treated this way, but they were very young when I left.

I did the best I could. I made a few mistakes, but they weren't very big ones. I was forced to lie about my age so I could go to work and get off the street. I had a lot of problems that I was able to efface as time went on, but I knew that this was not the type of environment I wanted to be part of. I'm not very proud of coming from a dysfunctional family, and I don't talk about it much, but I learned a lot about life at a very young age. Because we lived in a nice home in a good neighborhood no one questioned what was going on there. My father was in WWII and he had serious problems as a result. He also lived with the stress of the VA wanting to remove his leg because he was shot during the war. This is another reason I abhor Christians because of what Hitler did to the Russians, Jews, and my family. Christians are mentally ill and they love to make people suffer by causing pain in the name of God. Most Christians are so stupid they don't even know their own god's name. They think it is God. How's that for an idiot. I believe this is the reason Hitler became so powerful because Christians are so stupid and follow anyone doing Yahweh's work without thinking for then-selves and society suffers because of their stupidity. Sometime later I went to see my mother and she told me that she owed a grocery store owner some money and he was threatening to hurt her. (I think it was about $150.00) I went and paid him and I explained to him if he ever touched my mother he would pay dearly for it and not to give her anymore credit because she had bad problems. But what disturbed me the most is she stared at me and said: "I don't know how you ever survived." I didn't have to be reminded of where I came from. I knew oh so well. I also couldn't stand seeing her mix drugs and beer. I couldn't tell her anything because she wouldn't listen. So I just stopped going to see her. This was the reason she got in trouble with the store owner because of her drinking and mixing valiums with it she got from a friend. She had a terrible addiction to cigarettes and alcohol. My mother never should have had children. I have no good memories from my childhood. In order for me to survive and live a relatively normal life I had to put this all behind me and just stay away. I was able to do this in North Carolina with my second marriage to Diane, but the Christians had to tamper with my life because they believe they know better, and I'm going to live my life for their god whether or not I want to. The more I'm stalked, and the more the Christians try to shove Christianity down my throat the bigger the wall becomes and the more obdurate I get.

My first wife would always yell at me for not being a good parent because I would not discipline the kids. I believe that children need attention not punishment that this is how they learn to become useful and productive adults and not abuse. I grew up not liking my parents and I did not want to be like them. I did not want the children to learn to hate me so when I had the time I tried to explain things to them even though they were very young at the time, but a lot of the time I was too tired from working and couldn't. I always regretted that. But what use to pain me the most is not knowing if the children were mine. This is what drove me to hate my wife so much and the fact that she was just like my mother. But you know my mother may have been a terrible person, but she wasn't a whore like my wife was. It is very difficult living with a family not knowing if the children are yours or not and her having so many different men. This is why I hated Jeanne so much. She was a pig and a dirty Christian who claims to be so moral. I'm so tired of the hypocrisy and the insanity of the Christian way of life. I just can't take any more of it. I've had enough. Jeanne and I got separated and I wanted to take the children for a blood test, but she would not let me see the children because I believe she knew. This raised my suspicions even more. However, I knew that she would not stop running around, and I didn't want a woman like this. I was ashamed of her. I did not want to be seen with her in public. Jeanne would not let me even send the children any Christmas presents. I tried many times. Then one day I just give up. I had finally come to the cognizance that the children may not be mine anyway.

I believe that the reason children today are so different is not that they need to be beaten or punished like Christians say they do, but years ago, as a rule, the father went to work and the wife stayed home so children had some sort of direction even if it was wrong. Today both parents have to work and the children run wild. If both parents need to work then we need more community centers where kids have a safe environment and interact in a healthy way where they can play or do homework until the parents get off work and pick them up. Or simply longer school hours; however, one thing is for certain Christianity is not the solution, it's the problem. Society will pay one way or the other which is more prisons and dysfunctional people because prisons only make better criminals. Criminals receive no guidance or instruction to build a more useful and productive society and the hate keeps growing and nothing is learned or accomplished. It's not the children's fault. Its societies fault and they are the victim of circumstance, because our leaders are often incompetent, arrogant, self-righteous, and corrupt.

I hope Susanna's husband appreciates the new road to his place of business Susanna had paved. It's a great way to spend the surplus of money Bill Richardson left behind to create a more stable New Mexican economy. I didn't like Bill Richardson as governor because of his shady business dealings in the past, but he had a business background which was the right tool for the job, and I have to admit that he did some good things for New Mexico. I guess people just aren't made perfect.

On 11/27/14, at 5:50 a.m., two men in hip boots were approaching my tent and the man with the fat face and brown beard said "what if he has a dog?", and his confederate said that his dog was bad and not to worry. (It looked like he had a white Lab.) I open my tent door and I was livid. I explained that what they were doing was wrong, and these human rights violations were going to court. Then I followed them out to get a look at them and the man with the fat face got mad and said not to shine the light on him. Then he told me to go back to my wonderful tent and don't say another word. I retorted that I would not have to live this way if it wasn't for the Christians. He jacked a round in the shotgun and said I told you not to say another word. He then made it clear that he was going to shoot me, and I said I'm calling the Sheriff's Department. You just threatened to shoot me! I walked back to my tent to get my cell phone and they started running. I believe when I said that I was going to call the Sheriff's Department and I started walking back to my tent they had thought I was going to get a gun and they started running because this is what they would have done in the same given situation. They were very nasty people to do the things that they were doing and they know it. This was the reason for the guilt trip and paranoia. Sometime later I saw the same jeep parked near River Park. They were hunting in the park. I observed the same man with the beard that threatened me with a shotgun trying to hide himself behind it as I was passing by. I pretended not to notice him. I've now tied the two together.

I called 911 and I got the dispatcher. I explained my situation as best as I could. She said that the officers were on their way. We were disconnected so I called back. The two deputy sheriff's vehicles drove right past me. I explained this to her then she asked me how long had it been since I saw them. I retorted two or three minutes ago. Then she said that she couldn't hear me and I put my finger in my other ear because I could not hear myself on the delay. My phone was working fine. (I worked with sound equipment years ago so I can easily find simple solutions. I built base reflex systems. I also installed a VU meter with a telephone recording device, and I checked the phone for possible errors for reassurance. I also backed them up on a flash drive. I believe this is why UNM was blocking my downloads because I was obtaining tools on line for my phone to combat the insanity. I will be ready for them next time.) It was obvious she was lying. Each time I called back I got the same dispatcher. I waited about ten minutes and the deputy sheriffs never came so I went back to my tent and made breakfast. What a way to start a day. Thanksgiving Day too. These people don't get the message. I'm staying for my day in court, and I hope I have an honest judge this time. If you want to see a real oxymoron read the plaque that was posted outside at the Sheriff's Department on honor and integrity of the department. I wanted to take a picture of it, but it is not there anymore. We were all talking about it at Smith's Grocery. What a line of garbage. We had a great laugh anyway. It was good entertainment. They are bigger liars than a Calvary Church preacher calling Obama the Antichrist. What a nut! How's that for a screwball? He might be a Communist, but at least he didn't kill as many people as Hitler, Bush, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones did -all men of God, and let's not forget the Calvary Church death cult another group of God's good people. Oh, remember this Christian platitude? "Harry Potter is the devil." Now tell me Christians are sane people. Moreover, I find it very insulting that Valencia County would employ people this stupid and corrupt and then tell people that they are doing a great job for the people of Valencia County. I don't know how they sleep at night. I hope this reads alright because they keep tampering with my phone.

Because the Sheriff's Department always pulls their insanity in the dark I've created a way of taking videos at night. It works well too even at a considerable distance. One thing I have learned out of all this mess is that freedom is not cheap and our government is totally trashed. The insanity begins in Washington. You know I almost wish that there was an invisible man living in the sky so these people in Washington, the Bush family, and the Christians would be brought to justice. If there was a hell they would be on their way because they are making our society a living hell.

On 12/5/14 at about 5:00 p.m., there were many gunshots, about 20 to 30, were fired in all directions north of my campsite. Some of the shot flew past me and some striking the trees just above me. They were target shooting which is illegal not to mention dangerous. I believe that duck hunting in a populated area is irresponsible. Ultimately someone is going to get hurt. They even shoot each other. I've also witnessed them hunting in the Los Lunas village park while two women came running out to the levy road with their dogs as I was passing by to escape the gunfire.

Another time I witnessed a man hunting with an assault rifle in the irrigation ditch at the Los Lunas village park. I called 911 and reported it. And again another time a car was driving down the irrigation ditch road with a young man in the back seat pointing a shotgun out the window. He was shooting at ducks as they would try to fly away from the sound of the vehicle passing by.

Last year I witnessed a pickup truck driving along the irrigation ditch road while a hunter was shooting at ducks from the back of the pickup truck and two young boys were fishing in the same ditch. I often wonder to myself surely they have to know better. Guns are a necessary evil if we are to remain a free nation. I believe that this is why our government wants to take away our guns to conquer the American people and put us under control of the world Communist government. They view us as stupid. This is a Russian subterfuge to end all wars to come so they say, but it is really about power, control, and dominance.

There may be something to the Russians believing we are stupid. Many Christians think that if they can lie to you, and pull one over on you that this makes them intelligent and superior. They try doing this to me all the time and they think that I don't know any better, but I let them do this so they will go away. I guess this is what they are taught by going to church that a person's Intelligence level is based on a person's ability to deceive another. It all boils down to this: Stupid sees; Stupid does. They practice what they learn by copying the actions of the preacher just like children do. This is what I couldn't help but notice about them. It's like none of their thoughts are original and they do what they are told. They remind me of mindless puppets or sheep. This is more good Christian morality.

My point is: via their arrogant duplicity along with their parlance and intonation to deceive deep down inside Christians know subconsciously that religion is nothing but pure unadulterated garbage and a big scam, but they will never say it because of the consequences of having to listen to a didactic tirade given by a reclusive reactionary with no compunction for God. The Constitution may give churches the right to practice religion, but it doesn't give them the right to commit fraud. This is what a lot of church organizations like Calvary Church have lowered themselves to do, usurping money from people who do not know any better and trust them. When money comes into play it becomes fraud. If the Government really wanted to end Christianity all they have to do is take the money out of it by enforcing the law, because this is what they practice it for -the money. Not only is it the legal thing to do; it's the moral thing to do. No one should be above the law not even a criminal for Jesus.

Remember, God created light on the first day; then he created the heavens and stars on the fourth day. How could there be light without stars?

Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History - Part 1 of 2

Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History - Part 2 of 2

The Great Debate: Avalos vs Valdes (Debate Only)

Los Lunas is growing and there are more and more people using the parks here. There are plenty of places to hunt south of Belen where there is not so many people using the park. Guns can be very dangerous. You know it's bad when the Conservancy Police drive by with their windows rolled up and they act like they are in a hurry. I can't say I blame them.

On 12/6/14, at 7:20 p.m., shot struck my tent twice, but this time I paid closer attention to what was going on and there was no sound of ducks or any visibility of ducks trying to escape the hunter's gunshot, but they were shooting in my direction. In many situations I've noticed that they have to aim the guns towards the levy road in order to do this by the direction of the sound. I've learned that it is a waste of time and effort to call the Game Warden or the Sheriff's Department because they are nothing but criminals themselves. In three months I apply for my retirement and the insanity is over for me.

On 12/6/14 I saw Darrell Tolbert traveling on Main Street on the opposite side of the street riding his little red bike acting like the jerk that he is. He was wobbling down the sidewalk like a drunkard laughing to himself and he wasn't holding a mirror; however, I don't think that he drinks very much. I believe his problem is he has one eye looking in one direction and the other eye looking in another direction and he often looks very lost. I wonder how the hell he can tell where he is going. I bet he gets very confused. I know I do just looking at him. I often wanted to look him in the eye and ask him this question, but I don't know which eye to look into that will connect to that little brain of his. I sometimes feel bad because of the nightmare these morons try to create for me until I look at him and I see that I really don't have it so bad. I could be him trying to figure out where the hell I'm going. If by chance this idiot runs into you, and not the other way around, try to look him in the eyes without laughing (I know that it is difficult; because it was for me.) and ask him for me will you. I keep laughing when I try, but he is the best toy I ever had. I enjoy watching him pass by being himself. He is fun to watch. I will take a video of him the next time I see him and see what you think. He's clearly a freak of nature. There is one thing that is clear Darrell may love God, but it's obvious that God doesn't love him. He should be the poster boy for Mad Magazine with the caption above that reads: "Don't Let This Happen to you!" It's obvious that God simply doesn't give a damn about him. You should see this guy. The moral of the story is: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

On 12/11/14, at 9:48 p.m., there were multiple gunshots coming from across the irrigation ditch. I believe it was a semiautomatic handgun.

On 12/12/14 my back wheel was broken at Smith's Grocery.

On 12/17/14 I went to Dollar Tree to get some groceries and Terri, Ronnie, and Carlos were all there up front trying to elicit poor behavior on my part. My back wheel broke leaving Dollar Tree and Smith's Grocery. Carlos thought something was very funny upon my exit from Dollar Tree. This happened shortly after I complained to the Los Lunas Police Department about what was going on there. Carlos is now using Ronnie as the focus of attention because next to Teri he is the most odious and insidious. Ronnie can willingly violate other people's Constitutional rights with no compunction. He's the perfect coward for the job.

Nothing has changed. The Los Lunas Police Department is still run by criminals that allows people's human rights to be violated while they harass people and destroy their property to elicit incongruous behavior by the violated to be able to gun people down. This is the type of garbage the Village is employing. The Constitution means nothing to them. Criminals just don't come more unscrupulous than this. George Carlin was correct when he said: "Garbage in; garbage out." Just the faces change, and the criminal behavior remains the same.

12/21/14 I've also noticed for years that a police car would pull up near my campsite and bump the siren and the people that are stalking me would come running for who knows what. Like last night with the four wheeler on one side of the river, and the police car on the other side. I believe that this is where the gunshots are coming from that are striking me and my tent along with the breaking in of my tent and the theft of my property. Let's not forget the beer cans they leave all over the place. The governmental Christian police and their associates like Calvary Church along with other Christian organizations are responsible for the insanity and criminal behavior.

On 12/30/14 my back wheel broke leaving Bosque Farms Library.

On 1/4/15, at 2:50 p.m., several gunshots were fired in propinquity of my tent and again on 1/5/15.

On 1/6/15 Smith's Grocery messed with my food stamp card to prevent me from buying groceries.

On 1/9/15 my back wheel broke leaving Bosque Farms Library.

On 1/19/15 I spoke with Brenda, who was the spokesperson for the Los Lunas Police Department. We had about an hour long conversation on the adversity taking place at Smith's Grocery and Dollar Tree and she stated that a place of business has the legal right to discriminate against anyone they choose and I understood that it is alright for them to damage my property at their place of business. I also explained that Andrew had tried to solicit anal sex for a homosexual transvestite. I went on to explain that I believe Officer James Rich tried to cover up my attempted murder and more. I have a video of the conversation. As a result my website is being blocked. It appears that we still have our freedom of speech as long as it is in accordance with the police department's interpretation of what they think the law should be and not what was passed into law by government. How can they enforce the law if they don't know the law? It's obvious that Brenda has never read the Bill of Rights, and she doesn't understand how government works. Why would the Village allow a person without any legal background interpret legal policy for a police department? Something is very wrong here. It's no wonder why they appear to be so discombobulated. Also keep in mind that the Constitution supersedes all law.

While I was explaining the events that took place to Brenda about my attempted murder along with the police cover up this didn't seem to move her until I got to the section about Andrew and she snapped back by saying "NOW THAT IS WRONG!" I guess that an attempted murder is lesser of a crime than homosexual solicitation in her mind. Brenda is clearly the wrong choice for that position. This seems to be the rule in New Mexico that people who work in law enforcement just do not have the necessary training for this type of employment. I believe that a qualified officer should have some understanding of the law and common sense along with some psychological training so they would be better qualified to deal with a given situation and more amenable to reason or logic. I know that being a police officer is a difficult job, and this is all the more reason that the qualifications should be raised or necessary training provided so they become an asset and not a liability so they don't jeopardize the public. This is all I have to say about this.

On 1/23/15, at 7:52 p.m., there was a gunshot nearby that sounded like a high-powered rifle.

On 1/24/15 I sent every member of the state legislature in New Mexico an email remonstrating the illegal behavior of the police departments and Christian cults in New Mexico because they are torturing and murdering people here. The next day I was going to buy food and as I reached the train station a little Spanish man I never seen before with a veteran's hat satirically said how's your bike running? A few minutes later three sheriff cars drove passed me turned in front of me on 314 and blocked my path. A bike being very agile I swerved around them and continued on. Nothing was said. When I got to Walmart in Belen people were acting weird and one person said satirically that I had a nice bike, and I should try to take care of it. More of God's good work.

On 2/4/15 I noticed that my new cluster gear was broken. I'm not really sure when it happened, but it was recent.

As of 2/9/15 I believe that they started back with the dog attacks again. I believe the reason is because they are blocking my website that incriminates Susanna and points out the cover up of my attempted murder by these criminals and they feel confident that I can't contact anyone that would help. It's easy to see why this subterfuge is considered the worse failure in the history of the Congress. My experiences here in New Mexico would be the making of a good horror movie.

At 4:18 p.m., on 2/12/15, there were shotgun blasts very close to my campsite, just north and south of me. I believe in retaliation for informing the New Mexican Congress of what is taking place here.

On 2/14/15 at 3:11 a.m. the sound of. 22 caliber gunfire came from the irrigation ditch.

On 2/15/15, at 5:12 p.m., the sound of multiple gunshots came from the irrigation ditch. It sounded like it was pointed in my direction.

On 2/17/15 when I was checking my bike over for hidden damage I noticed that the fasteners I had used to attach the crate to the frame to be able to carry supplies was breaking apart. It was attached well beyond the necessary requirements to avoid problems which makes me believe that it was tampered with.

On 2/18/15 my back wheel broke on my way to Los Lunas.

I had to laugh when I learned that some Christian organizations went to the United Nations for protection from the US Government. The United Nations was established to protect the world from them. Remember Hitler? It was established to end all religious wars and defend sanity. How's that for stupid? How can anyone with half a brain view them as sane and sensible people doing something this stupid? I bet they got a good laugh at the UN.

On 2/21/15 I noticed that my back wheel was broken again. I believe it happened at Smith's Grocery. The bike hasn't been anywhere else since then.

On 2/23/15 I couldn't help but notice something that whenever I make profound changes to my website at the university that proves my case these monsters do something threatening like leaving the gate open or letting dogs loose on me. They even outright threaten me like the idiot did at Dollar Tree. Today they left the gate open where I was attacked a few months ago by a pit bull and my arm was ripped open so the other dog could take over where its mother left off.

I went to the bank to deposit my low income tax credit check into an account because it is required by the US Government in order to receive my Social Security retirement check. Well, my license is very expired and I was told that I need a valid ID by the bank to open up an account. So I went across the street to the DMV in Los Lunas. I showed them my expired license and asked for a new one. I was referred to a man named Leo. He looked me up on their computer and said I wasn't there. He said that he needed more identification and do I have a SS card? I said yes and I gave him one. Then he said I needed more identification and I was given an Alternative Identification Card Sheet. I showed him my low income tax credit check. He said that he wanted me to sign a lease agreement and live with a man of questionable character who was a religious nut. I said: "WHAT?" I went on to say that I have a birth certificate its twenty years old, but still readable. Then I told him I receive food stamps from the State of New Mexico and this proves that I'm a New Mexico resident. He said that I had to go to a Catholic Charities Organization and I'm not religious. Moreover, I'm stalked by crazy Christians diurnally trying to get me to live with them to convert me to this fallacy of garbage. I believe it was a Catholic organization this time. I'm not gay or superstitious! I've seen enough to make me sick with my ex-wife's family. They were Catholic. I read in the form of requirements that to get an ID I must prove that I'm a resident of New Mexico not that I have a residence. I don't have a home because I broke my back and I can't hold a job for long. Christians sawed the bottom of my scaffold plank at work to scare be back to Massachusetts to my first wife (I abhor) and her two children, but they broke my back and I could not walk. I crawled to my car. My first wife was a promiscuous. I'm sorry, but there is no other way to put it. She is just a pig and the children may not be mine anyway. I have reason to believe that she got pregnant by one of her boyfriends. I tried to take the children for a blood test but she wouldn't let me see them. The reason she decided to get pregnant is because I was leaving her and she was advised by a Catholic marriage counselor to do this to keep the marriage together. It is not very difficult to see why I abhor religion. I need an ID not religion. They messed up my life enough. Moreover, I can't live with superstition. I can't live in this type of environment it upsets me too much. What can I do? I need my retirement check to get off the street and these dirty people know it. If I'm not mistaken once I retire it's over. They can't harass me anymore. I went to go back to meet with Leo on Friday because he said that he needs more time to solve this problem. When I did I got the same runaround. Leo is a terrible liar. As a rule when I have a run in with these crazy people from the State of New Mexico Andrew, in his beat up Open Space Los Luna's pickup truck, will follow me around. After all that I've been through I hate Christians with a passion. They have destroyed my life for about forty years to make me live with this dirty woman. When is it going to end? I've never committed a crime to speak of until this, but I hate this woman so much at this point I would kill her to be free of her, and I can't help the way I feel about her. I hate this woman this much I can't control my anger for what was done to me by her and the Christians. I need to stay away from her or I would kill her for sure. My hatred for what they did to me is controlling me. I need to retire to stop the insanity. Also, the children in question are about 33 years old and I haven't seen them in 30 years. I don't know these people anymore! These Christian people are mad.

I was told by some crazy Christian people that Jesus said marriages need to stay together. They are doing this to me because an astrological mythological hybrid dating back about two thousand years thinks I should live this way. Talk about reclusive reactionaries. Maybe if I get sick I should go to a priest or a witch doctor and have him put some oil on my forehead and say a few incantations like they did during that time. Christians are backwards stupid people. Anyone can see this. If they can't they need help because these people are trashed.

Let me try to explain it one more time for the hard headed Christian. If you went to a doctor during that time he would ask you what demon you had and that would determine whether the doctor should use oil or water and what incantations he should use. Today we know that disease is the culprit and when you get sick, and you have half a brain, you go to a doctor that practices scientific methods of healing. There are no demons to remove like the Catholic Church would tell you. (Ask the priest where he goes when he is sick.) Another way to explain it is if you have a person who knows better and gets good results from science you're not going to bring him back to the dark side. But on the other hand if a person comes in contact with reality he will adhere to it because he sees that it works and he will want it too. This is why Christians have to modify their beliefs to conform to the advancements of science. You're beliefs are outdated. Here is one more example for the really slow Christian. You can educate a poorly educated man, but you will almost never be able to get an educated man to revert to primordial superstition. This is another reason why religion is conforming to science and not the other way around. If you still do not understand then keep riding your donkey to work, and be careful not to step in the donkey shit because it will prove that you really are an idiot.

On 2/26/15, at 5:18 p.m., again after I wrote the state legislature explaining to them about some of the adversity taking place here in the State of New Mexico .22 caliber gunfire mixed with the sounds of fireworks broke out on the river side and south side of my campsite.

On 2/28/15, at 5:54 p.m., more shotgun shots coming from the river side and irrigation ditch.

On 3/1/15 at about 7:10 a.m. to 7:51 a.m. it sounded like .40 caliber gunfire that was fired in rapid succession similar to the sounds of gunfire that was used in the murder of the camper in the Albuquerque foothills. You have no idea how evil these people are.

On 3/6/15, at 12:06 a.m., multiple gunshots came from the northwest side on the river. They were a safe distance away this time. It was obvious that they were trying to let me know that they were there, ready, and disapprove of what I added to the web-page. This is a common procedure. Usually they are very close. Maybe they were new and didn't know their way around the river in the dark. I don't know.

On 3/7/15 I was castigated by an angry little Christian man in Walmart for being an Obama sympathizer because he said Obama is a Muslim and so on. (I believe Obama is much smarter than this. He is an educated man. It's not difficult to spot the caliber of people that follow the Christian doctrine.) I do not hate Obama for his ideas. That is what makes our country so great freedom of speech and thought; however, we differ because I believe strongly in the US Constitution and that it's incumbent upon any president to follow the guidelines established by law and no one should be above the law. Last, I'm a capitalist because it is the most efficient form of government with some exceptions such as some social programs for humanitarian reasons, but everyone should contribute. Most communists start out with all good intentions, but like Christians they fail to see the pitfalls of their delusion. I believe that Obama is really a good person inside, but he is obligated to the Communist Party. If he should deviate from the subterfuge he would end up like Kennedy did for his noncompliance. I believe most communists are humanitarians, but like Christians they are blinded by the light of their delusion. And here is another good example gun control. When there is gun control, like there is in Massachusetts, crime skyrockets. Communists believe that they can stop violence by taking away the guns, but by doing that the violence only grows. This is the reason for the exodus from that state. Communists like Christians mean well they just do not have the purview or amenability to reason to conform to the necessary elements needed to support the fundamental principles of their ideologies -truth, reason, logic, and learning from empirical extrapolation are some of these key elements. They are blinded by their cause very similar to that of blind faith. Remember global warming? They believe that they are right with total disregard for the regulations established in the Constitution. Bill Clinton once said that the end will justify the means. They believe that they are right. That others don't count in the determination of their own destiny. If we are going to be a nation governed by laws then everyone must follow the laws and not just the laws that they approve of. Let's not forget the most important problem accountability. No one should be above the law. Not even Jesus.

Most solutions lie somewhere in the middle. I believe that the problem is really very simple to solve and even more simple than one might think. For example: What you put in you get back just like a computer. If you abuse people they become haters. People are no different than animals. If you love your pet and give it lots of attention and show it kindness you are going to create a people friendly animal and so on. If a person is ostracized and abused like minorities were you create people full of hate. I believe truth, justice, and a healthy constitution that is enforced are key elements in creating a healthy society not dogmatic bullshit and more government regulations. I believe most people will do the right thing if they were educated correctly in a healthy environment without the control. There are exceptions to the rules and that is where redirecting is necessary in the correctional facilities not abuse. I know about hate because Christians are using pain and punishment as torture tools for redirection along with a fallacious doctrine as mind control for auspicious results. It's no wonder why they failed so terribly. Until we learn this as a society our country will always be dysfunctional. We need very desperately a strong educational system supporting facts and not dogmatic lies or Communist propaganda. Truth always rises to the surface regardless. It's only a matter of time. This is the problem Christians are having today with their antiquated dogmatic mythology; there is no substance. They are now caught up in a web of lies and they have lost most of what little credibility they ever had. Christianity is dying and the only people left to follow are the simple ones like the angry Christian I just spoke about.

Despite the twisted adversity I've still managed to rise above the primordial insanity and sublimate my propensity. Talk about being pushed to the limit or over the edge. Only a Christian can inflict pain the way they do. They know how to make people suffer. That is one thing that they can do right.

On 3/8/15 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's. Grocery. Milton was working the front.

On 3/18/15 I had to replace the cluster gear.

Now that the Christians are temporarily in control of our country they only allow the public to learn what they want, and not the real truth. They are blocking my website via omissions of my web-links and the removing evidence from my phone like the conversation with the police spokesperson, but I am sure I have a copy of it put away. I can't check the flash drive because if it is there they will destroy it. People will eventually learn the truth anyway. They can only delay the inevitable; however, even Christians will tell you that Christians are nasty.

About a week ago I was also premonished that I will have a heart attack. I didn't think anything about it because I know that Christians are off the wall. They will probably try to tamper with my food again like they did in Albertsons and in Albuquerque. We will see what happens.

On 3/24/15, first thing in the morning, I noticed that the frame to the carrier was broken.

On 3/29/15 my back wheel broke leaving Smith's Grocery.

Just below in an email that I sent to every member of the New Mexico State Legislature trying to curtail the insanity.

On 4/2/15 I took the train to Albuquerque to check on why I did not receive my ID In the mail as promised by the DMV clerk; however, I stopped off at St Martin's to see if some of the patrons and staff were different because I was there just two weeks prior. It often takes a day or so for them to get organized and replace the people who work there like they did at the DMV to be able to start anew thinking that I would not know any better and they would be able to fool me like they try to do at the stores I habituate. The first time that I went to St Martin's I went there for a proof of residency document. I haven't been there for some time and I noticed that Sister Agnes was there and I could see that she noticed me. The second time I went I noticed that the staff and patrons were some of the same people that taunted me when I habituated that facility years ago. Then I went to the DMV and the staff there were replaced with scurrilous people for Jesus like they were at Dollar Tree, UNM, Smith's Grocery, and some of the other shops in Los Lunas. It's not difficult to understand why it was said that this was the worse failure the Government ever made in the history of the Congress.

I explained to the receptionist that I didn't receive my ID in the mail and I would like to know why. She said that she couldn't help me and I need to call the number that she gave me. I explained that I do not have a phone. Then she retorted that if I want her help I would have to pay for the ID again or otherwise I would have to call the number. These were my only options. I became livid and I said I just recorded you and I walked out. Through past experiences I knew that this was a subterfuge to put me under more stress and adversity. I was asked on several occasions to file for my Social Security retirement on line by people implementing this adversity as if I couldn't read through their duplicity. These people are cowards and don't want to have to face the person that they are victimizing.

Then I went back to the train station to collect my bike and I saw a man standing over it and I knew that he did something to it. My first reaction was to reach into the basket and take out the rock I use for vicious dogs and hammer him in the face with it. But I had no evidence that he did anything so I tried to calm down, but deep down inside I knew that he did something to the bike to cause me injury. I was right. They sprayed the brake cable with Freon and what happens is that you have to apply the brake hard for it to snap. The only time I have to apply the brakes hard is in an emergency. This happened several times and each time I incurred an injury. One time I was almost struck by a truck pulling a trailer. I was almost killed. I then went to have the bike frame welded again because it was broken. I would think that sabotaging a person's property to cause that person harm is illegal and not supported by state government. Why does it persist? And if I am murdered will these people be punished? But one thing that is certain I am no coward and I am not going to comply with this insanity. Another thing is that a person needs a license to purchase Freon and this is one of the reasons why.

Lastly, I offered to show Leo at the Los Lunas DMV office a birth certificate, a low income tax credit check address to me general delivery Los Lunas, mail that I received from the Welfare Department addressed general delivery Los Lunas, my old State of New Mexico ID, a guest picture ID from CNM, I even had my food stamp card. And I was told that I had to sign a lease to get an ID.

When I go to the Los Lunas welfare office there is a young blond haired woman who works there that repeatedly tries to start arguments with me and tries to run me off without my food stamps. I was told by her if I didn't leave that she was going to call the police. I said good call the police and I will explain what is going on here. She stopped yelling and changed her attitude. I was informed that they are not allowed to use food, but they will not let me work and they try to anyway. The Village of Los Lunas is run by criminals and the employees at Smith's Grocery and the security guard at the welfare office are quick to take advantage of that. I believe that Officer James Rich was determined to shoot me and he would try to cover up my attempted murder and my being struck down in crosswalks by cars. I've called the FBI on myriad occasions and they use to leave religious messages and act weird on the phone when I had a phone. They used my phone to track me even though I no longer have service and harass me but now I've learned to take the battery out. I use a phone to write my web-pages and they would make it do crazy things so I rooted the phone and installed a firewall and this stopped the insanity. They installed something in my phone at the Bosque Farms library while I connected my phone to a computer that prevents me from sending emails and being able to connect back and I can't reset my phone because they have that blocked too. I had no idea how corrupt government really was until I had a run in with them. I've learned that government is nothing more than organized crime that seeks to serve its own interests and they will kill anyone that gets in their way. Obama said that they have to destroy a complete generation so the next generation can live. This supports the Russian's destabilization and demoralization process. I believe that this world government crap is ultimately going to make Moscow the new Washington D.C.. I was told it is either this or we go back to the cold war. I believe governments keeping each other in check can be a good thing; however, a world centralized government will ultimately become tainted as our founding fathers predicted and wrote the second amendment. But even with a world constitution it is only a matter of time before the world government starts to disregard it and view it as nominal and they too will believe that they are above the law. Then what will we do? Remember history repeats itself. Our founding fathers tried to safeguard us by enacting the second amendment what is our safety net for the new world government? I will tell you. There is nothing. Our country will be at the mercy of a centralized government. It's better to keep a potential victimizer at a distance with a point of a gun than to put the gun down and be victimized. I don't trust communists even more than a politician. Sometimes politicians go bad, but dictators are evil and life means nothing to them. What will protect you from this? Even worse Christian rule. Take the time to follow that and you will be rightfully skeptical of Christianity. They are even worse. Man can't govern himself it never works. Look at what we have today. If you are not sure go to and see for yourself.

A constitutional government only works if it is enforced and reason and logic is only obtainable in the absence of religious dogma.

On 4/7/15 my back wheel broke leaving Bosque Farms Library. Also, someone kept messing with my web-page as I was trying to build it on the network. They made it impossible to complete.

On 4/12/15, at about 5:30 p.m. someone turned my phone on (I believe to obtain my location) then shortly after there was gunfire next to my campsite. It sounded like a large caliber handgun and a high powered rifle. I also heard a voice of a young man coming from the same location.

On 4/13/15 my bike was broken at Mc Donald's and the insanity was still the same at St. Martins.

Even though St. Martin's receives government funding while they try to taunt people that are vigilant and may notice incongruity implemented by the staff and patrons there to leave. Because they receive government funding the facility is for the public and not for the selected. They are not allowed to discriminate. Sister Agnes would often sit up front at the desk where the book is signed because last I learned St. Martin's was paid by the amount of meals that they doled out so people would often sign multiple times as they enter. Sister Agnes would often sit right in front as this was happening. This is crooked, theft, or what ever, but it is stealing. People go to prison for this. But one thing is for sure it is not for a person of a honorable god should be doing. But you know if they can sell being the people of a omnipotent omniscient god with on compunction they can commit fraud. †

On 4/18/15 I did a random check on my bikes to see if anyone tampered with them. I discovered two things. I noticed that the quick release was loosened on my front wheel on the mountain bike so the front wheel would break away from the frame while on the road in traffic, and the back wheel bearings were tightened up very tight enough that it could have broken the race or the axel could have broken disabling the rear wheel and perhaps cause me injury again on the street bike. I made the necessary repairs and there is no way this could have been done without tools. At least the damage to the back wheel anyway. Someone tried to do me harm thinking it would not be noticed. They are also breaking and entering to be able to do this. It's my belief that these people believe that they are God's chosen people implementing Gods law whether or not you're a believer or an atheist. If you happen to be a nonbeliever this gives them the right to punish or murder the victim for God of course. How's that for a nut? They are also tampering with my new phone to prevent me from writing this. Just think our police departments are full of people who think the same way. It's scary isn't it? But you have to keep in mind that not all police officers are this way. Some are very logical with a good reasoning ability. We just have to hope for the best. One day someone with honor and integrity will sit in the White House again and things will change and these people will be punished for their crimes against humanity.

I like to think that Christians are just misguided people and deep down inside they are good people, but it is just not so. They enjoy what they are doing to me and they, as a rule, have no compunction for what they are doing so one can only come to two conclusions: One is they are very mentally challenged. Two is that they are just evil. I believe that it may be a confluence of both. I don't like to come in propinquity of them they make me feel uncomfortable and I know that they are up to no good. Lastly, I don't want people to think that I know people like this, and even worse I don't want people to think that I regard them as sane or normal and there delusional behavior reflects my feelings and thoughts on life because I am not like them. Nor do I want to be. They are trashed.

A view from my perspective.

I just got through writing the New Mexico State Legislature and I began to pack up everything and head home. As I was walking down the corridor I noticed a police officer standing in the entranceway leading from the courtyard. And I tried to stealthily walk past because I knew I was being stalked by Christian law enforcement. He got on the phone and talked to someone as I was going past. I went out the parking lot entrance and proceeded to walk down the sidewalk heading towards the road. I walked about 100 yards down the road and a corpulent man with a brown beard in and old full size SUV pulls up a and asked me if I wanted a ride and I very kindly said no thank you I am fine and continued on. He drove about 50 yards and turned back and drove back towards the University and I waved as he was going passed and he gave me an evil look as he was going by and did nothing. I stopped about half way home and talked to a neighbor for a few minutes who has a very nice family that helped me when I was attacked by a pit bull. At this time two young men drove passed giving me an angry look and said nothing as I waved trying to be friendly. I said to the man I was talking to did you see that? He stated "yes, I wonder what that is about?" and I again tried to explain to him the situation I was in. Shortly after we parted and I continued on. I knew at this point that I was clearly being stalked to elicit paranoia and fear. This is an everyday occurrence for me so it didn't bother me much. I got to where I cross over the irrigation ditch and they were parked there waiting for me. It looked like they were getting tired of waiting and began to drive off. I got my video camera ready to photograph the incident but they just drove past looking very angry. When they got past me it appeared to me that they try to stop and back up but then continued on. My point is good people do not do things like this mentally demented evil people do. So why would I want to associate with people such as Christians when I know through my own experiences they do things like this to people? Not to mention all that they have done through history. Let's be honest. Christians are evil and they do very bad things to people. I agree with the communists they are a malevolence that needs to be stopped before they create another reason for another world war. Remember, history repeats itself and this is what superstition and communists do. They never learn from their mistakes. Christians torture and murder because Christianity is a very evil religion and they keep proving this time and time again. I think that it is time to evolve from religious dogma to truth, reason, and logic. But if given no other alternative I would side with the communists rather than the Christians because Christians are delusional and malevolent whereas Communists are delusional in respect that they can pull money out of the sky but ultimately they make everyone live in poverty; however, they have they good intentions and appear to have evolved above superstition even though their logic appears to be in the toilet. Capitalism with a pinch of socialism and a Constitution enforced with no exceptions is the real solution because I believe people should be free and man has proven that he is not capable of governing himself. I just wanted to point out what Christians do to promote their antiquated ideology and twisted superstition. They have done things like this to me for thirty-two years and much worse. You would think after all that time they would get the message. But the real truth is their leaders don't care. They are after the money and they don't care what they do to get it. This is another reason I believe that Christian leadership should be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. I am not trying to be a bother, but if you don't know what is going on in the State of New Mexico you don't know how to fix it.

On 4/23/15, at 3:18 p.m., more gunfire erupted near my campsite.

On 4/27/15, at 6:39 p.m., more gunfire erupted near my campsite.

On 4/29/15 my back wheel broke on my way home from getting water. I believe it was sprayed with Freon a couple days prior at Walmart because the bike hasn't been anywhere else. I also filmed where Walmart in Belen moved the bike rack and took down the cameras from the roof that recorded movement around the bike rack.

I believe that they have started back with the dogs again. On 5/4/15, at about 1:45 p.m., the owner of a large dog, I believe it was a Rottweiler mix, at 1018 River Road in Belen this dog came running out of the yard because the gate was deliberately left open as I went by the first time. The second time I call 911 and I was ready for it. At 5:30 p.m. more gunfire from across the ditch. It sounded like a .22 caliber rifle.

On 7/16/15 my bike derailer broke apart on my way home from Walmart. The screws that held it together were taken out to cause it to break apart. They must have worked very hard at it because I tightened them up excessively tight just a short time ago when I installed the new component.

About two weeks prior a black pickup truck pulled up alongside of me and an old Spanish woman with black hair who spoke very good English orated for me to be careful for the Blue dog down the road while I was heading to the University. I think she was trying to say Blue Healer. (I travel this road often and I never seen a Blue Healer dog.) She also premonished me to be careful that I don't get hit by a vehicle. She was acting weird like a Christian trying to be vulpine and covertly threatening. Because she was an old woman I regarded her message as nominal, but I knew she was part of a cabal implementing a subterfuge to elicit paranoia and fear like a good Christian. This virtually has little or no effect on me. This type of behavior has become banal and expected from Christians; however, these people are dangerous and are capable of doing anything to anyone. So I guess that they intend to hit me with vehicles too.

On 9/8/15 I noticed that the rear wheel is getting worse by the week. I can't catch them doing this. I've replaced hundreds and hundreds of spokes over the years; however, one thing is for sure the little Spanish man with the veterans cap knew what he was satirically implying, because they are destroying everything I have which isn't very much. To think how cheap these people are to think I would relent over a bicycle. Both wheels are in poor condition and they are 300 m wheels which is very difficult to find used so I guess the bike is only good for parts now. I am very poor and I can't afford to repair it. What a waste. The wheels were a poor design and could not take a lot of abuse. They had 26 spokes rather than 36 spokes like a conventional wheel would have and they took advantage of that. A teacher at UNM told me that Valencia County has the second most corrupt law enforcement agency in the country. He said that he saw it on a news report. I believe him. I sent some pictures of the evidence before I get hurt again or killed in hopes that these people are punished. I guess that being killed isn't really so bad when you compare it to what they put me through. I just don't want them to get away with it so I'm sending you more pictures for evidence in hopes that the New Mexico State Legislature cares about what is taking place in New Mexico. Thank you for listening.

To talk about corruption in Valencia County listen to this. On 5/11/15 I went to UNM Valencia County Campus to make another entry in my website and while I was working I would go into my phone and all the apps would kick in one after another. This happened on myriad occasions so I got up to go tell the librarian what was going on in the library and it would stop. I didn't have any evidence. So I sat back down and it would start all over again. This happened four times so I went up anyway. I explained to the librarian what was happening, but I couldn't prove it. I said, "How could anyone see me!" Then I thought of the security camera. Yes, the security camera was the only explanation because there was no one in the library but us. How could anyone be so cheap and dirty to do something like this? I explained about when I once spoke with the black police officer there in the event of my bike being broken and he is a very lubricious, insidious man to do what he did and said. (You would think that being black he would be more sensitive to peoples' human rights.) I also remonstrated that police officers are supposed to protect the public and not commit crimes. She said "yeah" and looked a little dismayed. She didn't say anything else. At least it appears that she has a conscience. I intend to file a FBI report for future evidence for the court. It probably won't do any good, but it may serve to be in the near future. These people shouldn't be wearing a police officer's uniform; they should be wearing a prison uniform.

Another time I went on to explain to the staff that if we had an honest government these law enforcement officers would be in prison and they agreed. These people are a danger to society and shouldn't be on a school campus in possession of a gun with the intent to harm others targeting patrons who habituate the facility. I don't know who is in charge, but they need a shrink very badly.

On 5/14/15 my back wheel broke on my way home from Family Dollar. I parked my bike outside.

This next paragraph is not about me it's about a man that I believe was abused and taken advantage of by the Village of Los Lunas. I met a 72 year old Spanish man sitting on the bench at the train station. He explained to me that the Village of Los Lunas told him that he could no longer live in a trailer in the Village and it would have to be moved. So he did what was asked of him and he sold his home. Sometime later I met him at the train station in Belen and he told me that the Open Space Police told him that he couldn't sit at the train station any more. What is so ironic is that one of the Open Space Police Officers lives at the end of Courthouse Road on a private lot with trailers on it. There were two trailers on the same lot and one was moved to the lot next door. When you go by it almost looks like a trailer park. Talk about a double standard. And furthermore I believe that the Government constructed a privacy wall at the tax payers? expense while the owners of the properties on Courthouse Road are going to end up forfeiting about ten to fifteen feet of frontage property which will become the property of the Village after a given amount of time; while, if you notice, they took little property from the Open Space Ranger, a village employee. It appears to me to be a land grab. Justice in the Village of Los Lunas. It seems government always has a scam going on and the trusting or unknowing are taken advantage of just like another organization does that I know of- the Church. I don't know how anybody could be so cruel to make a 72 year old man leave his home, making him homeless, and then tell him he can't sit at the train station because he has nowhere to go. (I believe Andrew was asserting his authority again.) The elderly Spanish fellow was informed by the Open Space Police that they are in charge of the train station now that they moved into it. How is that for a double standard? Could anybody be cruller? I believe that the Village prevaricated to him, and that his trailer being on the lot for so long would fall under the grandfather clause or something like that and he would not have to move. I am not a lawyer, and I don't know anything about New Mexico zoning law, but I do know that there is something wrong with this. My feelings are if the Village does not like the way this man lives then they need to get off their ass and do something to help him, and don't cause him anymore hardship. He's 72 years old for Christ sake. He is not hurting anyone. I bet that they must feel real clever after what they have done to this man.

On 5/15/15 I went to apply for my social security retirement. I was told when I was applying that it was not designed for a retirement plan. That it was a supplement to go along with a 401 k plan, or another retirement plan. That this was the reason for my $611.00 retirement benefits. But during the time that they voted in social security there were no other retirement plans available. That was the reason for creating social security. I would like to know how our government justifies their retirement salary? I would also like to know how does the United States Government justify federal income tax when in 1894 the US Supreme Court ordered the United States Government to stop collecting it, and the 16th amendment was never ratified. I will tell you why. Our country is run by criminals. Our country has been hijacked.

In the Social Security website it said that if I want my check to come on my birthday that I must file between 3 and 4 months before; however, I was told by the person doing the interview that they do not count the birthday month and my payments would start the month after and they hold back a month. How is that for a line of garbage? I think that he is trying to take advantage of me. What do you think? Now I understand why they wanted to do my interview online, or on the phone, but not in person. I filed four months early as requested in the website. So we will see what happens.

There were many more cans that were there not shown in the picture to the left along with a large empty bottle of liquor. On 5/16/15 there was an archery group putting on an event at River Park. What it amounts to is the Village closes down the park for the event so no one is allowed to gain access to the park to witness what is taking place. It appears that they use this event for a drinking party and it appears that they go there to get drunk. I informed Andrew and Pat, who are park police, on myriad occasions and these drunks continue to drink in the public park even with a new mayor, police chief, and judge while the Village covers up this criminal behavior. How is this for arrogant, self-righteous, criminal, behavior?

On 5/17/15 I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. The woman checkout clerk said she remembered me the last time I was there and do I want my groceries doubled bagged? I said yes. Thank you. I never was checked out by this woman. What they tried to do is to get me to question my own sanity. I was told by the garbage collector at the train station that I would need a shrink when this is over. These people are so inept that one day on the bike trail in Albuquerque a biker passed me and got down the trail a little way and pulled to the side changed his shirt to a different color and got back on the trail where I could see him and continued on. They think that they are vulpine getting one over on me, but I view them as stupid and they can't do anything right. I kind of like it because it's fun to watch them make an ass of themselves.

On 5/17/15, at 11:53 p.m., there was more gunfire near my campsite.

5/27/15, at 2:00 p.m., more gunfire near my campsite and again at 8:47. It was a semiautomatic weapon.

On 6/15/15 my back wheel broke leaving Wal-mart. The back wheel was destroyed and can no longer be used.

On 6/16/15, at 7:50 p.m., more gunfire next to my campsite. It sounded like an assault rifle. A number of shots were fired.

On 6/19/15 my back wheel broke leaving Lowes Grocery. Believe me when the Valencia County Sheriff's Department says that they are going to destroy your property for your noncompliance they will do it. They did it to me.

June 21st is the longest day of the year then on December 22nd the sun dies, it stops moving for 3 days, and on December 25th the sun is born again. The days start getting longer. The story of Jesus was plagiarized from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Egyptians worship the sun not the son of God. Jesus never existed that is why there is no evidence of any Jesus, but Constantine did exist and he chose the committee that chose the books that went into making the Bible. Constantine was a control freak that is why he took Rome away from his own family. The Bible was designed and created to control the populace. It is nothing but pure unadulterated lies. What does it take for you stupid people to get it in your heads? You need to use your Bible for toilet paper and at least it will have some useful purpose.

On 5/21/15, at about 2:20 p.m., about eight gunshots rang out from the river side while the bullets whizzed passed me hitting the trees just above me. It sounded like a large caliber handgun.

On 6/29/15 the Rottweiler on River Road was let loose again as I was passing by. The owner was standing there watching.

As of 7/4/15 I noticed that the Mayor is trying to do something about drinking in the parks. (The Village had plenty of signs up.) Drinking in the parks is not really the problem it is what they do after the celebration like driving home drunk. Then they are dangerous for everyone. I don't like alcoholics because I believe that alcohol is the worse form of drug there is. I would much rather see someone smoke pot than drink, but I rather deal with sane people who don't do drugs at all. My point is the Mayor is trying. You know if I were a police officer I would rather bust someone for drinking in a park and write a citation for drinking in public then to write a citation for drunk driving. This can destroy a whole family because a problem drinker can't earn a living. I believe that a good police officer tries to stop the bad behavior and not wait until they have to destroy a person's life.

On 7/9/15 my tent was broken into and my back wheel was destroyed.

During the month of June, 2015, I bought some bad eggs from Lowes Grocery in Belen twice. They were eggs without yokes, and they stunk badly. I had to throw my sausage away not once, but twice. I also ate some the first time and I felt a little sick afterwards. Albertsons & Lowes seem to be the only food chains that tampers with food. This does not happen at Walmart, but a lot of other things do. If Lowes and Albertsons are capable of doing this to my food then what are they doing to your food? It makes you think doesn't it? It takes a real dirty person to tamper with someone's food. I believe that this is grossly illegal, and if not it is immoral, but so are Christians.

On 7/10/15 I was chased by the dog on highway 314 again and I called the Sheriff's Department and they sent the dog catcher again and nothing was done about it because I believe that this is what they intended for my noncompliance to the Christian insanity. The owner of the dog lied and said that his dog never left the yard. I know that ultimately I will be bit by this dog before this is over with.

On 7/10/15, at 8:47 p.m., more gunfire but at a safe distance away.

On 7/11/15 my tent was broken into and my food was tampered with. I am also being stalked by Christians. I'm certain of it.

I was trying to make a few observations myself to help me to understand Christian logic. To see why and how a person could become so foolish and fall for the ridiculous stories in the Bible. Also, I wanted to find out how what seems to be people with a childlike mentality and a lack of knowledge pertaining to the fundamental principles of their religious dogma and where it originated from. Just what goes on in their simple little minds? One of the discoveries I made is that many of them are mentally ill. Religion seems to be a magnet for the mentally ill. I've have had many of them tell me that they get nut checks from the Government. The second group of people I came in contact with were the very poorly educated mostly from my generation. The younger generation seems to be more amenable to reason and logic. Only a hand full appear to be taken in by the hypocrisy. But again these young people were getting government nut checks, or so they said. The school system appears to be improving as time progresses. However, the most confusing aspect of these followers of God's word is why would I want to belong to an organization of people that destroy my property and try to cause me injury? It doesn't make sense. But they keep trying to get me to go to Christian organizations and accept this insane doctrine. Talk about failure. How could this endeavor not fail? You don't destroy someone's property then think that they are going to join the club. These are terrorist tactics. Only a weak minded person would use this type of logic. I'm staying in this state until these Christian people are punished for what they did to me. Then I think I want to go to another country because they trashed this one. It no longer protects peoples' constitutional rights and they even murder each other while some family members commit suicide because they can't live up to Yahweh standards. I believe that many Americans are oblivious to how evil Christianity really is. Lesson learned: When Christians say they are good people of God look out its coming. You are about to get reamed. I don't want anything from these people. I just wish that they would go away and stop destroying my life! I don't want anything to do with their superstitious nonsense. I think more of myself than this. Please keep your filthy nonsense to yourself.

A few weeks ago my tent frame was deliberately broken and the tent I use for storage was broken into and my back wheel destroyed.

On 7/17/15 fireworks were used to sound like gunfire along with lots of excessively loud talking and yelling near my campsite.

When I was leaving my campsite I believe I was being stalked by a bearded man with a yellow four wheeler. Also, on many other occasions by unscrupulous people pretending to be fishermen and so on.

On 7/16/15 as I was making my way to Los Lunas a young man and young woman looked like they were having sex just to the side of the road. As I passed by the young woman was sitting down pulling her pants up. I believe that this is more of Gods good work.

On 7/19/15 my clothes were tore that were hung out to dry and stole my lock.

On 7/20/15 my back wheel broke on my way to and from Walmart.

On 7/24/15 my back wheel broke again.

On 7/25/15, at 1:04 p.m., gunshots were heard nearby. Both the river and road sides. No shot came near me. A shotgun was used on the river side and a .22 caliber rifle on the ditch side. At 9:30 p.m. it sounded like fireworks were used to sound like gunfire.

On 7/27/15 my derailer and chain broke on my way to Los Lunas. They were used parts and this caused it to break.

They are in my phones heavily now even though I don't have service preventing me from recording the events as they occur.

On 7/29/15 someone shot fireworks over my tent. A rocket was launched from across the irrigation ditch aimed at me and it flew over my tent then the moron drove off on a four wheeler. Small things amuse small minds. It's the Christian way. I would rather that the dirty Christian kill me than to make me live for their make believe god. They are all nuts. There are no good gods and no bad gods you stupid, superstitious, moron! There are no gods at all. You are mentally trashed and not worth your weight in shit!

On 7/31/15 I was told about a mountain lion on the river. A man dressed in a bird watching outfit came to my campsite and he said that he was looking for birds. We talked for a few minutes and he left. Some time later I met up with a woman from his crew on the road. We stopped and talked for a few minutes. I explained to her that it is not very safe out here for a young woman alone and that one time I came in contact with a mountain lion not to mention the dogs that I had also encountered. She explained that a member of her bird watching crew encountered a mountain lion in Belen. The area that she pointed out was a well-populated one and this is highly unlikely that her story was true. (The Government's lies are becoming banal.) This is the same area where Adelante employees were four wheeling with a state minivan and the same area that Dogman's friend described. I also explained that I was the person being tortured by demented followers of God, but deep down inside I was skeptical of her, and I smelled a rat. So I created a subterfuge of my own. I proceeded to go on and on about the mountain lion to make her think that I was afraid of running into one and that she should carry a gun. Well, about a week and a half later I ran into another man who hunts with dogs, who is friends of Dogman, who said that he caught a picture of a mountain lion and that there were three of them in Belen on the river. (Their story keeps growing.) Then he showed me a picture of a mountain lion in a tree on his phone. This is one of the same men that said something bad was going to happen to me if I did not take this website down. My point is the Government uses people to probe their victims while they create a subterfuge to try to elicit fear to get the victim to acquiesce to their contorted machination. The Government has clearly over stepped their boundaries of leadership while endeavoring to make their victims live in fear for the Christian doctrine and their God. The Government should have no place implementing Christian law or rule when we live in a diverse country comprised of many religions and nonbelievers who do not hold to childish superstitions. I don't want to live for the Christian god because Christians are evil and all they do is destroy peoples' lives and murder. What happened to the Constitution and the separation of church and state? ; Christianity is only make believe!

To give you some examples to just how stupid some of these people are listen to this: I was helping one of them setup his new phone with his email. His name is Thomas Palmer. At the time he didn't know that I knew he was a jerk for the Government. His email was trikrider, but what he was saying was trike rider. (He rides an old beat up trike. I guess he considers himself a biker.) Well, my point is: This sixty-five year old man is so stupid he can't spell trike and he is also not living with his wife, but he and his demented friends of God are going to tell me how to live mine. I wouldn't mind so much if he wasn't such an idiot.

Then there is the mentally challenged: John, the Conservancy Police Officer, once told me that he believed that trees could feel pain even though they have no nerve endings or brain. This is how little understanding he has of science, but he feels that he knows better and he wants to control my life for Jesus because Jesus doesn't believe in divorce. Jesus never existed. Try to explain this to this mentally challenged person. Good luck. And this man works in law enforcement. Scary isn't it?

Andrew's close friend, the transvestite, said that homosexuality is alright with God because God made anal sex feel good to him. He said that he got great pleasure from anal sex. O.K.? How's this for being up where the bird shit?

Here is one more example: There is a woman with a birth defect that habituates River Park -she has a big dent in her forehead that looks like a bashed in fender to a car. She also acts weird and says crazy things like the reason her head has such a dent is because she had a brain tumor removed. She looks like a balloon head with her hat too tight. She is also friends of the transvestite. For some reason the Government uses people with very bad birth defects or mental problems to say and do weird things like Darrel Tolbert the cross eyed black man in a clown suit that pretends to be a business man that sells junk he got free that he found on line to keep the landfill from getting so full. Then he sells it to unsuspecting victims on Craig's List. I guess the Government thinks by using freaks of nature they can get a person to go mad being exposed to natures rejects then that person would relent to the insanity. The Government also uses the Christians to do their dirty work to turn people away from Christianity knowing that Christians are stupid enough to fall for the plan to destroy their own religion because they believe that they are in control, but in reality they are being manipulated. This is a great idea and it is working. I believe society is much better off without superstition and the lies. It is difficult to say which is more evil the Government or religion, but one thing is for certain they are both crooks and liars.

8/2/15 for the past two days I took the batteries out of my phones so I couldn't be tracked on the GPS. My phone was encrypted and I was told by a professional that the Government is the only one that has a software to break through it. I put the battery back in and now the stalkers are coming out of the wood work. The man on the yellow four wheeler again and the corpulent golf cart driver. They even had a loud beeping sound coming from the loud speaker at the train station so no one could sit there among other things. I believe that the people who are coordinating this effort need a shrink very badly.

In the Social Security website it said that if you want to get your check on your birthday you must apply 3 to 4 months early. So I did. My birthday was July 11th. We are now in August and I never received it. Moreover, they are trying very hard to get me to go to work, but I know if I do they can legally torture me further. The New Mexico bar association said that they have no legal right to bother me because I make too little money. I've been tortured by these people for more than thirty years and I'm too enervated from the adversity to hold a job. Not to mention my physical disability, two herniated disks, as a result of God's good work. I believe that they are blocking my Social Security like they did my ID.

On 8/4/15 my back wheel broke leaving Walmart.

On 8/7/15 my back wheel broke on my way to UNM library. That same morning I saw a UNM police officer coming from the bike's direction and my back wheel broke on my way home. If they weren't doing such terrible things I wouldn't be so suspicious of them. This is something that they would do.

Let me explain why their plan will never work. Almost everywhere I go they keep sending women to flaunt their bodies like whores trying to be attractive, but to me they appear repulsive. Think about this: After all that I have been through because of women do you really think that I want another one? No, of course not. Also, women are looking for someone to take care of them and I don't even have my social security check of $611.00 per month yet. It would be difficult to live homeless on that let alone trying to support a woman. If I was them I would think of something else. This plan is going to go nowhere and they are just wasting time. But you know time is a valuable asset for them. As long as they keep on punishing me they keep drawing a paycheck regardless of wether they are accomplishing anything or not. Like our congress why admit incompetency and lost effort when they can keep drawing a paycheck. The members of congress have been doing this for years they keep coming up with ideas that they know won't work but they keep stalling for time as in effort to prove to the American people that they have worth but in reality they are nothing more than liars and scammers while lining their pockets with our hard earned money. It is hard to believe that they are so arrogant to believe that we believe that they are accomplishing anything worth anything. They are only destroying what our forefathers did accomplish. The Government call christians crooks and it is like the kettle calling the pot black. They are both crooks and liars.

These people keep doing things to be annoying like breaking my bike, stalking me, and confronting me by saying do you remember me and are you still living on the river? I don't know them from a hole in the ground. Like my memory is this poor. I'm not a native New Mexican. I know better, but it is fun to watch. It is better than the freak show, so I play along. (I feel bad for the freaks because I can imagine how they must feel being displayed like repulsive rejects from a circus side show. That has to hurt.) Also, by keeping someone pissed off the assaulted keeps building a wall that keeps getting higher and higher. If you are not capable of doing anything better than this maybe you need to step aside and let someone with better reasoning and purview take over. Your ability is too limited. Think stupid think. There has to be a solution.

On 8/10/15 I went to Walmart to do some food shopping then I left. I had to go back to the store for something to drink so I asked the person cleaning the sidewalk if he could watch my bike for a few minutes and he said O.K.. I left the store again and I went a couple of miles and my back wheel broke again. I went to the Belen Police Department to report the incident.

On 8/11/15 my back wheel broke leaving Bosque Farms Library.

On 8/25/15 I was again shot at by the Sheriff's Department. Here is a two minute recording on the incident. They often block my phone or remove the evidence I collect for proof.

On 9/14/15 I'm still being stalked by Christians, but one man in particular I believe has some sort of mental disorder as a result of a bad accident. This is the same man that has followed me for years. He also worked at Walmart in Los Lunas as a cart boy while a lot of damage was being done to my property there. However, he is back stalking me again. I don't know what cult he belongs to, but I believe that he is very mentally trashed and is capable of doing anything to anyone.

On 9/15/15 my back wheel broke going home from Family Dollar.

On 9/16/16 my back wheel broke leaving Walmart. I am certain it was the cart gatherers who are breaking my wheel. Someone will be watching the next time. I believe that they are Government plants like some of the members of the Albuquerque, Belen, Los Lunas, and the university police departments. Our constitution is being trampled by these monsters.

On 9/19/15 two gunshots that sounded like a .22 caliber rifle rang out close by very early in the morning. I don't believe that they were intended for me.

Because I am openly atheist and I do not believe in any superstition many people will agree with me that the belief in imaginary gods is a form of mental illness, but they are often afraid to speak out because they don't want any trouble. What they don't realize is by doing so that this gives Christians false support and continues to bring on more of the same insanity. People are afraid to tell them the truth that there are no gods? period. They should be told to: "Grow up! You are not five-years-old anymore. Time to face reality. Santa and Elvis do not live. It's make believe! It's pure unadulterated bullshit!" Educated and responsible people should tell them the truth and stop the scammers from preying on the simple ones who can't think for themselves. Priest and preachers are crooks and liars and will continue on because our leaders in Washington are crooks and liars too so I believe that this is the reason that they don't hold church clergy accountable for fraud. They are doing the same thing with federal income tax. Stealing from the American people for their own avaricious gain with no compunction and getting away with it. Waiting until we are forced to fight is not a solution. Seeking truth and justice is. By promulgating the truth this could be a formidable simple solution to a terrible growing problem of scamming people with no accountability. Remember what we were drilled with when we were young. That there is liberty and justice for all in America. Well, where is it? Where is the justice in America?

I noticed a .22 caliber bullet hole in one of the milk crates I use for storage in my tent. I looked for a hole in the tent but I couldn't find one; however, I didn't look very hard because I was afraid I would. This could have happened at any time or even in another tent that I had I am not sure. I just don't know when or how it happened except that it did. The next time I get shot will be my third. A .22 caliber bullet is not very big, but believe me it will make you bleed very badly. I know firsthand. Governor Martinez knows that this is happening and she is allowing it to continue. The Governor has the power to stop the insanity and she won't. I am no lawyer but there is reason to believe that if I am killed she could be considered a co-conspirator to my murder.

I hate the whore and her bastard children for what the Government and the Christians did to me because of them. I wish that they were dead. Drink the Kool-Aid. Go away. Just go away! Do something right and save me the trouble of having to kill you myself. You are bastard children of a whore. You are not mine! Stay away from me because I will not be able to control myself. Ask the whore who your father is. I bet that she does not really know. It could be half the town. After what the filthy Christians did to me stay away from me. I mean it or I will kill you. If I knew all this was going to happen I would have killed you a longtime ago. This is what the government and christian community do to people they are so stupid. They almost destroyed everything there is to destroy now they are destroying people's' lives. They make people hate. The gunfire started on 8/24/15 right after I wrote this paragraph on my phone.

On 9/23/15, at 7:29 p.m., more gunfire came from across the irrigation ditch. This time someone was shooting towards my tent. Some of the bullets came close. I believe that the shooter was using a .22 caliber rifle. The shooter shot many rounds.

On 9/24/15 my back wheel broke leaving the university library and again at the Bosque Farms library. I was blocked at both libraries from making entries to my website; however, I was finally able to get through. Also, someone keeps going into my phone and tampering with the setting and data even though I don't have service.

On 9/25/15, at 5:20 p.m., more gunfire erupted, but this time they used a large caliber weapon. Again, at 8:10 p.m. this time they used a < src="machinegun.wav"> machine gun. I recorded the incident on a small recorder.

On 9/27/15 my back wheel broke apart on my way to Los Lunas.

On 9/28/15 my back wheel broke leaving Family Dollar.

On 9/31/15 my back wheel was broken at Family dollar.

On 10/1/15 someone came by and shot one shot after I told the dispatcher a few days ago that I was going to start recording the Sheriff's Department. They think that I don't have time to record one gunshot. I have a sound activated recorder I purchased at the flea market. The only thing that is wrong with it is that it is very sensitive, and I have to be very quiet for it to work properly. It works like my phone recorder.

On 10/4/15 my back wheel broke on my way home from Walmart.

It is now 1:47 p.m. on 10/7/15 and more shotgun blasts rang out from the river side and north side. I recorded some of it.

on 10/11/15, at 12:45 p.m., their was the sound of more gunfire coming from the irrigation ditch. It sounded like a .22 caliber rifle or handgun with a large capacity magazine fired in rapid succession. I turned on my phone to record them and then the gunfire stopped. My phone began to run poorly and started to behave strangely so I shut it off. I was lucky the time before. They are not going to let me record them again.Then at about 4:30 p.m. more gunfire came from the irrigation ditch side. No bullets came near me.

On 10/12/15, at 6:30 a.m., there was more gunfire.

In the picture to the left a bullet was found just outside my tent door. It looks like it struck a tree. A member of the Sheriff's Department said that it was a nine millimeter. This is how close they come when they shoot at me.

On 10/13/15, at 7:30 p.m., there was more gunfire coming from the river side. About 15 shots were fired.

On 10/16/15 my back wheel broke leaving Family Dollar and then again at Walmart.

On 10/17/15 my back wheel broke leaving Family Dollar in Belen.

On 10/20/15 my back wheel broke leaving Family Dollar in Belen. Also on that same day my back wheel broke leaving Walmart.

On 10/21/15 my tent was broken into, and I had to throw away any open food because they may have contaminated it or drug it like they have done in the past. These people are truly evil.

On 10/22/15 my back wheel broke on my way to Los Lunas from home.

On 10/23/15 I noticed that the dates of the events that took place were changed.

On 10/25/15 I was headed to the Village of Los Lunas and my old injury began to haunt me. I could hardly walk because of a back injury I incurred years ago. I would not conform to God's law and return to the pig. So they sawed the bottom of my scaffold plank and I fell herniating two disks in my back. I have problems with this from time to time so I called 911. When I reached the dispatcher he pretended that he could not hear me and then he locked up my phone. It became obvious I was not going to get any help so I pushed onward. I finally made it to the laundry mat with great difficulty. Hours later I check my voice mail and he left a message.

On 10/29/15 I noticed that my back wheel was broken.

On 12/3/15 my back wheel exploded and I noticed that the sidewall was cut on the new tire.

The damage to my property and harassment continues daily with no compunction from our noble law enforcement in Valencia County.

I called Senior Citizen Law Office for help and the Government blocked my Calls. I did manage to get something on their answering machine. I could hear the receptionist but she could not hear me when I contacted them after the holidays. The Government police would often do this when I would call 911 also. The Government changed my phone number without me knowing and without my permission so I couldn't be contacted by the law firm. My phone number was changed from 916-0826 to 388-3869. They could not do this without the assistance of Metro PCS.

On 1/12/16 I noticed that my new bike was broken and the mountain bike's back wheel was broken. It is obvious that the Sheriff's Department forced entry and damaged my property. Criminals operate this way. Law enforcement is supposed to protect the public not terrorize it.

On February 14th 2016, at 7:17 a.m., three gunshots rang out from across the irrigation ditch.

On February 21st, at 7:56 a.m., I took the railrunner to Belen. Just as we were reaching Belen the train took a sharp jerk on the brake and my bike fell over. Just a few days prior the same thing happened. My seat to my new bike was tore as an end result. It was obvious that this was no accident. The employees never came to collect the ticket fee. I had to chase him down to pay for my ticket.

On 3/16/16 I was attacked by a bearded man that looked like a drunk to me with a piece of pipe about 3 feet long coming home from Family Dollar license plate number was DV5366 (it was a veterans plate) He cut me off and parked on the sidewalk so I couldn't get by. When I went to go see his tag number to give it to the police dispatcher he threatened me with a piece of pipe. In the police report it said that the tag belonged to a gold, 2001, Ford pick up truck. The officer pre-monnish me that he would not be able to find the owner. The officer could've easily found out who the man was by going into the store and asking the store clerk who he was. The store clerk had to know who he was he had his chainsaw in for repair. The Los Lunas Police Department is a criminal organization that is privy. It's obvious that they didn't want to find the man because of their involvement in human rights crimes. And why wasn't the tag reported stolen a lost.

I'm getting harassed everywhere I go. They even struck me down with cars four times. One time I went over the roof of the car. They took my motorhome and put me out in the street homeless and even took my shoes in the hot weather. They even stole my tool so I could not earn a living if I could work. They took my license. They took my guns, and they saw the bottom of my scaffold plank and I broke my back. I could not hold a job for long. The Government wouldn't allow me to get disability unless I agreed to go back to the fat pig that caused this problem. 20 years later I was forced to go on Social Security retirement. I get $612 a month because the government goes by the last 10 years that I worked, and I couldn't work in the last 10 years. Now they want me to take out a loan for $30,000 for child support for children that may not be mine and are well over the age of 30 and if I don't take out a loan the adversity will continue according to the gay guy that runs with Darrell. (A number of years back when Bush was president I was told by two police officers, a man and a woman on horseback, that if I took down Bush is Evil I could go to Washington to be an advocate for fathers that were being exploited by the government. I said no.) What person in their right mind would give a person in my situation a loan for $30,000. They have ruined my life. I can't even earn a living anymore and they won't let me live. How is this for insanity. This is the Federal Government, the Los Lunas Police Department, and the State of New Mexico that are doing this. They can't get blood out of a rock. They ruined me. How's this for having no logic. Absolutely nothing. A half-wit would not give a person in my situation a loan. Your tax dollars at work.

On 3/17/16 my bike broke apart because it was sabotaged. The back wheel broke apart and the derailer bent and twisted. The setting was altered on the derailer.

On 5/30/16 at 7:42 p.m. More shotgun blasts and yelling coming from across the irrigation ditch. I took pictures this time of the people doing it. They tried to prevent me from taking a picture of the plate number which was: NJT - **Z New Mexico. It was a small white car which I have a picture of. I am certain that these are the same people that were shooting towards my campsite from time to time.

On 5/31/16 semi-automatic gunfire came from across the irrigation ditch.

On 6/2/16 there was more gunfire when I returned home.

On 6/6/16 at around 8:30 p.m. I was almost struck down by a van associated with Adelante on the sidewalk on my way to the courthouse with my jury summons to appear as a juror. The Christians are using their vehicles as weapons to terrorize people to acquiesce to their contorted machination for the gay Jesus. I reported this to the office and I know it's going to do little good. It was easy to see that it was deliberate. It appears the Bargain Square is back in the game.

The bottom bracket and my back wheel were damaged on my new bike and I was premonished, but I couldn't prove it. We are supposed to be at country governed by laws, the U.S. Constitution, but our country is been taken over by Christians and communists. They try to intimidate unsuspecting victims to comply with their ideology and we are no longer a government ruled by law. There is no federal income tax, and there are no gun laws, and there is no dirty God and his son.

For almost one year I've been trying to get medical attention, but the Los Lunas Police Department, associates, and the Federal Government keep tampering with my phone and destroying my bikes so I have to keep repairing them. I spend a lot of my money keeping up with the damage that they do. They even tampered with my phone while I was connected with the bank card. I also believe that my card had money removed by these unscrupulous reprobates some time back like they did to my food stamp card. This is difficult to prove unless I keep close track which I do now. I am very sick and my medical insurance does not cover dental. However, I will not ever relent to a group of no good people like this even if it means my demise. We have a constitution and these criminals are destroying it. They have committed more crimes than the Mafia and they have never been relegated to prison. As a matter-of-fact Andrew once told me he was a gang member, and now he works for the Village of Los Lunas law enforcement. When this is over I intend to sue those responsible.

On 6/14/16 at 10:05 a.m. more gunfire came from the irrigation ditch. About 10 shots. When I think about them I have to laugh. These people are so cowardly that they have to shoot a gun near the home of a sixty-two-year-old man for intimidation. What bravery! Never mind that. What a mentality! This man is wasting his talent he should be a rocket scientist. These people try to blame their behavior on the school system. I believe it's genetics. Think about it. What else can it be?

On 7/13/16 my back wheel was broke.

On 7/6/16 I notice that my tent pole was broke.

On 7/13/16 my kickstand was broken and my rear flashing light was stolen at Lowe's Grocery.

On 7/16/16 someone stabbed a hole in my front tire at family dollar.

On 7/23/16 ,at about 1:00 p.m., there was more gunfire coming from across the irrigation ditch followed by the sound of fireworks.

On 7/25/16, at 3:59 a.m., rifle fire came from the river side. A Single gunshot.

On 8/14/16, at 2:00 p.m., more gunfire came from across the irrigation ditch. It was. .22 rifle.

On 8/21/16 my back wheel broke apart.

When I go to shop at Lowe's Grocery I'm forced to leave my backpack with customers service. When I get it back it is tore. This happened twice. They do it to prevent me from shopping there.

My tent was tore by Valencia County law enforcement and associates. I believe that they went in to damage my property as usual. Also, my picture ID, my birth certificate, and social security card were taken. I believe that they tore my tent trying to leave in a hurry when the alarm went off. I can't stop thinking about the plack to stated that the Valencia County Sheriff Department was proud of their honor and integrity. I forget what it said verbatim, but one thing for certain it is a big joke.

I stopped adding to this web-page because my phone was being trashed preventing me from doing so. I was told by a police officer in Belen that it was the FBI doing this. After they stopped me from working on it they became more austere. My bike tube were stabbed on myriad occasions at Walmart and my property was stolen. Now I'm coming in contact with vicious dogs who are let loose while I'm traveling about the Village. One dog was a large pit bull who came from a lawnmower repair shop on Main Street near Boost Mobile. Two more dogs I believe were also deliberately let loose on 314 Highway. Valencia County Animal Control who just happened by stated that these people will never learn.

On 12/2/16 on my way home I was shot at on the river road with what I believe was a .22 caliber gun with CB caps as I was passing by because the bullets were quiet and one of the bullets hit a tree branch near by and made a whizzing sound as it toppled by. The Sheriff's Department stated that this would stop but it hasn't. I believe that law enforcement is responsible for this criminal behavior because of my past experiences with them. The Los Lunas Police would be waiting while I was traveling and often displayed criminal behavior to elicit incongruent behavior on my part having to ameliorate the adversity. I believe that the new Mayor may be over his head and is having a difficult time controlling his officers. But what ever the situation is they create crime and do not prevent it. I reported it to the FBI, another out of control law enforcement agency, and nothing was done about it. I didn't expect much of a response because of what they did at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

FBI Beat Man to Death

What they are trying to do is create an atmosphere of stress and anger to elicit someone killing me or my killing someone else. Christians have no compunction and other peoples' lives mean nothing to them. What better conspirator could their be than the United States Government. The Government is the leader in the implementation of pain and suffering along with deceit.

On 1/4/17 my back broke on the way Wal-mart.

If their is anything to be learned about our government is that the Supreme Court is cowardly and won't uphold the Constitution. They don't give a damn about the American people to allow mentally twisted Christian organizations and other deviate groups like homosexuals and blacks to violate Peoples' human rights. You can't make people like you or adhere to your beliefs through abuse and deception. When you stalk people to try to manipulate them into accepting you or your beliefs even though that person holds no contempt what happens is you create animosity for your effort. You have to earn respect. You can't force it from people. Maybe if you feel a compulsive need to force yourself on people you need a shrink. You clearly have psychological problems. I shouldn't have to tell you this. You are supposed to be grown adults. You're creating problems not solutions.

Not to mention federal income tax which is another scam along with gun control. Why do we have a Supreme Court making rulings if the Government does not follow them. One thing for sure is that the American people desperately need an oversight committee made up of American citizens and justice for all. No one should be above the law. Why should they get away with criminal activity.

I will never acquiesce to the Christian's make believe son of God. I have more dignity and sanity than this. I'm tired of their lies to cheat people out of their hard earned money. Preachers and priests have no shame and they clearly belong in prison for their dirty deeds.

Those of you who are concerned and interested conduct an experiment. Review Federal Income Tax is Illegal and call the FBI and report the murders that the Clintons had committed not to mention their involvement in un-American Activities and see what they do. You will see that they don't want to talk about it. If we are going to change the criminal behavior of our government and bring back our Constitution we need for everyone to voice their opinion. Bringing back the Constitution would deter the Governments ability to start wars overseas and stop a lot of insanity taking place here in America. Not to mention without the Constitution we would all live in anarchy and no one will have human rights If our country continues to be run by special interest groups like it is today.

On 2/8/17 my back wheel was broken.

On 2/9/17 my back wheel was broke on my other bike.

On 2/12/17 my back wheel broke on my way home from Los Lunas. Upon my arrival the Sheriff's Department was privy in the gunfire taking place to elicit a consternation. It is very difficult to comprehend that our country has become so evil. It appears that Thomas Jefferson was correct in his speculation that every generation needs a new revolution. I wonder what he would think if he saw how our country was being run today by such a corrupt government.

I rather be dead than to let the communists and Christians make me like them. They are incredibly evil people. After being tortured by Christians I wish Jesus was real so I could dig him up, shoot him in the head, piss in his face, then throw the dirt back over him.

This email was sent to the New Mexico Legislature.

The second amendment to the Constitution is there to protect the people from the Government. Remember, the Constitution supersedes all law. Like it or not people have human rights and you have no right to negate the Constitution.

Here is the proof

The Best Seven Minutes on Gun Control. A must see!

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

For those of you who have trouble understanding English

verb: to do something that does not obey or follow (a rule, law, etc.) ( chiefly US)
: to wrongly limit or restrict (something, such as another person's rights) Mine!

"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

"A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference."

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the Government fears the people, there is liberty."

"Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence."

Thomas Jefferson

The Bill of Rights is there to protect the people from you.

Moreover, a person who I met in Tome explained to me that members of the Sheriff's Department are associated with people who break Into houses while the Sheriff's Department covers up the crime. I found this hard to believe; however, I am starting to become a believer seeing them in action this way, and it is no wonder. The thing that is truly amazing is members of the New Mexico Legislature keep getting voted in. Senator Martin Heinrich is against the Constitution of the United States even though he swore to uphold it. How is this for being two faced? These people think that they are above the law and they can do just like they want regardless of the Bill of Rights. This is what Thomas Jefferson warned us about. How is this for morality? People need to take a closer look at who they vote into office.

What is so amazing is that the Government is trying to collect child support from father's who are unable to pay. They spend virtually millions of dollars to collect 30,000 dollars from me even though I may not be the natural father. They even herniated two discs in my back to terrorize me into paying a debt I believe to be unfair and refused to pay unless the Government could prove that I was the father. (My ex-wife was very lubricious.) Even after destroying my second marriage they tried to make me go back to my first wife for the children who were over 30 years old at the time. Some might say that I'm exaggerating and this is only speculation on my part, but the Government paid large groups of people for 33 years to stalk me and destroy and steal my property even put me in prison for a crime that they committed against me. This is a total waste of money. They have spent a great amount of money for little return. And what is even more ironic is that they are beating a dead horse. They damaged my back and I'm often in great pain and can't hold a job for very long. And they are still paying myriad people to stalk and torture me. This is total incompetence. I believe you could call this insanity. I think that they are realizing that they are not going to get anything out of me so they are starting back with the casino crap to make it appear that they accomplished something more than sucking the life's blood out of the Government. I mean if the Other items offered in the catalogue include a $285 screwdriver, a $7,622 coffee maker, a $387 flat washer, a $469 wrench, a $214 flashlight, a $437 tape measure, a $2,228 monkey wrench, a $748 pair of duckbill pliers, a $74,165 aluminum ladder, a $659 ashtray and a $240- million airplane. Pentagon Products may be a fictional company, but these prices are not. They are documented and spending millions of dollars to collect 30,000 dollars I would say that our lawmakers are clearly incompetent at the very least. This has to scare any sane person. My point is: please advise our members of Congress where they can find a good shrink.

On 2/26/17 upon my arrival home I noticed that my voltage gauge was reading very low so I checked the batteries with a hydrometer to check the level within the battery and it was low, but for a few weeks the level was very good - it was a new battery. Some one broke into my tent to damage my batteries. I speculated that is what was going on so I kept close check on the batteries and saw that it was true. I paid $300.00 for the three batteries. The Valencia County Sheriff's Department is clearly privy. Some time back I went to the Sheriff's Department about stolen property. I explained to the person in charge what had happened and he said he couldn't get my property back, but he went on to say that he would tell them to stop. I also explained to him that my Social Security Card, old drivers license, and my birth certificate were also taken. They are an organized crime organization. I see why the teacher at UNM said that they are criminals.

On 3/1/17 I went to Boost Mobile to set up a new payment plan. I had two weeks left on my account to transfer, and a ten dollar credit from the last time the woman made a mistake on my account. At the time she said that she couldn't refund my money -this is where the ten dollar credit came from. This particular woman said that I had to pay the remainder of this month if I want my due date to begin at the first of the month. So now I've accumulated two weeks which is $25.00 a $10.00 credit and the woman said that she wanted me to pay $39.00 for the remainder of the month which was two weeks. Two weeks is approximately $26.00. l paid it anyway to avoid a problem, because this was looking more and more like a set up as time went on. The total amount that I paid was $74.00 for the month. I should have paid only about $45.00 plus tax. While all this was going on the Los Lunas police was just down the street waiting for this lubricious woman to elicit a reaction, but I wouldn't get angry. I left to avoid being set up by the Los Lunas police. It appears that Boost Mobile is not an honorable company to deal with and people are being taken advantage of. This is why we should support the prevention of illegal immigration. This man who owns the Boost Mobile stores in Los Lunas is a criminal to allow this kind of behavior in his stores. He even has a Los Lunas Police support sticker on his doors. This is one illegal I bet many people would be glad to see go back to Mexico.

I talked to Mayor Charles Griego on the phone and he seemed very genial and intelligent compared to the preponderance of people I've met in this town. It is hard to believe that the Los Lunas Police are helping to extort money from people under his leadership. To think that law enforcement has lowered themselves to this in our country. Donald Trump has his work cut out for him if he is an honest president. I would be an fool to think so. How many presidents do you believe that were honest? I know I'm not perfect, but I beat law enforcement in this state by a landslide. I often wonder what barroom they were recruited from.

On 3/16/17 a man on horseback was in propinquity of my campsite and he said that he was looking for his cows. When I returned home I noticed horse tracks and a hole was cut in my tent door. It was a 15 x 10 foot cabin tent. It is hard to believe that the State of New Mexico is involved in this type of criminal behavior. The New Mexico Bar Association said that I do not have to pay child support because I live on social security, but they keep destroying my property to be able to terrorize me into paying it. This is extortion and a form of racketeering. At this point I rather that the State of New Mexico kill me than make me pay it even if I could.

Federal RICO Laws: Racketeering | Criminal Law

"Punishment for Racketeering. Each count of racketeering is punishable by up to 20 years' imprisonment. Racketeering is punishable by life imprisonment if the predicate crime is punishable by life imprisonment. The court can also impose a fine of up to twice the defendant's illegal profits." õ federal

rack∑et∑eer∑ing ˌrakəˈtiriNG/ noun dishonest and fraudulent business dealings. "racketeering ensnared the economy"

On 4/11/17 ,at 4:07 a.m., more gunfire came from across the irrigation ditch.

On 11/12/17 ,at 4:55 a.m., there was more gunfire from across the irrigation ditch. It is obvious that this man is very simple minded for this type of behavior to excite him. This is a perfect example of the type of behavior the communists use to take away our gun rights because a person like this has no foresight or maybe he just doesn't give a damn. This is a great tool for Senator Martin Heinrich to use to take away our gun rights. Idiots like this ruin everything for everyone. It is obvious that this person has to be a Christian.

The day before I had an appointment to go to Albuquerque I pulled my street bike out the check it to make sure it will be working properly. Because of the injury I incurred as a result of this harassment I could not use the other bike because of its heavy metal baskets that were on the back of it so I got the street bike ready. I could not pick up the bike I normally use to put it on the front rack on the bus. The next morning I took the street bike out to go to Albuquerque. At this time I noticed that it was damaged and I could not use the rear brake. They always damage something to cause me injury. This something gangsters do. This means that someone had a key to my tent and they got in and damage the bike. There was no signs of forced entry so I know that they must have a key. This is still breaking and entering to destroy property. And this is a crime. They have no right to do this. It doesn't matter what the Government does I can't pull money out of the sky so they are just wasting time and according to the New Mexico Bar Association I do not have to pay it because I Iive on Social Security.

On 4/17/17, at about 6:00 a.m., more gunfire came from across the irrigation ditch.

On 4/23/17, at about 6:00 p.m., there was more rapid gunfire from across the irrigation ditch.

On 5/4/17, at 10:10 p.m., more gunfire came from the north side.

Some time back my HDMI cord and charge wire to my phone was stolen from my back pack at Stillwells laundry while I went to put some money in a machine. I paid $70.00 for them. For some reason the good people of Los Lunas like to steal. I believe that the woman that did it was associated with the people who worked there and were part of the machination being implemented by the Los Lunas police and the Good Christians because of many things that they said. I only turned my back for a second so they didn't have much time. It's and old rundown laundry mat with antiquated machinery and unscrupulous reprobates that work there. Also the husband of a Christian woman that worked there carried a .45 caliber handgun in his waste belt and said he was a police officer and tried to be intimidating. A few days later I confronted him with posing as a police officer and he denied it. By talking to him for a few minutes he appeared to be a little slow. I called the police department and reported it after I found out that he wasn't a police officer. Some time back I was told the only way to put an end to the adversity is to commit suicide by a person as I was on my way to the train station. Good Christians aren't they?

On 5/25/17 I noticed that my seat post was loosened up. Some time just before this they broke the spring in the seat post. And just before that they tightened up the spokes in my rear wheel and whopped the back wheel. I often ask myself what does a person that can do things like this look like, and how can anyone trust a cheap person like this?

On 5/30/17, at 5:16 p.m., there was more gunfire.

On 6/8/17, at 7:00 p.m., more gunfire came from the river side. They shot for about twenty minutes. Just prior the same day at 8:15 a.m. I was being set up by the conductor, a corpulent Hispanic woman who was a Catholic, and a sanctimonious didactic messenger for God. The Christian community uses state employees to implement adversity for non-believers like the time the engineer slammed on the breaks and my bike went flying and tore the seat. Then if a person does not relent then a nut for Jesus comes by trying to intimidate the victim by shooting at them to terrorize the victim. Sometimes the bullets travel just past me nearly hitting me. This continues to happen over and over again diurnally. My point is that these peoples' minds are so twisted they think that they are good people doing God's good work. Moreover, they support the Catholic Church even though that it is clear it is a homosexual pedophile religious organization. We don't have to be reminded of how many children that they hurt. Children are innocent. How sick can a person be to support dirty people like this? And why aren't these people in prison where they belong? There is no Justice in America anymore.

About a week later I was approaching the train station and I noticed that the train was leaving so I looked at my watch and I saw that it was only 8:02 a.m. and the train was supposed to leave at 8:15 p.m.. My phone said it was 8:04 p.m.. On my way back from getting ice I noticed that a person was standing waiting for the train at about 8:20 p.m.. Little did he know that the train already left. I believe that the train left early because I was approaching it, but I had to go for ice and I did not need the train. So I believe that because the Government was trying to punish me and innocent person was harmed. I believe that the train operator has a moral obligation to serve the people who use it by acting responsible by departing on the scheduled time regardless of their personal feelings.

On 6/12/17, at 10:25 p.m. more gunfire from the irrigation ditch side.

I believe on 6/12/17, in the middle of the night, someone forced entry in my storage tent and broke my back wheel on my new bike.

On 6/23/17 I noticed my back wheel break apart.

On 6/23/17 I noticed that I'm missing $15.04 from my Mastercard, and I know that $20.00 was taken from my food stamp card. I speculate that this was going on for some time. All small amounts. Every time I call Mastercard my phone is redirected and I can't get through. When I call Mastercard helpline if you stay on the line I used to receive information on my balance starting from the last transaction. Now when I call I get only the information on the deposits and not the transactions. Mastercard allowed the Government to peculate the small amount that I get for my retirement and I am not allowed and explanation why. The F.B.I. is clearly a criminal organization">.

This is what the Government won't let you see. Copy URL and place it in the search bar at the top of the page.

On 6/30/17 at 7:53 more gunfire came from the irrigation ditch side; the north side; and the river side. No bullets came near me. They did it to be irritating. This went on for about 30 minutes.

More gunfire on 7/2/17 at 8:42 p.m. on the irrigation ditch side.

On 8/8/17 my axel had to be replaced do to damage that was done to it.

After listening to Pat Robinson for a few minutes I sent an email to the 700 Club explaining that they were taking advantage of simple minded people with the rhetoric I listen to. I also explained via a web-page where the Christian religion came from. That same afternoon, on 8/9/17 at 2:30 p.m. more automatic gunfire came from across the irrigation ditch as I speculate to be more Christian intimidation. I'm tired of being forced to accept such a ridiculous belief. Note how they call Christianity a belief because it is nothing but a big scam and if they tried to pass it off as truth they could be held accountable. I believe that Pat Roberson is nothing more than a cheap scammer that takes advantage of anyone that will listen.

On 8/10/17 at about 8:30 a.m. at yellowish cream color full size older van was parked in the front of River Park as I approached the park from the rear. The van pulled up in front of me and a scraggly little man got out and started an argument with me as I kept on moving then he got his van and started racing towards me like he was going to hit me with it. I got in back of a tree and he slammed on the breaks and jumped out and started yelling and making threats I went to reach for my pepper spray and my knife to defend myself then he stopped and backed off. I couldn't take this crap implemented by the Los Lunas Police Department and the Christian community. This all came about after I called the 700 Club to tell them that they are nothing but scammers that take advantage of people. This is how cheap the Christian community has become.

On 8/12/17 my back wheel was broken.

The Valencia County Sheriff's Department keeps breaking into my tent damaging and stealing my property. I sometimes hear a person bump the siren in his sheriffs vehicle because I believe that this person is too lazy to get out and look for the people implementing my suffering. When I go to Los Lunas and the Bosque Farms Library my bike is habitually damaged and now it is to the point I have to make major repairs to keep using it. The person that is hunting with dogs that owns the full size Dodge pick up truck told me that the conservancy police are behind the coordination of my nightmare. Danny who is the head of the conservancy police appears to be very religious and one of Gods helpers. However, it appears that Danny is becoming more cognizant of what religion is all about. While all this is going on I remember what Senator John Kerry said in an email. That they tried to get rid of Christianity and failed so now they have to do it this way. The Government is purposely allowing christians to implement pain and suffering to show them that they are wrong while they implement Gods work like they have for generations. The Government is fearful that Christians may start another world war. On myriad occasions I tried to explain to the people here where their god came from and it appears to be too arduous for them to comprehend and they appear to develop a mental block and they keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. I been punished and tortured for many years and I've reached my satiation point and I'm being forced to do the unthinkable by committing suicide. I was told by some messengers of God from time to time that this is my only option if I refuse to live for their make believe god. The detriments that I incurred over the years have aggregated into my inability to function on a daily basis. It appears that they have won. The Christian community has completely destroyed my life. It is very difficult to understand their logic. Every day I'm in bad pain because of what they had done to me. Also my eyesight is not so good. I try every day to keep holding on in hopes that a sane person in government may have a solution. I guess I'm just hopeful. Like Christians preachers and people in congress really never have done anything honorable or note worthy. It is a struggle every day to function. Like during the time of the French and Spanish Inquisition insanity rules.

I refused to pay child support because I believe that I should be the father and my ex-wife Jeanne refused to let me see the children because she said that the family is a unit and it is ether all or nothing. I didn't want to catch AIDS or syphilis or something. One time she came home with a yeast infection and I asked the doctor how she got it and he said it was from having too vigorous sex. Well, I knew in my mind that I was not the cause. I knew then, without a doubt, Jeanne was a pig. I made a big mistake and I knew it at this point. My wife was a pig. I never wanted to have children because of this and the fact that I come from an abusive family. I had a difficult time functioning on a daily basis because of it. I did not believe that I would have made a good father. I was told that fathers that were abused end up being abusers. I tried to make myself very aware of this, but this was never the case. Even with Jeanne screaming about the children and the fact that I never discipline them. I couldn't do it because I remembered what my childhood was like so I would try to explain to them when I could. I often didn't have the time. I couldn't take Jeanne's screaming and I would often have to get away. She should have never had children. But what I find so ironic is that she went to a University to become a teacher and she had a difficult time dealing with children. I knew I was in a terrible situation. I had to get out. I didn't want to be put in a situation of being a father until I was ready. She wouldn't listen. She wanted children and I did not until I was ready. I blame a lot of this on the Catholic Church.

We were having very bad problems and because she was a daughter of a father who was a participant in medieval superstition, he was a deacon to Sacred Heart Church, we went to a priest for guidance. (Like a fool we went to a priest for marriage counseling, and to be truthful he didn't know his ass from his elbow when it came to relationships.) He told Jeanne to charge a lot of money to punish me for not getting along with her. Putting someone under financial hardship only exasperates the problem. But what he didn't realize is that she was a pig and the problem. She could not sublimate her primordial proclivity. She was a nymphomaniac and she deceived me. One thing that I have learned going through life is that when starting a relationship the couple must communicate a lot and truthfully. If then the relationship doesn't work it wasn't meant to be. But never, and I mean never, try to make yourself appear to be something you are not. If then an understanding isn't reached it wasn't meant to be. If you try to deceive someone it will be found out anyway. Then the problems begin. It is best to lay your cards on the table up front so you don't put each other through any unwanted suffering. Moreover, decisions which effects both parties should be arrived at as a consensus or otherwise someone my be left unhappy.

Another thing that disturbed me greatly is the fact that Jeanne was very violent. All I would have to say is that I want to leave her and she would go off. She even rammed her car into my truck as I was going to work for saying this. Another time I called her a pig and she hit me in the back of the head with a cast iron frying pan and knocked me down to the floor. I hit her with the back of my hand when she tried to hit me the second time while I was on my knees. Then she had come back with the police and said I hit her. I did after she was trying to beat my head in with a frying pan. The police came to arrest me but changed their mind after they heard my story and wanted to arrest her, but I wouldn't file charges against her because we had two very young children. The police officer stated that I need to get away from her because she was out to ruin me. So I did. I hated her so much I drove far enough away to where I couldn't get to her without thinking about it. I drove to North Carolina. I called her about two weeks later and asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted the house so I signed the deed over to her. I come to the cognizance I could never see the children again or go back to Massachusetts because of the animosity between us. It is very difficult going through life thinking that there is a great likelihood that the children may not be mine. I couldn't have screwed up my life anymore by marrying her. I made a terrible mistake getting caught up with this woman. I believe that marriage is becoming outdated because marriages seldom work. Women today are independent and their is no reliance between man and women anymore. The Government controls and provides for the people today. Americans are becoming dependent upon government and moving away from the church. Superstition and magical solutions are becoming antiquated. Moreover, it doesn't work. Make believe is make believe. Try telling this to a christian. While there is a struggle between the church and the government peoples' lives are being destroyed over it. Socialism is gradually taking control while the old ways are fading away. But one thing is certain man will never be free. There will always be a dominant power fighting to control you and take away your freedom and forcing people to live the way they want them to. So if you are under the illusion that you are a free person you are not as long as you allow organizations to mandate how you should live for the money. To be honest this is what the power struggle is about the money and not humanity as they preach to us. If you tell a lie long enough even the perpetrator of the lies will believe it and they know it. Remember 9/11 is a good example.

Back to the subject at hand. I struggle every day with a back injury and poor eyesight as a result of the Government's implementation of cruelty for my noncompliance and my belief that I was done wrong while the Valencia County Sheriff's Department thinks of new ways to keep me under as much adversity as possible while destroying everything I struggle to maintain on the little money the Government doles out for my survival to get me to relent to their mandate regardless of the circumstances that prevail and not knowing what took place that created this machination. I believe that as a rule most people will do what is right, but no one wants to be taken advantage of. I was told by the Commonwealth that Jeanne could not stop me from seeing the children our otherwise I would not have to pay anything. Then I was told that I do not owe it. But you know that the real truth is the government wants my websites down. I was told that I could be an advocate for fathers and go to Washington for fathers being abused by the system and I would not have to pay it so long as I took the websites down. The Government murdered our people in New York and at the Pentagon. This is hardly suitable punishment for such a heinous crime. Not to mention that people are being put in prison for crimes that the Government is committing against the people. I often wonder how they can do this with good conscience. I will not take the websites down. They can beat me till dooms day! I will not take it down! The Government may be putting me through great suffering, but they are the worse criminals our country has ever known and should be held accountable for treason for what they did. To think that two dirty cocaine addicts like George Bush and Bill Clinton could be behind the murders of so many Americans along with the members of our congress who were also involved. I may not be a perfect person but I won't sell out my own country. It is very difficult to survive with all the detriments and adversity I'm being forced to ameliorate diurnally and I often look upon death as relief. I must say what keeps me fighting is the hatred I have for what the Government has done to our country. These dirty no good people in Washington need to be exposed for the crimes they have committed against the people and brought to justice.

On 9/2/17 more gunfire erupted during the evening. On 9/3/17 my back wheel broke apart coming home from Wal-mart. The spokes all broke.

The Valencia County Sheriff's department keeps stealing my property. One of my propane bottles was emptied and a CO2 bb gun was taken that I use when they let dogs out on me. They also took my sun glasses. My bike is broken on a daily basis in the Village of Los Lunas, and I'm stalked everywhere I go. I believe that Officer Kanyack is a big part of this. Kanyack is a Slovakian name. It makes you think.

When Hitler was trying to take over Europe for God he murdered a lot of people. Now everyone views him as an evil person. Today the United States Government is torturing people and stalking them while inundating them with adversity at every turn to get them to kill themselves and yet no one views what they are doing as bad. In my opinion it is far more cruel to torture people as to the point that they want to kill themselves. Our government is paying people to do this. But you know that it takes a real bad person to do this and a person without a conscience. What do you do when a government is this evil? Our forefathers handled the situation like this: Every time King George would send a leader to America they would bump them off. According to a professor of history on you tube. That sight was taken down. I guess the government didn't want him to give us any ideas. But it worked. That is how we won the revolutionary war.

Obama and the news media was a big part of this. They want to destroy a perfectly viable form of government to create their own. For a long time the United States was the world's leader. Now our country is no better than the communist. Our freedom is lost. Donald Trump is pretending to be a conservative, but yet he supports the very same communists that for decades worked to destroy us and our way of life. The Democrats are so out of touch with reality they created global warming and promulgated homosexuality is a preferred lifestyle; however, it is a genetic mishap. People are just not made perfect. I find it ironic that they are so educated yet their minds are out in space. The Republicans are the same way. The Republicans want to punish everyone who disagrees with their ideology. So where is our guaranteed freedoms written into the Constitution? They are being destroyed because government feels that it needs to control everyone and every thing that we do.

The catalyst to government control is the money. As simple as that. Them more money you give the more control you will have to ameliorate. This is why I believe that income tax should not be ratified. Now Donald Trump is saying that there is a federal income tax law when this is another lie. He knows better, but he does it anyway. The only thing that will restore our freedom is the gun. These people in Washington are monsters. I wish I could be around to see what will be the breaking point. It isn't going to be much longer. These people are greedy and they have no respect for the American people.

Quotes from Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the Government fears the people, there is liberty."

"Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence."

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

† †"The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper."

† †"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."

† "A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference."

† "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

† I don't chronicle the events as I use to there is no need to. It has become routine. I just want to be free of the communists at any cost. It is better to live free or die. Our forefathers had the right idea.

The thief that stole my bb gun brought it back broken then stole a large pack of bbs. This man has no fear of being prosecuted. I wonder why. This piece of garbage has to be Christian. They are the dirtiest people I know of. Also, the myriad of text messages from Boost Mobile were removed as not to be used as evidence of their harassment. Well, why do they have to go into my phone an steal the evidence if they are not doing something illegal? The Mexican is the criminal not me. This is one more reason why we need controlled immigration. Criminal should not be allowed in this country.

What these good Christians and members of congress did to me they would have gone to prison if they had tortured an animal this way. This is how far our government had strayed from the Bill of Rights. They have no conscience or shame to do what they did to me. If these people in congress are doing their very best our country is screwed. To think that they get paid a very good salary, or I should say stole a very good salary and retirement, and they are not locked up the American people are incredibly stupid and they know it.

I believe it was 10/31/17 my back wheel was broken at Dollar General again. The store employees were privy.

On 11/01/17 my back wheel broke apart. It was broke at my campsite. When I catch them they will pay dearly.

On 11/6/17 my back wheel was broken at Bosque Farms Library.

On 11/11/17 my back wheel was broken at Burger King. My front wheel was also loosened as to make it fall off.

Again my back wheel was hroken at Family Dollar in Los Lunas.

† Charles Griego†was elected Mayor of the Village of Los Lunas in March 2014 for a four-year term. After he was elected the Mayor like almost all politicians began to change and as time goes on he no longer sees himself as a servant of the people but a dictator. (As I was writing this the tablet kept on changing servant to serpent.) But you know the US Government is really the blame. They have created this nightmare to make us communist. Wether we realize it or not we are at war. They try to make it appear that they care about the people while they keep on gaining more control over the people as they usurp more power to destroy lives to obtain more control. This is a fire that keeps feeding on itself. I wanted to believe that Donald Trump was a believer in the Constitution, but it is just not so. Any idiot could see that Donald Trump was going to turn out bad. He thought Nancy Pelosi was a good politician when she is a known communist. This is a clear warning sign. They donít believe in the Constitution. They think that they know better. It is all about the power and not the people and their freedom to live as an individual and free. You will do as you are told or you will die because the Government is training the police all over the country to destroy peoplesí lives if you appose their ideology. We no longer have our freedom, moreover people are guilty and not entitled to a fair trial. Now not only doesnít the Government allow people a fair trial, but people are tortured into acquiescence even though they have and inability to comply while they mix church and state. ďThe right to a fair trial†is the best means of separating the guilty from the innocent and protecting against injustice. Without this right the rule of law and public faith in the justice system will collapse. The Right to a†fair trial†is one of the cornerstones of a just society.Ē

On 11/22/17 at 12:30 a.m. gunfire came from the south of me and on the river side because I complained to the Mayorís office about my bike being broken by these reprobates that same day. I believe that they are using some sort of silencer because the gunfire sounds a little muffled. No bullets came near me. You would think that a grown person would have better things to do with their time.

On 11/22/17 at 11:30 p.m. more gunfire came from the irrigation ditch side. It sounded like a handgun.

On 11/24/17 my back wheel broke apart going home from Burger King.

On 11/27/17 my back wheel was broken at Family Dollar.

The Government went into my Mastercard and my phone again. People are buying Apple phones and tablets under the pretense that they are secure. This is not true. Every time I record the incongruity with my Apple phone the video is removed. The government is always tampering with my tablet when it is online and my phone at will. Donald Trump said that he is going to let the Christian insanity continue through his two terms. (Heís just a little arrogant donít you think?) I will never make it. Even though sometimes I appear genial and healthy I am not. I promised myself that I will not acquiesce to the Christian insanity. I am told to pay $30,000 or the insanity will continue, but I was not allowed to see the children or to talk to them on the phone but the Government and the church want me to support my ex-wife and the children. It would be one thing if I was abusive, but I was not. The Catholic Church put her up to this because she told me that it was all or nothing. I stay married to her or I canít see the children, but my ex.-wife was a pig and I canít live like that. Donald Trump is doing just what the communist expect of him. Endeavoring to destroy morality in America.

I am not a perfect person nor do I claim to be but I try. That is all a person can do. I believe that I was not a bad father because Randy, Stevenís friend, were out playing in the drive-way and Randy said to Steven that he wished he had a father like me. I was shocked. Stephen retorted angrily heís my Da da and you canít have him! I will never forget that. Amanda was too young at the time to speak so she could not express her opinion. I worked all the time and if I wasn't working on the job I was working around the house trying to improve it for them. This is why I gave her the house it was for them. I didn't look upon it as mine.

I hate Christianity not just because of what it has done to me, but because all throughout the existence of this twisted ideology Christians tortured and murdered others even themselves and they still do not understand what they are doing. Like the Government they think that if they can harass and torture someone into self-destruction or incongruity that they are blameless like the Los Lunas Police, the Valencia County Sheriffís Department, and the United States Government believe that they are. This is not so. People can be forced into doing something that they wouldn't never ever do on their own even murder. On the news I heard that a father in my situation murdered his own children and ex-wife and others commit terrible acts of violence because of what is being done to them. The Government, like Donald Trump, news media, and even the trusted ACLU, who take pride in protecting everyoneís civil liberties, know what is happening and look the other way. How can they do this with good conscience I will never understand. This is why a good educational system is so important; however, New Mexico is at the very bottom. This makes my future very bleak. I guess that I am destined to be a martyr, and it is not of my choosing. There is little morality left in America.

Another thing New Mexicans probably would not vote into office a mentally retarded person; however, they would be quick to vote in a person who thinks that Jesus did exist even though there is a multitude of evidence to the contrary. Also, it is ok for a person to be a little slow, but when a person is offered a chance to view the evidence and retorts that the person is lying to destroy his or herís faith and they do not even look at the facts presented to them while they have no proof supporting their claims it is then safe to say that the people of faith in question are one of two possibilities they are either a crook trying to support their lies for extortion, or they are so brainwashed that they are out of touch with reality almost like a totally insane person. Either way they should not be let loose on society without a keeper or a leash to prevent them from doing harm to society like a miss-guided dysfunctional pet. Here is one for an example: Their Bible says that disease is caused by demon possession. If this were true all Christians would be deathly sick. Maybe they are sick in the head.

On 11/30/17 during the evening gun fire came from across the irrigation ditch.

On 12/1/17 my back wheel was broken all apart.

On 12/2/17 my back wheel was broken atWalmart.

The one thing that I have learned about Christians and Republicans in general is that they donít punish and torture people for the money. It is costing the Government much more money to go around punishing me than if they just gave up. They do it for the enjoyment. Christians have been this way since the religion started. And you know Republicans they keep killing our own people so they can blame someone else for the crimes that they committed then they can go and kill them too. They keep doing this over and over again like 9/11 and Vietnam and so on. Our government only picks a fight with countries they think that they can beat and they hated communist. The Republicans didnít do so well with Vietnam. But remember China is communist and during that time our Government hated them too, but they didnít try to liberate China. They only choose safe targets like a school bully. Because they are cowards. They hurt people that canít defend themselves like Venezuela, Iraq, and Afghanistan who did nothing. George Bush was a cocaine addict and a coward that is why he wasnít allowed to fly for the Texas Air National Guard. If you follow them closely you will see the same thing that I do. Republicans have some good ideas, but they like to murder. They always have to incorporate pain an suffering which turns everything bad. It appears Republicans and Christians are one in the same. But you will find that Republicans as a rule use the less fortunate to do their dirty work because many of them are like George Bush a coward.

Let me give you another example of how our government operates. I am 64 years old and because of my age I was at the end of the Vietnam time period. I was too young. Even if I was able to go I probably would not have ever made it there. But during this time the Government was recruiting people from the clutches of the court. They were given an ultimatum Vietnam or prison. A great number of people who served in Vietnam were criminals on there way to prison. This is why I use to laugh when these vets would ostentatiously point out their superiority for being a hero. You donít see people today act this way. I would think while they were pointing this out to me ďWhat an idiot!Ē But you know what? You would never see a congressmanís child go to Vietnam. A person during this time would have to go to a University or College to keep from getting drafted. My situation was I was the only male child left to carry on the family name. I could not go anyway.

On 12/2/17 my back wheel was broken again.

On 12/23/17 at about 8:30 through 2:15 gunfire rang out from across the irrigation ditch.

On 12/25/17 at 9:30 a.m. more gunfire rang out from across the irrigation ditch.

On 1/9/18 at about 9:00 a.m. dog man (The man with the dodge full size pick up truck) came a short distance away from my campsite and let his dogs loose to be annoying. Their is a federal ordnance against hunting with dogs because like dog fighting or cock fighting hunting with dogs is a type of cruelty that can bring terrible suffering to the hunted. Hunting with dogs is a felony here. Also, it is posted at the gate that dogs must be on a leash on the river. They are fully aware that what they are doing is illegal, and they do not care. They believe that they have the law in their pocket. And they will sooner or later be sued for their behavior. All that one of the dogs would have to do is bite someone, and if the victim or animal rights activist press it they would be doing time in Leavenworth. What is so ironic is that they think that they are training their dogs by hitting them in the head when they display unwanted behavior like Christians do to train their children. This is not a reliable method of training for any creature. A famous Christian saying is ďSpare the rod and spoil the child.Ē This is how they were trained so this is the best that they can do. Limited reasoning for simple people. Godís logic. What I really like to see is them telling on each other. They know what they are doing is wrong, but they do it anyway. It is the Christian thing to do. I became a Democrat when I learned of the Republican child molesting. How can they lead people when they are trashed themselves; however, Democrats are just as bad. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our forefathers knew this. This was the reason for the second amendment. To put these people out at gun point if need be. It is our Constitutional right to uphold our Constitution and stop the communists from getting total control of our country.

On 1/10/18 at 3:14 p.m. gunfire came from the irrigation ditch.

On 1/11/18 my back wheel was broken.

On 1/18/18 a man approached me on the levy road remonstrating that isnít it cold out here. I retorted that living out here is Christian free, and Iím willing to deal with the climate rather than have to be in propinquity of Christians.

On 1/18/18 my back wheel was broken at Ortegaís Propane in Peralta. For myriad reasons I believe it was Mike that did this. I am certain of it. I called Ortegaís propane in Albuquerque and they didnít have anything good to say about Mike. I donít trust Michael any more, and I believe that he is a very unscrupulous person that tells lie after lie. This is easily proven. I tried to be extra kind to Michael because of the way he talked about his family. I thought that his family could be the problem. But I now believe that they are telling the truth. Furthermore, I explained to Michael what the Government people were doing to me, trying to get me to commit suicide, and I even showed him the website and by doing what he did showed me that he is alright with it. Also, I was missing the approximate cost of a tank of propane from my debit card and I brought it to Mikeís attention and he had a guilty look on his face just before he broke my bike. This is not an admission of guilt, but it makes it look bad. Because I have problems with the Government Mastercard was privy at the time and did not return any of my phone calls. It is something to consider that is all. I believe that if Mike could work with people who are trying to get me to commit suicide I believe he is capable of this. I could have proved it if Mastercard was doing their job. I believe the problem is fixed.

On 1/18/18 a very confused religious man asked me to talk with him about why I dislike Christian people so much. I became livid. How could anybody be so stupid! I retorted that you dirty people destroyed my family. You broke my back. I lost most of my social security because of your lies. I lost everything I had even my health. I was tortured in jail to get me to become a filthy Christian. Iím being stalked by you dirty people while you destroy my property, and you want to know why I hate Christians? You did this to me for 35 years. You are absolutely evil. You are dirty evil people. And I kept on going. How could a grown man be so stupid? I hated to treat him this way, but I have reached the end of my limit. This is why government should not be influenced by any religion or organization. A government should be unbiased and free from influence especially from the mentally ill like Christians. I should have asked him why the Muslim people and the communists are skeptical of them. But the moron probably donít even have a clue as to why.

On 1/19/18 at 3:50 p.m. gunfire came from the river side. Then the irrigation ditch side. It was a .22 caliber rifle. Myriad bullets were fired in propinquity.

Now what the Government is doing is they use people to threaten me. One was harassing a Walmart employ trying to implicate me pretending to be a Albuquerque police officer who was a Mexican that spoke poor English flashing a badge ordering the employee to follow a man who he said was opening merchandise at a Belen Walmart. He said he was a Albuquerque police officer, but spoke very poor English. Trying to stop the Mexican man from harassing the elderly employee who look frighten I pointed out that he was out of his jurisdiction and should not be harassing the Walmart employee. I went and reported it to the store manager to prevent any harm from coming to the Walmart employee.

The second time a man said that he was a dangerous vet and ordered me out of the Laundromat for pointing out to a woman that the burrito that was purchased might not be very healthy because the vender look to me as to be a homeless person and not clean. I did not say this in front of the vender. I told the woman after she left. The vet said he was going to assault me. He carried on threatening and yelling across the laundromat. He appeared to be a very unstable person. I retorted to the man if he did not stop his very unruly behavior I was going to call the police. I did not want to harm him, but he got very aggressive and I was afraid he would attempt to carry it out. I would have shot him to protect myself, if he attempted to carry out his threats; however, he put his clothes in a plastic bag and left the Laundromat covertly. To me the man appeared to be dangerous and very aggressive. But during the event he appeared to be acting. The Government has done this many times before to me in the past. Like the Albuquerque police officer incident the dangerous thing about these types of events you really canít tell for sure if they were acting which sometimes could turn out to be a real tragedy. The Government is playing a very dangerous game at the expense of the poor. I believe that these people that the Government is using are expendable in the Governmentís eyes because the man in question was black, and in the Governmentís mind no one would care because they are poor. They would just write them off. This is a typical Republican tactic. They think through fear tactics they can get blood out of a rock. I keep telling them I am very sick, and I canít get a loan to pay them $30,000 in child support. I donít have it so I canít pay it, and even if I could I wouldnít because one of the children may not be mine and my ex-wife would not let me see them because I was going to take them for a blood test. DNA was not available during this time period, but I will not pay for her lubricious infidelity. She put me through too much suffering. I will not be exploited by a dirty woman like this.

It is not just the republicans doing this. It is the communists using both parties. For example: Judge Bruce Black was nominated by Bill Clinton to torture people using the system to extort money from victims using much greater violence than what was used by the Mafia. Judge Black pointed out that this was being done because of Christianity in gestures that he made but didnít come right out and say it directly. We are at war with the Communists, but the American people are not fighting back and our country is taking a beating and people are going through terrible suffering while the communist use our own law enforcement to destroy our country. These people use our phone system such as cell phones for surveillance and tracking victims. It sounds unbelievable, but it is unequivocally true. I also wish to note that the Government was erasing everything I was writing on my tablet while I was writing it. This is how good their surveillance is. If they are stalking you they can even turn on your camera at will, and I have Apple equipment that is suppose to be secure. This is not true. Apple equipment is clearly not secure. A police officer once told me that it is the FBI doing this. I canít tell the FBI from the KGB anymore. They operate the same. Itís clear that Trump is a puppet. He is a stupid pee on for Putin.

What is so amazing is that when people go into politics there is no background checks or qualifications that are required. This is how the communists obtained access to our school systems, news media, and government and it is also why we have so many criminals who run for political office. This made it easy to destabilize our country and destroy our freedoms we all once had and enjoyed. The only thing that Americans have to do is ignore them. The Russians can not take this country by force. We have to let them. This is the reason for the destruction of our school system, news media, and government. They passed laws that made the news media required to serve the Government if they want to obtain a new license to operate, and truth is not required. In other words it is ok to lie to the people to support the communists objective like KKOB and others who are cowardly and unprincipled reprobates who do not support the Constitution, our liberties, and our way of life. The freedoms our forefathers sacrificed so much for are being lost.

On 1/26/18 my back wheel broken Dollar Tree.

On 1/28/18 my back wheel was broken at Dollar Tree.

I was going to Belle Vita Medical center to be treated for a foot infection. I was put on antibiotics three times with no progress. I was told that I could develop a stomach infection if I continued to take it, and then I would really have a problem. The staff would walk around with a big plastic crucifix while they would hand out appointment cards. The facility was inundated with a crucifix in every room. I went to Walmart and purchased a tube of Neosporin and I soaked my foot in heavily chlorinated water and the infection is abating. My belief is that Belle Vita makes no attempt to solve the problems to be able to keep people returning to their facility. My bike was broken there but I didnít take the time to record it because there are so many incidences occurring that I would spend all day doing it. I was told several times by people in passing that I should commit suicide because this is never going to stop. Suicide is looking more appealing every day. I hate Christians so much I dread living in propinquity of them. Not to mention that our government is so evil that our country is hated around the world and for good reason.

On 1/31/18 my sun glasses were stolen again. What are they doing with all these sun glasses. It is the Christian way.

On 2/1/18 my sun glasses were stolen. I talked to the Sheriffís Department about this on several occasions and they said that they would tell them not to steal my property anymore, but they couldnít get my things back. How cheap can a person be? They have to be Christian to be so petty and cheap. But you know this is what they are taught while going to church. They have to see through some of the garbage they are taught so I guess if it is alright for a preacher to steal from the congregation it is ok for them to do it also.

Around 4:45 p.m. someone went and shot from the irrigation ditch myriad times and I had enough. I told him if I find out who he is he has had it. I then called the Valencia County Sheriffís Department and stated if this continues I will shoot back. It is going to happen. These people are very stupid so I will defend myself. I have had enough.

On 2/5/18 my back wheel was broken and my front wheel was loosened to cause me injury.

I am surprised that on 2/7/18 my bike was broken in the police department parking lot. This didnít even happen with Robert Vialpando as mayor. What the United States Government is doing to its citizens is just what organized crime leaders went to prison for. Donald Trump is a crime boss not a president and he is running the country like a drunken idiot. I would expect this from George Bush because I believe he was not in his right mind due to his cocaine use while he was in the Texas Air National Guard. I believe this is why George Bush went AWOL. Bush should have went to Leavenworth not the Whitehouse. Our country needs background checks on people running for office. It would help to keep out the trashed out drug addicts like Bush and Clinton.

Conspiracy Of Silence

On 2/16/18 my back wheel was broken.

On 2/18/18 my back wheel was broken at the laundromat.

On 2/21/18 Someone came by and shot again during the night. They are trying to make something bad happen.

On 2/24/18 my back wheel was broken.

On 2/2/18, upon my return from the hospital, my back wheel was broken at Walgreens while picking up my prescriptions. While I was repairing the wheel gunfire rang out. At about 7:00 P.M. .22 gunfire rang out upon my return home.

On 2/3/18 large caliber gunfire rang out from across the irrigation ditch.

On 2/6/18 my back wheel was broken at Walmart in Belen while I was trying to pick up my medication. I canít understand why the Christians are using my family and making me hate my family by doing so. They have to be truly evil. No one is this stupid to think that this would work. I never want to see my family in this lifetime.

You know if a person makes a mistake it is ok. Even twice or three times. But when a person makes the same mistakes over, and over, and over again for years and not learning a thing they are not stupid they are insane and a threat to society. This is why I hate Christianity so much and view them as evil. Because they are. They do nothing but cause pain and suffering because they are not capable of learning anything that would benefit mankind. They just destroy and cause suffering for everyone who come in contact with them. How else could one explain their reasoning ability, because they have none. History proves that the greatest evil that ever walked the planet are the Christians.

On 2/8/18 my phone was compromised and filled with a virus.

On 2/9/18 my back wheel was broken at Walmart.

On 3/13/18 at about 3:00 in the morning I heard what sounded like my tent door starting to open. I know through empirical extrapolation that they may try to harm me. I grabbed my gun and clicked the safety off and the door sounded to immediately close. I should have waited because this only delays the inevitable. The idiots that are shooting the guns over the irrigation ditch now shoot about a 1/2 mile away or so south to let me know that they disapprove of my entries. However, they are working their way closer and closer with the gunfire. Why do Christians deliberately try to destroy peoplesí lives? I have congestive heart failure, hyperthyroidism, fluid on the heart, and pneumonia. The Christians are even blocking the internet so I canít make any entries. How could they possibly think that they are morally correct causing people pain and suffering? They have to be out of their minds. No one could possibly be this stupid. No one. One thing I know for sure they will continue to try to terrorize me until I do kill one. I donít want to harm anyone, but they are trying to make me do it. I know that they think that I will not defend myself, but I will. I donít look forward to it; I only know that I have to. I am very sick with hart problems and from the heart medicine. I often canít breathe. I just hope my judgment is correct having to ameliorate this adversity diurnally.

On 3/13/18 at 7:01 p.m. more gunfire in rapid succession came from the south of me. Just think of what kind of mentality these people have- The mind of a five-year-old. Not to mention that they are doing it for a make believe god. When I tell people what they are doing they find it hard to believe that this is happening. These are the same people that your wife or children may come in contact with on the street. It is a scary world isnít it. I guess they are pushing for gun control acting this irresponsible. We may loose our guns thank this idiot and people like him. It is kind of sad you would think that he would have more important things to do like seeking a shrink and becoming a useful productive citizen in our society. Stupid sees; stupid does.

One sure fire thing that the Christians do along with the Government is create an uncontrollable hatred and animosity for their own family. A hatred so great that the victim wishes that they were dead and look upon them as filth and trash and something very evil. Garbage and bastard children not worth their weight in shit.

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I talked with a man who works as a security guard in front of Dollar Tree just after Christmas. He walked up to me, and he asked what I thought of him as a person because I did not go back to where he worked anymore. I said that he was o.k. with me. He went on to say that his son committed suicide the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and he looked very upset and discombobulated. But you know what? Just a few weeks before I explained to him what had happened to a young girl as a result of her father, who was a preacher, who was torturing his own daughter that could not live up to God's standards and she did the same thing. She committed suicide. This man belongs to the same religious cult that pushes religion on people whether or not they want it, Cavalry Church. I had to run some of their members off a few times myself because they would not take no for an answer and I did not want to belong to a cult that murders its own family members (a young man shot and killed 2 adults and 3 children, and he took his gun and was going to Walmart to kill more people, but instead he chose to go to Calvary Church.) Also, some other members explained that they wanted to kill the President and they believe that he is the Antichrist. Who the hell in their right mind would want to belong to an organization like this.

First of all I do not hate Obama despite all the Government has done to me during his two terms in office. It's just we think very differently when it comes to government policy, peoples' rights being violated, and the Constitution being trampled. What is happening to me today are the same tactics that were used by the Russians on their own people as a sort of initiation to the new world government. Now we are next in line. Like I tell the Christians you don't have to torture people to get them to follow because this will only strengthen the resistance. If you have something of worth people will follow without being murdered or tortured. Moreover, I know that religion, just like the United States Government, inflicts pain, suffering, and death on society. History has proven this repeatedly. Obama's mind is so twisted that he views himself as a humanitarian. Even worse Christians believe they are of a good, kind, and loving God. It's hard to say who is more trashed the Government or the Christians.

Remember the Conservancy Police Officer, John? Well, it appears that John is making the same mistake with his son, and his son is drinking like Shirley and the security guards son did because I believe that his son can't live up to God's standards like his farther would like. (John mentioned that he was very angry with his son from time to time because of his behavior which may be elicited through John's adverse behavior to please God.) You know what is so ironic is that John once told me that his coworkers believed that he was a little nuts when it came to religious policy and God. He then stated that he was a Jehovah's Witness. You would think that the man would get the message. However, remembering the experiences I've had with religious fanatics I believe that John's son could be another victim of God's good work. You can't tell these fanatics anything I've tried over and over again we can only count the carnage. Many of these Christian people today are brainwashed and on a crusade for God that sometimes ends in death. Here are a few examples and more.

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I'm going to end this with Christian Child Abuse, because this could go on forever Christians are so evil.

I've come to the cognizance that some preachers and priest are reclusive reactionaries -but very few- most in my opinion are unscrupulous malfeasants usurping peoples' hard earned money for their own avaricious aspirations with no compunction and take advantage of poorly educated people who are not capable of thinking for themselves as they ultimately become victims to this scam for God. Moreover, Christianity makes good people do bad things. This is a perfect example of why our Founding Fathers chose to create a constitutional republic and not a democracy. Our Founding Fathers were well aware that a democracy could lead to a mob rule government and they wanted human rights and justice for everyone and not a lynch mob who spread their ideology through terror and intimidation like we have today with the Christian community, Barrack Obama, and Susanne Martinez.

Obama National Anthem

In short what I'm trying to say is that for more than thirty years the US Government harassed me and for the last twenty years the State of New Mexico, the FBI, the Justice Department, the US Government, the City of Albuquerque, the Christian community, and the Village of Los Lunas tortured me and stole my property and when that didn't work they tried to murder me to cover up their failure. If we had an honest government these people would be in prison.

Thank you for the information and support I received about the Los Lunas Police Department, but I have to try to be fair about it or I'd be just as dirty as they are. There are a lot of good officers in Los Lunas that don't take part in criminal behavior and I need to try to be respectful to them. They are not all criminals.

A Los Lunas police officer has been accused of shooting at her fellow officers.

IG report finds 'questionable' payments to former US Rep. Heather Wilson

This was all planned by the U.S. Communist Party. Bill Clinton once said that the end will justify the means. This is why our country is being put through the destabilization and demoralization process and so many Americans are being murdered by our government. Obama Will Be Last President Of USA as we know it

I've interpolated this addendum as constructive criticism and not to point out Susanne's administration's incompetency. She is doing fine on her own. It's about the bridge repair work going on. I witnessed the bridge in Los Lunas get two makeovers and now they're on their third. The bridges in New Mexico are self-destructing due to and oversight in their design. The expansion joints are leaking road salt on to the ends of the joists and main carrying beams which in turn is eroding the concrete and creating instability within the structures. The bridges are of a simple design, and they were built for strength and durability. They were well designed, but you can't block an expansion joint. They are an essential part of the structure. Whatever you use to block them with will ultimately break apart. Large structures are designed to expand and contract so they do not break apart.

The next day after I wrote the above paragraph my computer was trashed and Andrew and confederates are starting to come down on me hard. They are even using Dogman who is a short poorly educated man with no compunction. His tag number is: LGB-006. Susanne Martinez is privy and I believe a co-conspirator in what will soon be my death. These people are out for blood and peoples' lives mean nothing to them. I just hope that these people are brought to justice for my soon to be murder. Please note that I informed Senator Heinrich's office that I was being shot at, harassed, and nothing is going to be done about it. Senator Heinrich knows what is taking place. How deep is his involvement I'm not really sure. It should be looked into. One of his staff members did state that it has to play out and nothing could be done about it. Pretty sick.

1/18/15 as best I can tell about one year ago Susanna's administration repaved a section of 314 Highway. "It may have been much more; I don't know. I'm afraid to look. I'm sure that even a section of road cost the taxpayers a considerable amount of money." Well, she did it again. It's all breaking apart. It looks just as bad now as it did when they attempted to solve the problem. It has to be redone again, and soon. What a waste of money. Why can't she do things right the first time. She just keeps dragging this state down by squandering the surplus of money away without a care. I'm sure that this is happening all over the state. It's obvious that there is something very wrong in the D.O.T.

The trouble is that most politicians are not educated within the capacity that they need to serve. For example Suzanne Martinez was a Democrat and ran as a Republican. This by itself is a deception but she wanted to get elected. Suzanne was educated as an attorney and became a prosecutor from what I can see. After she was elected it was like she was lost and did not know what to do so she called upon Heather Willson to help her get started. After she got settled down in office she started spending money like a drunken idiot. Now the State of New Mexico is in trouble and they need to bring back the food tax and they want to implement a tax on sugary drinks and who knows what else. Bill Richardson just a bolished the food tax and balanced the budget and he was elected as a Democrat. All Bill Richardson's hard work went down the toilet. Now remember in her mind she thinks that she is presidential material and she ran for President and she trashed the State of New Mexico. I said that she would do this after she got elected. My point is that people can run for office without having the proper background. I believe that most people are not qualified especially for the job of President. People who run for office are not screened properly and this often leads to disaster. What if she would have won the presidency and look what she had done to New Mexico. She just doesn't have the skills that she needs for what she wanted to do. People who want to run for office need to go through background checks especially to determine whether they are sane or not like George Bush. We all can remember what he did in the name of God. My point is New Mexico can't afford any more mistakes and electing a politician isn't like choosing a person in a beauty pageant. If there is a person running for office that person needs to be qualified the meet the needs of that office and the best way to do this is by starting small. For example if a person served as mayor of a town and did well he should run for Governor. That would be the most suitable way of depicting who could handle the job. I also believe that a person who is running should have a business background. I believe that the absolute worse pick I can think of is Sarah Palin. She also thinks that she is presidential material. It's a scary world.

Let me give an example on socialism: If you work for a government (any government, capitalist or Communist) you're going to get the same salary for your tenure whether you do a good job or not. It doesn't matter. But in a free society a person is rewarded upon their performance. If a business has something to offer, and it is affordable, that business will do better than the rest and enjoy the satisfaction of more profits for their effort and this is why most business owners try to please their customers whereas government, or communist societies, simply do not give a damn whether you like it or not until election day. Then they promise the voters everything that they want knowing full well they can't possibly keep their promises while many politicians, not all, look for loopholes to be able to usurp more rewards for themselves rather than be paid upon their performance which is a backwards way of doing things. This is why a free society always out performs a government run society, and the people live better and happier lives. More government is not the solution it's the problem.

I sometimes think that no one is this stupid to keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. There must be an ulterior motive behind this? I'm skeptical of politicians and for good reason. Maybe they are getting kickbacks by the contractors, and maybe this is how Bill Richardson made all his money to be able to purchase that multi-million dollar home in Massachusetts. I don't know. I just don't trust politicians. I've seen enough with Bill Clinton and the Bush Crime Family to make me sick. For example: The last New Mexican senator, Jeff Bingaman, and others made a lot of money insider trading, and now the Government is saying that insider trading is not a crime, but it was a crime for Martha Stewart, who is not a politician, and she was sent to prison for what they were doing and getting away with it. And let's not forget Gary Johnson's close door bidding. Why is it that a man of God or a politician get away with criminal behavior? Why doesn't the law apply to everyone as it should? I think we should consider privatizing government with an oversight committee because politicians are nothing more than criminals. Lets be honest. They are crooks and liars just like the church. Another good example are the police departments; they are worse than gang members, but almost never go to prison for their behavior. The Village of Los Lunas and the Albuquerque Police Department are doing some very terrible things to people. If you're waiting for God to punish these people you can forget it; he's asleep at the switch. He's more incompetent than Susanna Martinez's administration appears to be. A person doesn't have a real understanding of how evil Christians are until they have been tortured by them.

What happened to our society today are the results of a government run by politicians and not a free society with a constitution that applies to everybody -even politicians. Everyone knows subconsciously, whether they are religious or not, that power corrupts and man can't be trusted to govern himself so we have an innate inclination to reach out for a set of guidelines adhering to truth and justice with some sort of honor and integrity without prejudice this is why we look to things like the Constitution and the Bible for guidance; however, these words become distorted through desperation of trying to apply the rules to their lives whether these words are antiquated or twisted for their own avaricious gain. A free and honest society needs a guideline to follow and not politicians who are human and make mistakes for one reason or another. This is why I support the Constitution and not the Bible because the Constitution makes more sense to me and is more with the times. Man is gradually evolving and progressing and our understanding of how things work is too. Lets be honest the Bible is just a little out of date. The Constitution is a little more realistic and applicable for all people and not a select few, and the Constitution unlike the Bible is not written in stone and can be modified to fit the times as in amendments. Prehistoric doctrines with magical stories just don't work for humanity any longer -it's counterproductive.

The crazy Christians keep trashing the computers at UNM Library and Bosque Farms Library. Having to resort to tactics like this is a clear indication that they know that they are doing something wrong, (This is why I say Christians are so stupid.) If they know what they are doing is wrong, and they're not getting good results; then why keep doing it? This is what crazy people do. It is so blatantly obvious that Christianity can be a form of severe mental illness. Get treatment for Christ sake!

George Bush has done more to undermine religion than anyone I ever learned about. I believe that it is one thing to expose a malevolence for what they are doing to society, but it's another to deliberately and unscrupulously undermine an organization to further one's objective to destroy a nation. What the Christians believed was a man of God turned out to be the greatest enemy of the church in the history of religion. Katie Couric stated on CBS News that when this is all over there won't be any more Christianity.

Here is something to think about. Just what if the socialists got what they wanted, more government control. It's not difficult to see why communist countries do so poorly and the people are starving. (And I'm sure that there are worse politicians than Susanna Martinez.) Do we really want to replace private business (people who had proven themselves, who are experienced, efficient, and have to be in a capitalist society in order to survive) with elected officials who often jump into positions they know nothing about while they get free on the job training at the peoples' expense. Of course not. That would be suicide. Only a fool would do such a thing. It doesn't take a whole lot of logic to prove this out. Government control only leads to the surrender of your freedoms, more corruption, and more poverty. People who work hard to create a business earned it and are qualified leaders while politicians fake it and won their right to lead in an election for being the most charismatic liar in an election. They may start out with all sincerity, but most fall back on their promises and are not held accountable for their deception and/or promises they had no intentions of keeping which was only a subterfuge to get elected. This is why we have a constitution. It's a blueprint to follow that keeps the playing field fair and aboveboard to some degree. Moreover, it protects the rights of the people, but it must be enforced. Now criminals control our government and no longer follow the guidelines set-forth by our forefathers. They think that they are above the law and the Constitution is an antiquated document no longer relevant. If we are going to make our country worth living in again it looks like we are going to have to organize as predicted by our forefathers and take our country back from the truculent monsters who stole it by force and hold them accountable for their actions. Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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